Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

10) Chapter 101.2 ♬

Chapter 101 Part 2:

This time, Fu Zhi once again raised his head to look at the outside of the window and saw a man was staring blankly at Si Yuan’s back.

When Si Yuan opened the door, he took back his sight.

If this person knew that he had never obeyed his family’s explanation, he might went back to complain.

After Si Yuan got on the carriage, the carriage began to move forward again.

Si Yuan looked out of the window to that boy who was stared blankly just a moment ago and smiled, “I just saw a man who looks average but his eyes are particularly attractive.”

Fu Zhi’s attention was on his palm, he didn’t hear what Si Yuan was thinking.

Just now, that person’s heartbeat suddenly slowed down and then quickly jumped up, as if seeing something should not.

Chu Ci looked at the far-away carriage and then turned to walk to the previous stall owner. He pointed to the distant carriage and asked, “Owner, do you know who that person just a moment ago? Where is he going?”

The owner nodded and said, “Of course I know. He is Si Yuan, the eldest son of the Si family. He had just grown to adulthood and should be going to the Shengge Academy to register.”

At this time, the system finally responded, “What did you say? You see Yu Yuan?”

Chu Ci said happily, “Yes, he was in front of me just now, I certainly didn’t mistake!”

The system puzzled, “It’s unlikely according to reason.”

Chu Ci deliberately made a detour and said, “Is this person the target? You said that the target is about the same age as me and noble. I just asked and both conditions are met. Moreover, you are saying that every world are related to each other. I think he may be the target, or he and the target has some relationship.”

Because the current world already in chaos, the system couldn’t guarantee whether Chu Ci’s guess was right or not, and he could only say hesitantly, “I’m not sure about this, since complex, requires you to go directly to him and use that hair to test.”

Chu Ci said proudly, “I just heard that he is going to the Shengge Academy to register. So I decided! I will go to the Shengge Academy to study for a period of time and wait for you to make the list before leaving. I have Meng Chen’s recommendation letter, I can’t let down his expectation! By the way, solve this most suspicious object first.”

The system agreed, “Yes, you can learn more knowledge and avoiding something happen again. As far as I know, that school only accepts male students.”

Chu Ci narrowed his eyes and looked into the distance, “That’s the most suit for me, absolutely safe!” After speaking, he happily lifted his foot to the direction where the carriage disappeared. At the same time, he took out the recommendation letter that Meng Chen gave him from the storage ring and waved up proudly.

“Fortunately, I didn’t lose it.”

Because he doesn’t know the specific location of Shengge Academy, it was no good to use the space teleportation and could only walk on foot.

After an hour, he finally stood at the gate of the academy.

However, the school gate already closed.

When Chu Ci approached the big iron gate of the academy, the pattern on the iron gate suddenly twisted and turned into a face.

“You’re not on the admission list of Shangge Academy, may I ask what is your business?”

Chu Ci showed the recommendation letter in his hand and said, “Someone asked me to come here for education, this is the recommendation letter.”

“Oh? Recommendation letter?”

The envelope in Chu Ci’s hand seemed to be alive, as it left his hand and flew through the iron gate railing to the tower inside Shangge Academy.

Chu Ci pointed to his recommended letter, “Is this being taken in to read?”

“Yes! Please wait a moment.”

About five minutes later, an old man suddenly appeared out of nowhere at the other side of the iron gate, his age seemed about the same as Meng Chen.

The man with glasses was holding the recommendation letter that had just flown away from Chu Ci.

The iron gate took the initiative to greet him, “Headmaster, this is the person who bring the recommendation letter.”

The headmaster sized up the person outside the door and said, “Meng Chen recommended you to come? What is your relationship with him?”

Chu Ci thought hard and could only say, “He is my uncle.” Not parent.

However, he didn’t say the last words. He was now entering the academy through the back door, the closer the relationship with the recommender, the better the treatment.

The headmaster nodded and said, “Let him in.”

Then, the big iron door opened.

“Follow me.”

Chu Ci followed the headmaster to the inside of the academy, while walking the headmaster said, “What division are you?”

“Space division.”

As soon as Chu Ci’s voice fell, the old man stopped and looked at him strangely, then he slowly said, “Married or unmarried?”

Chu Ci didn’t expect to be ask this and immediately said, “Unmarried!” He was sure that only he and the system knew about he accidentally married someone, so it was better not to publicity it.

Just in case, he confirmed to the system, “Is there a method to identify someone married or unmarried?”

“Yes, find two unmarried people to make a ring. After the ring is completed, if it can’t be turned into two, it means that one of them is married.”

“Then I can rest assured, the headmaster certainly won’t use this way lightly to identify me.”

The headmaster thought about it and decided to contact Meng Chen.

He chanted a spell that Chu Ci couldn’t understand, and then a magic array appeared in the open space in front of him, and Meng Chen’s image came out of it.

Meng Chen looked at his old friend and then looked at Chu Ci, “Oh, you actually go to study so obediently.”

The headmaster looked at Meng Chen and said, “Why didn’t you tell me in advance? As the founder of the academy, you should know the rules of not recruiting when the academy is full. Fortunately, there is an empty position here.”

Chu Ci froze for a moment, he didn’t expect Meng Chen actually the founder.

Meng Chen smiled, “I know that Shengge Academy have an empty bed, so I let him come.”

The headmaster said, “But this time the empty position is where the two children of Fu family and Si family staying. It’s still a question whether Ye Xin can stay in.”

Meng Chen raised his eyebrows and said, “Didn’t there still the attic? Just give him a place to stay.”

The headmaster immediately grabbed his words and said, “This is what you said.”

Chu Ci was listening at the side and couldn’t help saying, “Old man, you’re too heartless, okay? No matter how, we have been together for more than ten years ah!”

Meng Chen said unconcernedly, “If you want to stay in, just use your own personal charm. I will leave if there is nothing else. I’m very busy!” He didn’t wait for them to say yes, and disappeared directly.

Chu Ci sighed faintly in his heart, “People’s heart ah, saying change is just change.”

The system quickly echoed, “Who makes you grow longer and more ordinary.”

Chu Ci doubtfully touched himself and said, “Still…still okay ah.” However, his heart was hit by the system.

This body was indeed the lowest face value ever, he suddenly a little unconfident about hooking up with that person.

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