Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

10) Chapter 122.2 ♬

Chapter 122 Part 2:

The fat man with bald head immediately took his hand and said, “It seems that he really drank too much.” He looked at Quan Gan who was still calmly drinking at the side and said, “He drank too much, I will take him to the car.” He didn’t believe it Quan Gan would really be so interested in this person, he still had ‘Chu Ci’ at home. Therefore, he wants to try it.

Quan Gan put down his glass and suddenly stood up.

The people around who were singing happily, stopped one after another, and there was only music sound left in the private room.

Quan Gan looked at the man who was a lot shorter than himself, and directly pulled up Chu Ci who had already dizzy, and calmly said, “I will send him back, I’m originally going to leave, you have fun more.”

Xu You looked at Quan Gan’s eyes and instantly lost the courage to refute.

Although Quan Gan’s identity was not disclosed to the public, everyone knew that he was not a simple person. Not to mention that he was just a small performer assistant director, even if the director came, he had no reason to refute.

He secretly gritted his teeth, and then loosened his prey’s hand and said with a smile, “Since Quan Gan want to help, then it’s the best, I haven’t played enough.”

Quan Gan didn’t pay attention to him anymore, and went directly to grab the drunken man who was leaning on himself.

After going out, the singing sound in the private room rang again, and it was more lively than before.

For the first time, Chu Ci realized the difference in alcohol capacity could be to what extent.

He was just dizzy at first, and then his head’s reaction had obviously slowed down. After he was taken out of the private room by his lover, only then he reflected who he was in.

He immediately looked sideways at the person beside him, and said happily, “Thank you!” Chu Ci’s thoughts had been suppress and began to wander up.

Quan Gan glanced at the person leaning on himself, who was looking at him with a smirk on his face, he pursed his mouth up and didn’t answer.

He took Chu Ci to the parking lot, threw him directly into the front passenger seat of his car, and then closed the door before getting on the car himself.

Quan Gan was silent in the driver seat for a while, and then turned to look at the person who he subconsciously brought out.

The other party seemed to be fully intoxicated, his eyes became more and more dazed.

Taking advantage of Chu Ci hadn’t completely lost consciousness yet, Quan Gan took the initiative to ask, “Where do you live?”

“Ah?” Chu Ci’s soul had been merged with the body, as the body got drunk, the soul also followed slow in the reactions. The most crucial point was that he didn’t remember the location of his house.

He thought for a while and couldn’t concentrate on finding the home address in Sang Qi’s memory. He could only say sullenly, “I forgot.”

Quan Gan looked at his appearance and certain there was nothing to be done. Fortunately, he had checked this person’s information before. He could only call his assistant and said, “Do you have Fan Chuan’s phone number? Help me ask him where the actor Chu Ci lives?”

The assistant thought he had heard wrongly, he was silent for a while before saying, “Yes, wait a moment.”

Quan Gan hung up the phone, and after a few minutes, the assistant’s call came.

“Chu Ci lives in the District 6 of Xincheng, No. 20.”


Quan Gan hung up the phone and stepped on the accelerator to drive the car out of the club’s parking lot.

Along the way, the person in the front passenger seat had completely fallen asleep.

Quan Gan turned his head from time to time to look at the person beside him, the thought of wanting to keep him by his side began to occupy his brain.

He doesn’t like the feeling of being dominated by others, especially dreams, but after being dominated, besides being tangled, there was an inexplicable sense of satisfaction. That feeling was like Yu Yuan in the dream who getting up in the morning to give Chu Chu a heartful breakfast.

Quan Gan easily found the residence of the person in the front passenger seat.

Chu Ci had slept now.

Quan Gan could only help him off the car. When he reached the door of the house, he reached for the key in his pocket.

Chu Ci used his remaining consciousness to hug Quan Gan’s waist and said, “Want to tease me?”

Quan Gan raised his eyebrows and didn’t answer him.

Finally he took the key in his pocket, he opened the door and carried the man in.

The door was precisely the light switch.

Quan Gan was stunned by the scene before his eyes when the light turned on.

The whole room was packed with things, and to his surprise the whole wall was his poster.

He looked at those posters and bent the corners of his mouth subconsciously.

Quan Gan put the man on the bed and stood beside the bed for a while, and then looked at the paper on the wall again.

He unconsciously reached out to took Chu Ci’s cellphone out of his pocket, using his phone to make a call to his private cellphone, and then deleted the record and put the cellphone back on the bed.

Quan Gan picked up his own cellphone and added the new missed call as a new contact.

When he typed Chu Ci, he paused again, before finally chose save.

What’s the harm with another one.

Chu Ci slept until noon the next day.

He opened his eyes and lay on the bed somewhat dazed.

Chu Ci looked at the roof of his home and blanked for quite a while before remembering what happened to him.

He just missed such a great opportunity!

Chu Ci sat up annoyed from the bed, he patted his thighs and sighed, “Blame this body for dragging my legs! I didn’t expect that it can’t stand even a little wine!”

Because of his excitement, he felt that his head began to ache, and he could only reach out to press his temple, and then got up to change his clothes.

When he undressed, he suddenly realized that he was still wearing yesterday’s clothes. He carefully thought and actually couldn’t remember how he came home.

While trying to dig up yesterday’s memories, Chu Ci picked up his cellphone from the bed, wanting to see what time it was.

After he opened the screen, he was taken aback by the row of missed calls. It was all from Fan Chuan, there were 11 in total.

Chu Ci didn’t forget that Fan Chuan would only call him when he had something. So many phone calls, he was afraid that he had an urgent matter to find him.

His heart sank and he quickly dialed the phone number back.

Chu Ci silently prayed, hoping that he didn’t miss any major event because of drunkenness.

He had missed the opportunity with Quan Gan, he can’t miss work too. This way, the loss was certainly big.

The phone rang twice and was answered up immediately.

“Sang…Chu Ci! What are you doing? I called you all morning!”

The phone call was just connected, and Fan Chuan cracked a bunch of questions before Chu Ci spoke. But Chu Ci could feel that his tone was much softer than he thought. It sounded like complaining rather than reprimanding. This reassured him a little.

If he missed any good film and television resources because he didn’t answer the phone call, according to Sang Qi’s impression of this person, he would definitely not even answer the phone.

Chu Ci recognized that there was something wrong first, and quickly explained, “Didn’t you let me go to the club yesterday, I accidentally drank too much, and just woke up after sleeping.”

Fan Chuan heard that it was like he guessed, and quickly cared, “Who sent you home?” His tone seemed to be asking about any gossip.

“It’s…” Chu Ci spoke directly while thinking about it, but he couldn’t say the next word. He just remembered how he forgot how he came back.

Chu Ci thought hard and still couldn’t think of how he came back. The only part he could remember was the memory of himself was pulled by Xu You. Thinking of he might be sent back by that man, Chu Ci frowned somewhat disgusted. But it was impossible after thinking carefully, because he was lying on his bed intact, even with his clothes on.

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