Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

10) Chapter 137.2 ♬

Chapter 137 Part 2:

When Chu Ci saw that the outsider was gone, he immediately jumped on the table at ease.

In order to give this demon catcher face, he must keep a low profile in front of outsiders. After all, this was a world with demons and ghosts. The animal that do unusual behaviors would definitely be identified as demon.

At this moment, they suddenly heard the sound of the curtain friction.

Chu Ci immediately looked over alertly and saw that the person on the other private room separated by the curtain was opening the curtain and looking to this side.

At first glance, that man looked pretty handsome. Chu Ci looked at this person with an inexplicable favorable impression. At the same time, he sat on the table and pretended to be a genuine animal.

When Lin Le saw the snow-white and well-behaved fox on the table, his eyes lit up, and there was a thought in his heart.

“Great Master, did you raise this fox yourself?”

Lin Le walked into the private room and sat down.

Although Fei Chen frowned, but there was also no obvious intention to drive him away.

Lin Le doesn’t mind the great master’s indifference, his eyes were fixed on Chu Ci’s body and were full of liking.

He couldn’t help saying to the little fox in front of him, “Cutie, can I touch you?”

Chu Ci was inexplicably unable to refuse the request of the person in front of him, seeing him feel that he wanted to satisfy all his requirements.

He forgot that he couldn’t show too human things and directly walked to Lin Le’s side.

Lin Le surprisingly looked at Chu Ci who was willing to take the initiative to approach him, and then carefully reached out to touch the fox’s head. The other party doesn’t avoid at all, and Lin Le couldn’t help praising, “Worthy of a pet kept by the great master, it’s so intelligence.”

Fei Chen originally didn’t think there was anything, but when he saw Chu Ci squinting his eyes and letting this stranger touch his head, his heart couldn’t help feeling very uncomfortable. He wanted to take this fox back into the beads immediately.

However, there was an outsider and one couldn’t use the spells on an ordinary fox.

“Customer, your roast chicken is here!” At this time, the waiter happened to be came up and brought Chu Ci’s favorite roast chicken.

When Chu Ci smelled the scent, he instantly remembered the fact that he had been hungry and became agitated. But he clearly wanted to eat roast chicken, but his head was reluctant to leave this young man’s hand, as if the other party had attractive force for him.

Fei Chen saw that Chu Ci actually didn’t even want to eat food and finally took the fox unconsciously with a cold face, and then turned him around to make his eyes face the plate on the table. He said coldly, “Hurry up eating.”

Just after Chu Ci forcibly pulled away, there was an inexplicable discomfort in his heart, but when he couldn’t see Lin Le, the discomfort of being forced to separate was gone immediately. His mind was immediately replaced by the roast chicken in front of him.

Seeing Chu Ci didn’t take the initiative to go back to find that person, only then Fei Chen felt somewhat comfortable.

Chu Ci first sniffed the roast chicken before his eyes, and then quieted for a while and immediately pounced up on it regardless of the image.

Lin Le looked at the fox in front of him and how he liked it, he couldn’t help saying, “Great Master is the person of Xumi Temple, right? I remember there is rule not to keep the pet in the temple. Why not sell this fox to me? I will give what its favorite and it seems to like me.”

Chu Ci was eating the roast chicken and heard clearly that this young man coveted him. With the appearance of the roast chicken, the sense of closeness had long been disappeared. He didn’t stop his movement of eating chicken, while muttering in his heart, ‘He will give you, I’m a pig!’

When Fei Chen heard the words of this young man, he who was originally just uncomfortable immediately said indifferently, “No, I have my own way to handle it.”

Lin Le didn’t expect this taoist to care so much about this fox, and increased the bargaining chip, “Great Master, I will give you as much money as you wants, and I will definitely be better at it. Besides, don’t you ask its opinion? Maybe it would rather go with me? The Xumi Temple is a place for taoists, you can’t let it be a vegetarian with you, right? My Lin family is considered to be a great family here, if it wants to eat roast chicken, I can buy it for it!”

Fei Chen was obviously impatient. He silently stood up and grabbed Chu Ci. He took the fallen roast chicken in one hand and directly turned to walk downstairs.

Chu Ci still held the chicken leg in his mouth, as he was taken out of the restaurant by Fei Chen with a blank face.

Fei Chen found a place where no one was, before put the fox on the stone platform, and then put down the roast chicken in his other hand.

He sat down and picked up the white steamed bun that he had bought earlier and ate it bit by bit, while thinking about the questions that person had just asked.

Chu Ci swallowed two chicken legs and finally began to eat other parts slowly and carefully.

“What do you think if I let you to follow that person just now?”

Just as Chu Ci eating the chicken, Fei Chen’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind. Because he was used to talking to the system, he could be sure that this person was indeed speaking in his mind.

He looked up at Fei Chen doubtfully.

“I used telepathy, you can talk with me now.” Fei Chen reminded.

Chu Ci swallowed the chicken meat in his mouth. Although he was a little angry at Fei Chen’s questioning, he still said in a fit of pique, “If you really don’t want me, give me to him, I think he looks good too. I’ve been tired of you after so many lifetimes, I can accept with him.”

Fei Chen’s breath stagnated, he suddenly turned his face and said, “Humans are not suitable for you, I will find a way.”

Chu Ci doesn’t comply and yield, “Humans are very suitable for me, don’t ruin my rare good marriage.”

Seeing Fei Chen doesn’t speak, he ate till full and hiccupped, saying, “If you’re unwilling to let go of me, just admit it generously. Don’t wait until lose me, it’s too late to regret.”

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