Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

10) Chapter 144.2 ♬

Chapter 144 Part 2:

“I’m always present.”

“If I cultivate to immortal body in this world, can I stay with him forever?”

The system was silent for a while. Although he didn’t want to see Chu Ci sad, he still had to say honestly, “Impossible.”

“Why?” Chu Ci puzzled, “Can’t I ascend to the dimension world with him?”

The system helplessly said, “It’s very difficult, but I can’t tell you why. It’s no good for you to know too much.”

After Chu Ci heard the system’s words, he suddenly started to worry.

He certainly couldn’t tell Zi Yan this matter. If he knew it, it means that his only hope was gone, and he would definitely be very sad.

“Isn’t Zi Yan pursuing an impossible thing and abstemious until he died?”

The system lightly said, “I remember this world has the Double Cultivation Method.”

“Double Cultivation?” Chu Ci interested in an instant and said, “Is that the Double Cultivation I think?”


Chu Ci was happy for a while, and then calmly said, “If so, how could he not know?”

The system thought for a while and said, “It’s possible that the Double Cultivation Method has been lost for a long time. If it were not for me, I’m afraid you will never know that there was this thing.”

Chu Ci’s eyes lit up and suddenly flattered, “You mean you know the correct way of the Double Cultivation? Tell me!”


A few days later, Zi Yan came out of the Closed Door Training.

His white hair really turned back into the black hair.

As soon as Zi Yan came out, he saw Chu Ci standing at the doorway with a smile on his face.

He bent the corner of his mouth and said, “What’s so happy?”

Chu Ci waved the thing in his hand and said, “Since you want to cultivate immortals, why not try the Double Cultivation?”

This thing was written by him according to what the system said. After writing, the system checked it several times to confirm that there was nothing wrong.

Zi Yan froze for a moment, and then suddenly nodded in understand, “If you want, we can Double Cultivation.”

A month later, the spiritual master Zi Yan resigned from the elder position of the Clear Mountain, and took Chu Ci to avoid the world to live in seclusion.


Dimension World, in the Heavenly Palace.

Fu Li watched the energy he released swallowing up the chaos released by the Demon Race. When all the problems were solved, his beautiful face still had no smile of victory, just endless indifference, making everyone who see feel cold.

After dealing with the chaos, he unhurriedly walked out of the work room, there was not the least bit tireness on his face after busy the whole nine days.

At the doorway of the work room, an immortal boy had been waiting for him. There was only indifferent on the immortal boy’s face.

Fu Li looked at the person in the doorway and said, “What’s the matter?”

The immortal boy respectfully performed a salute, “Reply to Heavenly Lord, one of the nine soul fragments you released to experience trials this time has been cultivated into an immortal body, and didn’t return on time. If you wait any longer, he may be ascended to the dimension world.”

It was obviously a big deal, but the immortal boy didn’t panic at all.

Fu Li was silent for a while, and then directly walked to his reincarnation tree.

There was a reincarnation tree in the Heavenly Palace dedicated to him.

The reincarnation tree was planted in the spiritual water of the Heavenly Palace, with only nine branches.

Fu Li, as the heavenly lord, was in charge of all things in the world. But it was impossible to keep indifferent all the time, so every once in a while, he would divide nine fragments from his primordial spirit and composed bodies for it and put his superfluous emotions into these nine clones, let them replace him to experience trials in the parallel world through the reincarnation tree. At the same time, he set a perfect procedure for them in the heavenly realm to let them go through hardships and give up those feelings that should not be, and then returned to the indifference heart.

Fu Li would put all of his nine clones into the spiritual water of the Heavenly Palace, and let the spiritual water took them to various worlds. Once a clone was successfully experience trials in the secular world, the soul would be recovered by the reincarnation tree, and the soul fragment would form on the branch.

Fu Li stood in front of the reincarnation tree, he looked at the only bare branch in the reincarnation tree and put his hand directly into the water of the Heavenly Palace.

He closed his eyes and two people immediately appeared in his mind.

He found that his clone who late to return was taking a walk with a man in the city center.

Although Fu Li had no human feelings, but he was in charge of everything. At a glance, he could see that the two people were not just simple friends.

Fu Li remembered that the female lead in the procedure he set was all female, and this man didn’t exist in his setting.

He directly attached his spiritual sense to his clone body, watching the two chat.

“Zi Yan, are you angry? I just went to see and didn’t do anything.”

“What else do you want to do at the South Wind Building?”

Fu Li looked indifferently at the person beside his clone and didn’t feel that there was wrong, but in fact it was a problem.

Since it was a problem, it was better to take it back.

When the two people returned to live in seclusion in the deep mountain, Fu Li finally glanced at that man he didn’t know, and then took away Zi Yan’s soul directly when his spiritual sense left.

After Fu Li’s spiritual sense returned, the last soul fragment finally formed on the branch.

As soon as he reached out, his soul fragments came down from the tree and floated in front of Fu Li to merge with him.

The immortal boy suddenly reminded, “Heavenly Lord, there are a few deviations from the original time of the return of several soul fragments, should be carefully integrated?”

Fu Li allowed the soul fragments to merge into his body and said, “It doesn’t matter, although the clones are not together, they will still response mutually through the reincarnation tree, so a month to be problem to change back to affect the other.”

Fu Li’s voice just fell, and the primordial spirit had already merged. At this moment, his indifference face suddenly flashed a trace of doubt.

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