Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

10) Chapter 85.1 ♬

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Chapter 85: Forcibly Buying, Marriage First Before Love (5.4)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci frowned, looking at Shi Cheng as if he was a fool. At the same time, he began to search in his mind about the memories of this matter.

The memories related to marriage emerging one by one along with his exploring. Chu Ci discovered that the same-sex marriage in this world was actually legal. But, this law had only just begun to implement, and some specific heterosexuality were still somewhat excluded for the matter of the same-sex together.

The matter that Shi Cheng said was what happened a week ago.

Ji He took the initiative to ask for marriage when he was dating Shi Cheng, but the man in front of him didn’t immediately agree at that time, only said he was going to prepare. Because of his attitude, Ji He was suspicious of him, so he sent someone to investigate Shi Cheng, and directly photographed the process of his two-timing.

Chu Ci sneered at Shi Cheng, saying, “I withdraw this request.”

This Shi Cheng was worthy of being known as a hooligan. He could still turn a blind eye to Chu Ci’s straight words of rejection, instead he said with a smile, “Ji He, I know you are still angry now, I will give you time to think carefully.” He looked at the dining room in the distance and said, “That boy is not suitable for you.”

Chu Ci didn’t have much patience with the man he doesn’t like. He looked at the subordinates who pretended to guard but actually looked at the lively, and then said to Shi Cheng, “I’m going to have breakfast. If Sir Shi still have something to say, tell me another day.” After he finished speaking, he turned around and went in the direction that Yu Yuan had just walked.

When Shi Cheng saw Ji He wanted to hide, he quickly stepped forward to try to pull him.

At this time, the subordinates who had just been signaled by Chu Ci’s eyes, finally stepped forward to block the man. They had always disliked the boss’s association with this man. Although the boss was very good at dealing with the Ji family affairs, but he was definitely suffer emotionally.

Therefore, they felt that this beautiful man was very suitable for the boss.

After Shi Cheng was stopped, he could have struggled to rush in, but because of his identity, he could only stop his footsteps.

He looked at Chu Ci’s back and said, “The more heartless you are to me, it means the more your heart can’t let go. No one is more suitable for you than me!”

Chu Ci showed a disgusted expression. At the same time, he said to the system in his mind, “Is this Shi Cheng perhaps a narcissist? How does Ji He fall for him?”

However, he didn’t receive a response from the system even after he entered the dining room.

Chu Ci didn’t forget the system said that when he was responsible for his safety, he didn’t have time to take care of other things. But, he didn’t expect him to be so busy even when he was at home.

Shi Cheng watched Ji He enter the dining room, and then he looked at the two strong men in front of him. He put the flowers in the arms of the strong man who blocked his way and smiled, “Pass it to your boss on my behalf, and my sincere together.” After that, he turned around and left the Ji family with confident and at ease.

The strong man who holding the flowers looked at his colleague at the side and said, “I think it’s better to throw it away.”

The other person nodded in agreement.

After Chu Ci entered the dining room, he turned his attention to the only person in the room. At this time, Yu Yuan had long been solved his breakfast problem without regard for others. He didn’t even wait for him, as if he was the master in this place.

When he just bought back yesterday, he thought that he was a delicate little beauty who was weak and easy to bully. After a night of time, his true colors was exposed. Now he completely became an iceberg beauty. He didn’t even bother to look up when he entered the door.

Chu Ci suddenly began to self-reflection: I seem to have treated him good enough. This man is now climb all over me ah!

Although he could understand that he was hit very hard and in a bad mood because of his father’s death, but here was his territory.

Chu Ci’s desire to bully Yu Yuan began to stir.

It was rare for him to be the imposing party, he doesn’t know if he could come across such a treatment in the future. Even in this world, he couldn’t oppress him for a lifetime. Therefore, he had to cherish the opportunity well. If he was waiting for him mature, he might couldn’t take advantage of him.

But, Chu Ci didn’t forget what the system said: Don’t bully, or it will become sadomasochism.

He sat down in his seat. While filling his stomach, he was searching for the tricks in his mind.

How could he bully Yu Yuan without making him more and more alienated from himself?

Chu Ci thought about it and could only think of sleeping with him, which was how he came over. However, he had promised last night in order to see his certain part. Moreover, according to his understanding of Yu Yuan’s character, if he used force, he might attempted suicide, and by that time, it would be the gains doesn’t make up for the losses.

He had to do something that he liked and Yu Yuan a bit doesn’t like, but it could pull the two of them closer.

Chu Ci’s brains were spinning around, the movements of his hands were getting slower and slower. Then, a great idea appeared in his mind.

He could think of this idea thanks to Shi Cheng’s narcissist. Moreover, after the things done, the matter with Shi Cheng could also be solved.

Chu Ci thought of the legalization of same-sex marriage, he might be able to marry Yu Yuan first.

At this time, Yu Yuan had already eaten, and he still didn’t say anything. He stood up and prepared to leave the dining room without asking where he could go outside.

Chu Ci was originally still hesitating, but when he saw this man’s unconscionable appearance, he just wanted to infuriate him.

He put down his chopsticks and said, “I decided to marry you.”

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