Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

11) Chapter 122.3 ♬

Chapter 122 Part 3:

In order to answer Fan Chuan’s question, he could only ask the system, “System, told me who sent me back yesterday, what happened! Don’t tell me it’s Xu You.”

“Relax, it’s not him.” The system comforted, “It’s your old lover who sent you back.”

“Old lover?” Chu Ci stunned for a while, and confirmed, “You say Quan Gan?”

“Yeah, do you have other lover besides him?”

Fan Chuan who was at the other end of the phone saw Chu Ci doesn’t answer, and was sure that he was drinking to blackout drunk, because he knew that Chu Ci’s alcohol capacity was very poor. He took the initiative to remind him, “Is it Quan Gan? I received a call from his assistant last night, ask where you live, and I told him.”

The system and Fan Chuan’s words gradually filled the Chu Ci’s broken memories.

He suddenly remembered that when Xu You wanted to pull him, Quan Gan helped him to block him, and then he was pulled out of the private room by this person.

Chu Ci responded, “Yes.”

Fan Chuan got the answer he wanted and clenched his fists in excitement, and then his tone was much better.

“Perhaps Quan Gan really take a fancy to you. Several people under my management have also been to their dinner party. This person, Quan Gan, has never been close to others. You are the first one! You have to seize this opportunity well.” Fan Chuan praised, “You really have the ability! It seems that this name can really be change of fortune.”

The manager’s words made Chu Ci think of ‘Chu Ci’ in an instant, he couldn’t help laughing at himself, “I’m afraid that I’m not the first one, right?” Thinking of Quan Gan really kept ‘Chu Ci’ because of him, he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“There is only ‘Chu Ci’ around Quan Gan, and this ‘Chu Ci’ know this situation.” Fan Chuan said with a sudden sigh, “This ‘Chu Ci’ is really accumulated eight lifetime blessings. At that time, don’t know why Quan Gan take a fancy to him, he didn’t even see his face and directly appointed him as his man.”

Fan Chuan seemed to think of something and said, “I think you might have a better future than ‘Chu Ci’. All of the above people knows that ‘Chu Ci’ has been offered before seeing Quan Gan. They can go out as the pair, still Chu Ci took the initiative to find Quan Gan. You are not the same, but he took the initiative to make a move. However, is he obsessed with Chu Ci? Why both are called this way.”

Chu Ci curled his lips and said, “He just has obsession with me!” But Fan Chuan’s words made him more confident for the future, he obediently said, “I will cherish the opportunity well and work hard.”

Seeing Chu Ci was finally start to understand things properly, Fan Chuan hung up the phone pleasingly.

Chu Ci put down his cellphone, his bad mood just a moment ago swept away. He happily lay down on the bed and said, “System, Quan Gan must have noticed me, right?”

“It must be.” The system was also pleased, “It seems that the remaining worlds later will become a lot easier.”

“Hehe!” Chu Ci stared at the man on the wall with a smile, “Finally the hard times are over and the good times begins. Let’s buy some delicious celebration today!”

A few days passed after Fan Chuan’s phone call.

Chu Ci adjusted his cellphone to ringtone plus vibration, waiting for someone’s phone call every day. However, the cellphone as if broken, there was no movement at all. Even Fan Chuan over there was also no movement.

Finally, on the fifth day, Chu Ci couldn’t bear it.

“System, help me see what Quan Gan is doing? It’s reasonable to say that since he is interested in me, shouldn’t he take the initiative?” He could only use his ultimate weapon.

The system went for a while and then said truthfully, “He has been busy working all the time, and I haven’t seen him mention about you.”

“No movement?” Chu Ci suddenly sat up from the bed and said in disbelief, “How is it possible? If this goes on, there will be no affection ah!”

Chu Ci now wished Quan Gan quickly tried to find himself. In his experience, this person couldn’t have given up on him like this.

“How about I take the initiative to find him?” Chu Ci suggested.

The system objected, “I think you still have to wait for a while. The opportunity will definitely come to you. He have the impression of Chu Ci, he can even that way at ‘Chu Ci’, you certainly not be far behind. You can’t act too actively now, you will look impatient.”

Chu Ci nodded and said, “Yes.”

At the same time, his cellphone that quiet for several days finally rang.

Is it here?

Chu Ci quickly picked up his cellphone, but when he saw Fan Chuan’s name, his enthusiasm was instantly reduced by half, but when he answered it, he still said enthusiastically, “Chuan-ge, what’s up?”

Fan Chuan urged, “Go to the drama audition, there is a crew looking for the second male lead for the movie, it’s a very suitable role for you.”

Chu Ci was stunned. He focused on Quan Gan’s affairs and actually forgot that he was still an actor. Thinking of his savings and hadn’t news of Quan Gan, he immediately responded, “Okay, I will go! Thank you, Chuan-ge.”

“The address is on the 23rd floor of Feixiang Building, Room 2304.”


After hanging up the phone, he changed his clothes and rushed out.

“Since I’m going to enter the entertainment circle, then let’s rush in! It’s better than resigned to one’s fate!” Chu Ci said with great ambition, he immediately went to the bus station to take the bus.

He couldn’t afford to take a taxi.

When Chu Ci arrived at the interview site, he found that there were a row of actors waiting at the door, and they all looked familiar.

The staff member on the side took the initiative to say, “Are you also here for the drama audition?”


“Take this.” The staff member handed him a piece of paper, “This is the content of the drama audition. There are a lot of people, you have to read it first, waiting until your turn and you can start directly.”

“Thank you!” Chu Ci took the paper, which described a confession scene.

But both of them were men!

Chu Ci sighed while pondering the script: ‘This world is still quite open ah.’

“I heard that the lead actor of this movie is the film emperor Quan Gan. His vision is particularly good, all the movies and TV dramas that he was shooting can be popular. You have to display your best ability!”


There was a man sitting beside Chu Ci, and his manager also followed came here. But this was not the point, the point was that he heard Quan Gan’s name.

He asked curiously, “Quan Gan is the lead actor of this movie?”

The man glanced at him and raised his eyebrows, obviously he wanted to ignore him.

Chu Ci quickly took out his cellphone and called Fan Chuan.

It rang twice before connecting.

“Chu Ci, did you chosen?”

“It’s not my turn yet!” Chu Ci asked directly, “Is the lead actor of this movie Quan Gan?”

Fan Chuan said with a smile, “Ai, you know so soon?”

“Why didn’t you say it early?”

“Isn’t this a surprise for you?” Fan Chuan said proudly, “Quan Gan is also in the drama audition site, I’m optimistic about you.” After that, he hung up the phone.

Chu Ci looked at a page of script in his hand and was instantly motivated. Such an opportunity was in front of him, doesn’t cherish it was just too let down Sang Qi!

“Next one.”

After a long queue, it was finally his turn.

Chu Ci took a deep breath before entering the room.

There was a row of people sitting in the room, and there was a very famous director. There was also a camera.

Chu Ci just glanced casually at Quan Gan and met his eyes. His heart couldn’t help moving. At the same time, his whole person gradually became excited. But when he saw a man sitting beside him, he was stunned.

This was the first time he saw ‘Chu Ci’ appearing with Quan Gan.

“My name is Chu Ci.” Chu Ci looked at the surprised ‘Chu Ci’, as he calmly introduced himself.

After the introduction, he began to devote himself to the acting.

After the acting finished, he left directly.


Quan Gan looked at Chu Ci who was leaving the room, actually thinking to walk out here.

He directly got up and said, “The rest of you come, give me a glance to determine just okay.”

‘Chu Ci’ quickly stood up and went out through the back door.

He followed Quan Gan, pretending to be relaxed, “I didn’t expect to meet someone who the same pronunciation with my name.”

Quan Gan said nothing.

‘Chu Ci’ continued, “What do you think of him?”

“He is very suitable for this role, I decided to take him.”

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