Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

11) Chapter 138.1 ♬

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Chapter 138: The Fox and Taoist (8.6)


Translator: Mimi

“Are you confident?” Fei Chen looked at the fox demon who ate his fill.

Chu Ci moved his ears and asked, “Didn’t my confidence is what you gave?”

Fei Chen was stunned for a moment, and he suddenly recalled what he had done since meeting the fox demon, and there was a faint wavering in his heart.

Not to mention this world, the two people in the previous world together were not like predestined fate at all.

For the first time, he became suspicious of what the head of Xumi Temple said.

He didn’t dare to imagine that Chu Ci followed the person other than him to do what he had done with him in the several previous lifes.

When Chu Ci saw Fei Chen was silent, he felt almost the same. He jumped off the stone stool and said, “Come on, aren’t you going to capture the demon?”

Fei Chen put away his thoughts.

He took out the demon search tool again, and one person and one fox went to the demon hideaway.

It didn’t take long for Chu Ci to follow Fei Chen to stand outside a compound wall.

Chu Ci saw that Fei Chen stopped and wondered, “Is the demon here?”

He was a demon, but he had a low spiritual power, so he couldn’t sense other demon.

Fei Chen looked at the high wall in front of his and said, “Yeah.”

“Oh, it’s you!”

Suddenly, a familiar voice that Fei Chen disliked, sounded behind them.

Chu Ci just listened familiarly, and without guessing who it was, he glanced back and found that it was the elegant young man he had just met in the restaurant.

He couldn’t talk to anyone other than Fei Chen, he could only look at him, but the feeling that he couldn’t help being attracted came again. Moreover, it was stronger than when he was in the restaurant.

Chu Ci couldn’t control it and walked towards Lin Le.

“How do you know I live here?”

Lin Le looked at a person and a fox. Seeing that the fox seemed to remember himself, he happily stepped forward and held it up and said happily, “You still remember me? We are so destined ah!”

Although Chu Ci was inexplicably attracted by Lin Le, his consciousness was still there. He was quite sure that he doesn’t like to be held by others, but he still couldn’t help letting this person to stick to him and reluctant to get away.

Fei Chen found that Chu Ci took the initiative to get close to this man, which made him very uncomfortable. Then he saw that Lin Le rubbing Chu Ci, thinking that Chu Ci had just said that he liked this guy, his complexion immediately turned black.

Lin Le didn’t notice the change of Fei Chen on the side at all, he hugged the fox and said happily, “Could it be the great master found this place after thinking well. Are you going to give me the fox?”

“No, I just passed here.” Fei Chen strode forward and took back Chu Ci into his arms.

“That’s it.” Lin Le looked at the fox that was taken away, there was instantly disappointment across his face.

Chu Ci finally got rid of Lin Le’s control and he became more vigilance at Lin Le.

Lin Le looked at the fox, suddenly regained his spirit and pointed at the residence in front of him, “Is the great master on the way? It’s getting dark, why not stay in my house for a night?”

Fei Chen looked at the residence in front of him, the one he wanted to capture was inside. He thought about it and agreed, “Then I’ll trouble you.”

Seeing that the great master was willing to stay, Lin Le immediately smiled and pointed to the side, “I will take you through the main entrance.” Then he reached out and said, “How about I help the great master to hold the fox?”

“No need.” Fei Chen didn’t relax toward him because of his enthusiasm.

Lin Le could only withdraw his hand and introduced himself while walking, “My name is Lin Le.”

Chu Ci nestled in Fei Chen’s arms, deliberately avoided Lin Le’s eyes that sized him up and couldn’t help saying to Fei Chen, “I feel this person is a little strange.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I found that as soon as I looked at him, he has an irresistible attraction for me. Just now, I didn’t take the initiative to walk over for him to hug, but I just couldn’t control my footsteps.”

Fei Chen glanced at the person beside him, as his depressed mood instantly disappeared.

“I’ll check what is going on when we stay here tonight.”

After the two entered the compound, Lin Le took them to the side room without seeing the others.

But Fei Chen and Chu Ci didn’t care about these, because they doesn’t want to see other people, so it was better to stay quietly for one night.

“The great master stays here.” Lin Le thoughtfully opened the door of the side room, and then smiled and looked at the fox in Fei Chen’s arms, “How about the great master give me the pet to take care of it? Lest it bother you to rest?”

Chu Ci already had a defense, so he didn’t look at him and he wasn’t tempted by him.

Fei Chen looked at the sky that was about to be dark outside and refused, “No bother, it needs to rest at night.”

Lin Le saw that he still had no way to take the fox into his hands, so he could only drop it and said, “Well, then Great Master just rest.”

After Lin Le left, Fei Chen immediately closed the door.

At this moment, the sun had just set completely and the room was dark.

The fox in his arms instantly became human.

In the posture of holding the fox just now, it became Fei Chen holding Chu Ci around his waist.

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