Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

11) Chapter 69.1 ♬

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Chapter 69: Marked by Beastman (4.6)


Translator: Mimi

Although Chu Ci didn’t like to stay in quiet place, Lian Cen’s request for living together made him felt that it was not bad to live in this deserted place for a period of time. He could take advantage of this opportunity to hook up his wife.

However, Lian Cen always quiet as a chicken, he was minding his own business and reading the book. He simply had no chance to get into conversation with him.

Chu Ci sat quietly all morning, and after eating, he finally couldn’t bear it. He began to do the small actions, moving his hands or moving his feet.

The position of the two men was not far away, even though Lian Cen was reading, he couldn’t ignore the person who was unable to sit still at the side. After reading the same page for a long time, he said, “You don’t have to stay here all the time.” Anyway, he doesn’t feel it yet.

Chu Chu who had been madly harassing the system in his mind was immediately energized after hearing this. He looked at Lian Cen with gleaming eyes and said, “Really?” After the words fell, he realized that he seemed to be too obvious. He restraining his expression and said, “Then, I will go out to familiar with this place. After all, we will stay here for a period of time.” After speaking, he ran away like a wisp of smoke.

After the person left, Lian Cen finally raised his hand and turned the page over.

After Chu Ci left the stuffy house, his whole person was comfortable. He stretched his waist and then really strolling.

In fact, he had nothing to do in this remote place except to look around.

This countryside villa was not as big as Lian family. Except that the main house was the same as in the Lian family, the other places were similar in style.

Chu Ci wandered around a circle and subconsciously began to look for any blooming flowers around him. The fragrance that he smelled in the house was very comfortable, but it was just for a while. He never smelt it before and doesn’t know what kind of flower it was. However, he wandered all afternoon without seeing a flower blooming.

He looked at the tall fence and said to himself, “Is it outside?”

At this time, Chu Ci’s cellphone rang, he looked at the sky and realized that the day had passed.

The cellphone was given to him by Lian Shan before he came here. Later, when people from Lian family brought things over, they would call him outside the gate, and then he would go out and take the things in.

Chu Ci hurriedly came to the gate and found that it was Lian Shan himself who came to deliver things this time.

Lian Shan handed over two meal boxes and a paper bag to him and said, “Is Sir Lian Cen okay today?”

Chu Ci weighed the things in his hand and said happily, “He’s very good. Why do you think of him? How about go in to have a look?”

Lian Shan’s face turned black, he glared at him and directly turned to enter the car he drove.

Chu Ci looked at the car disappearing from his field of vision and shrugged his shoulders, “Why I have a feeling that Lian Cen is seriously ill?”

Thinking of this, Chu Ci suddenly has a bad feeling.

Chu Ci shook his head and threw the messy thought to the back of his mind. Even if something happened, he could only live and die with Lian Cen.

It was almost time, and Chu Ci walked happily towards the main house. He didn’t forget the fact that he would sleep in the same room with Lian Cen started today, his heart was still a little excited.

There were more things to do in the evening than at noon. In addition to the meal box and clothes, he should prepare the changed clothes for Lian Cen.

This man has mysophobia, he was certainly unwilling to wear unwashed clothes, although he stayed in the house and didn’t go out.

Chu Ci pushed the door open, and saw Lian Cen was still sitting there holding the book, just like an old man who went to the countryside to enjoy a life in retirement.

When he heard the door open, he raised his head and looked at Chu Ci.

Chu Ci placed the paper bag on the side of the sofa and walked to the side of table to put the dishes in the meal boxes on it.

One of the two meal boxes was Lian Cen and the other was his.

Chu Ci found that even if he came here, the treatment was still good. All three meals had his share. Besides Lian Cen’s food was much lighter than his, he didn’t feel any difference.

After a day waiting upon Lian Cen, Chu Ci found that Lian Cen had the habit of not speaking while eating. His thought of want to take advantage of eating time to grow affection was dashed.

Lian Cen sat down and moved his chopsticks. The two men silently eating their respective food.

After the meal, Chu Ci collected the things and began to diligently prepare for Lian Cen’s bathing. These were all explained by Lian Shan, and of course he was very happy to do it.

There was also an outdoors bathing pool, comparable to the one in Lian family.

At night, Chu Ci would no longer run around. Anyway, he had see what should see, and he was looking forward to stay with the target.

He sat silently on the side, searching for information about Lian Cen from Qin An’s memory. Although these memories were heard from outside world, Sir Lian Cen was not like what he see now.

Why does a figure who shaking the whole world become so quiet as a chicken now? Don’t be like this forever, I likes to be more lively!

Is he really sick?

Chu Ci was bored and couldn’t help saying, “Sir Lian Cen, is your body unwell today?”

Lian Cen silently withdrew his line of sight from the book and said, “Why do you ask?”

Of course, Chu Ci knew what his current identity, and he dumped the blame to Lian Shan without hesitation, “When Lian Shan come over, he ask me if you are unwell, so I conveniently ask.”

“No.” After that, Lian Cen put down the book in his hand and said, “Accompany me to take a bath.”


Chu Ci raised his head in a daze, he looked at Lian Cen and asked, “Want…want me to accompany you?”

Surprising that he received an invitation to bathe after living together, Chu Ci was burst with joy instantly. He originally only thought of secretly watching. However, Chu Ci suddenly recalled the matter of Lian Cen has mysophobia, and began to doubt whether he misunderstood.

Lian Cen got up and walked to the sofa. He picked up the bag, and took out a pile of clothes from inside. He suddenly took out another set like his and threw it to Chu Ci, before inexplicably said, “Adapt first.”

Chu Ci took a look at the clothes thrown over by the other party. The size of the clothes was obviously prepared for him. He touched the clothes, the material felt good to wear on his body. The clothes he wore were the same one that he wore yesterday.

He folded his clothes and put it at the side, before turned his head, he saw Lian Cen undressing there.

Only then Chu Ci remembered that this person also didn’t wear any clothes when he took a bath last time.

After hesitating for a while, he took off his clothes.

Lian Cen walked to the outdoors bathing pool by himself after taking off his clothes, and Chu Ci secretly followed behind.

Although we are husband and wife in the soul, I’m still a little embarrassed when facing a new body.

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