Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

12) Chapter 102.2 ♬

Chapter 102 Part 2:

Si Yuan walked out with a cleaning rag in his hand and rolling up sleeves. When he saw the person standing at the door, he politely said, “Mr. Headmaster, what’s the matter?”

Fu Zhi leaned to the side and pointed to the person beside the headmaster, “This man is going to stay in.”

Si Yuan looked at the direction pointed by his friend. When he saw Chu Ci, he was surprised and said, “It’s you.” Then he said to the headmaster, “Mr. Headmaster, is this a newly added student?”

The headmaster nodded and said, “Yes, and only this room have an empty place.”

Si Yuan put down the thing in his hand and walked to doorway, he said with politeness and a little reluctant, “It seems a little too inconvenient. Mr. Headmaster, you know that our identity is a little special. I’m afraid that he will be uncomfortable when he stay here. Is there no other place to live? I’m willing to pay all the expenses for him.”

After Chu Ci saw Si Yuan, his thoughts about didn’t want to stay were swept away instantly, and he showed off to the system, “I think 99% this person is the target. Otherwise, how could it be so related.”

When he heard Si Yuan said he didn’t want him to stay, he was anxious. He must stay, one to confirm his identity, and the other to give him a good impression if it was confirmed.

He still understood the saying that the pavilion closest to the water enjoyed moonlight first.

Chu Ci quickly pretended to be pitiful, “Hello, my name is Ye Xin, a mage of the space division. The two young masters staying in this place must be need someone to help organize things, right? From a young age, I help my family to do housework, so I’m the best at tidying up the room. Please let me stay if you don’t mind.” He said miserably, “If I didn’t stay in the dorm room, I have to live in the attic. I’m a little timid and scared alone.”

The headmaster on the side pretended not to see Chu Ci acting, but he was clear in his heart.

He knew clearly what kind of person Meng Chen was. Previously, he never cleaned up the mess in the home, nor let others clean up. Later, in order to tidy up the room, he invented the cleaning spell.

He wrote in the introduction of the letter that this is his adopted child. He could see from the their interacted before that this person was not someone who could honestly clean up the room for others.

Chu Ci doesn’t care what the headmaster thoughts, anyway, he had said everything and it depends on the nature, he was already trying hard to change it.

After speaking, he looked at Si Yuan while blinking his two eyes, trying to impress him with his eyes that he thought were the best.

However, Si Yuan hadn’t answered yet, when Fu Zhi who he doesn’t pay attention was the first to open his mouth

“Then just let him stay.”

Chu Ci thought that he had misheard, and immediately looked at the beautiful boy who opened the door before. He was happy in his heart, and doesn’t care whether Si Yuan would refuse, he said directly, “Thank you!” It seems that this person was very nice.

Si Yuan glanced at his friend and immediately understood, he raised the eyebrows and said, “Okay.” Then he said to Chu Ci, “Thanks to the magic you belongs to.”

The headmaster saw that Ye Xin was actually stay by his own way and said, “This is the best, you have to get along well.” Then he took out a set of school uniforms from his storage ring, “Fortunately, we prepares sufficient school uniforms every semester. This clothes is yours.”

Chu Ci obediently took the clothes and said earnestly, “Thank you, Mr. Headmaster.”

After the headmaster left, Fu Zhi looked at the stranger that he had impulsively put in and suddenly felt a little vexed.

Sure enough, the less time left, the more he cared about things related to that person.

After seeing the headmaster left, Chu Ci walked into the room relaxingly. He looked at the two young masters and said, “May I ask where I sleep?”

In the room, there were three beds side-by-side leaning against the window, and all three of them showed signs of being touched. He didn’t know which one was empty.

Si Yuan said, “The one in the middle. If you don’t feel pressure with me and him sleeping on both sides.”

Chu Ci sat on the bed in the middle without hesitation and said, “No, I’m a person who can easily accept new things.”

Si Yuan stood there, looking at this new roommate sitting on the bed and said, “You need to clean up the dust.” He looked at the cleaning rag not far away from him, “Didn’t you said that you would clean the room? Otherwise you won’t stay here. I and Fu Zhi have never cleaned.”

Chu Ci saw that himself had already stayed in, he would sacrifice a little. He said a little enthusiasm, “Okay, just let me tidy up the things. I learned the cleaning spell, which can make the whole room clean immediately. This is only for the mage of the space division.”

Si Yuan looked at him and said, “Do you not know that you can’t use spell in school?”

Chu Ci blinked his eyes and said, “I don’t know, I just came.”

Si Yuan thought that there was not even a place to sit in the room, so he looked around and secretly closed the door and encouraged, “You can use it now, anyway no one will see it.”

Because of Si Yuan’s face, Chu Ci subconsciously trusted him, “Yes.” He immediately used the cleaning spell that Meng Chen taught him.

Soon the dusty room immediately became clean and everything was neatly arranged.

However, they were not happy for a while, when the door was knocked.

Chu Ci quickly took the initiative to open the door.

A fierce woman was standing at the doorway. She looked at the room and said, “Who used the spell?”

Chu Ci was taken aback for a moment, and quickly looked at the two people behind him. Fu Zhi doesn’t care as usual. Si Yuan sat on his own bed and looked at him.

He could only admit, “It’s me.” He never expected such strict managing here.

The woman said seriously, “Didn’t you read the admission notice?”

Chu Ci felt wronged, “I don’t have the admission notice.”

The woman didn’t give him especial favor because of this sentence, and said with a straight face, “Very well, then you tonight stay at the disciplinary room to memorize the admission notice.”

Chu Ci could only follow this fierce woman. After all, he was in the wrong first.

However, he still couldn’t help but say in his mind, “System, this is the magic world, what is the reason doesn’t allow to use the magic?”

The system said, “Afraid of fighting.”

Si Yuan looked at the closed door and said proudly, “I thought he was pretending, as it’s reasonable to say that even if one didn’t go to school, also know that the academy is not allowed the use of magic.”

Fu Zhi said without raised his head, “Why do you bully him like this?”

Si Yuan said indifferently, “The room is so dirty, it will took time to manually clean it. I already can’t stand it. You really have a special feeling for people in the space division.”

Fu Zhi ignored him.


The next day, Fu Zhi habitually glanced at his palm after woke up, wanting to determine whether that person was still asleep or awake from the beating of his heart.

However, after he saw his palm, his whole person froze instantly.

Fu Zhi hesitantly stretched out his hand, and touched that mark with his fingertip, and confirmed that he was not dreaming.

On the middle of his palm, the heart shape that still faintly discernible yesterday became very clear, exactly the same as when he first saw it during that time.

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