Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

12) Chapter 138.2 ♬

Chapter 138 Part 2:

Chu Ci blinked his eyes in the dark and looked at the calm Fei Chen who was close at hand, and bent the corner of his mouth to tease, “Great Master, are you afraid that I will run away with others? So you hug so tight.”

He could see Fei Chen lowering his eyes in the darkness before releasing his hand unhurriedly.

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows, he walked around the room without restraint, and then lay down on the bed, “When will you go to capture the demon?”


“Okay.” Chu Ci patted the bed beside him and said, “Then let’s sleep first.”

Fei Chen looked at the bed and finally walked to the stool beside the table and sat down.

Chu Ci pouted and said, “Why are you so reserved? You’ve slept with me countless times in your dreams, right?”

Fei Chen silently folded his hands, ignoring the fox demon’s crazy talk behind him.

Chu Ci lay down on the bed and fell asleep, he unconsciously changed back to the appearance of a fox.

In the middle of the night, Fei Chen sat in the side room with his eyes closed and Chu Ci curled up on the quilt as a fox.

Suddenly, the fox who was sleeping soundly stood up, his eyes dull as he jumped out of bed, and then he lightly jumped out of the open window.

Fei Chen who was sitting on the stool with his eyes closed immediately opened his eyes and opened the door to follow.

Fei Chen followed the obviously abnormal Chu Ci all the way through the winding corridor and stood in front of a pavilion.

The person standing in the pavilion was the man named Lin Le during the day.

“Oh my little sweetie, you’re here.”

Fei Chen looked at Lin Le who wanted to hold Chu Ci again. Thinking of what Chu Ci told him today, he suddenly felt that this person’s breath was very strange.

The human’s breath was regular and smooth, but this person was sometimes absent, as if a living dead person.

For the safety of Chu Ci, he stopped hiding and walked out of the hiding place.

Fei Chen walked to the front of the pavilion and said, “I thought where he has gone, so he came here. Please return the fox to me.”

Lin Le smiled and touched the fox, saying, “You see it likes me so much, even secretly ran to find me in the deep night, Great Master shouldn’t argue with me.”

Fei Chen looked coldly, “He doesn’t belong to you.”

“Does it belong to you?” Lin Le rubbed the fox in his arms with his face and said, “If I’m right, he is a fox demon, will the fox demon follow the demon catcher?”

Seeing that the other party had confessed, Fei Chen no longer pretended to be dumb, he said coldly, “Then he won’t like the person who wants his fur.”

Lin Le’s face immediately showed a fierce smile, “Oh, I was found.” Then he held the fox’s neck in one hand and laughed, “Although I like pets, I prefer warm fur clothes. It’s too cold in winter.”

Fei Chen’s heart began to be nervous when he listened to this person’s words. He immediately threw a small stone to stop the person who was about to walk away.

The person in front of him obviously hadn’t spells as he subdued easily.

Fei Chen immediately stepped forward and stopped to prepare to put Chu Ci into the beads, which was now the safest place for it.

However, when he just urged the spell, the door of the bedroom in the distance suddenly opened, and a black clothed man flew out.

“I didn’t expect the grand demon catcher to attack humans for a demon.”

Lin An landed beside Lin Le and easily unblocked his acupoint.

Fei Chen looked at the black clothed man who suddenly appeared and looked coldly, “The snake demon.”

Lin An said with a smile, “It seems that this time came a strong one. Last time, that man doesn’t even know what I was and he has the cheek to come to capture me, overestimate his capabilities.”

Fei Chen looked at Chu Ci who was still in Lin Le’s hands and said, “You are not my opponent. If you give the fox demon back to me, I can let you go.”

“Your tone is so big.” The snake demon glanced at the fox in Lin Le’s hands and smiled, “Great Master is this fascinated by this fox demon? You can’t resist the spell of the fox demon who has been cultivated for only two hundred years. How dare you say such big words?”

Fei Chen frowned. He knew that Chu Ci hadn’t cast the charm spell on himself, but the snake demon’s words were like throw a big rock in his somewhat confused heart, which caused a large wave.

Seeing him frowning, the man thought he was afraid and smiled, “Great Master might as well give it to my Lin Le, I can leave you alone and let you leave.”

Fei Chen saw that this person still dare to covet Chu Ci and was no longer pay attention to him, he directly attacked him.

“Hehe, overestimate your capabilities!” Lin An saw that the other party so anxious, and then welcomed his attack.

After a few strokes, Fei Chen already fighted the opponent into a disadvantage, and finally hit him directly to the ground.

He found that the snake demon was weaker than he thought.

Seeing Lin An injured, Lin Le hurried over and persuaded, “Take out your inner core from me. You can’t beat him, must be because you only have half of inner core!”

Lin An patted Lin Le and said, “No need, I can’t beat him even if I have that half with you.”

Then he looked at the taoist who hadn’t panted after fighting a few rounds with him and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect your cultivation to be so high?”

Lin An suddenly looked at the fox in Lin Le’s hands as if he understood something.

“Hahaha, since so, then Great Master’s fascination for this fox demon is not because of the charm spell? the demon catcher actually fall in love with a fox demon, truly unprecedented ah. If that day be tired of it, are you just directly put it away?”

Fei Chen was stunned. The snake demon’s words seemed to be a candle, putting his feelings hidden in the dark on the bright side.

He said coldly, “That won’t happen!”

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