Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

12) Chapter 150.2 ♬

Chapter 150 Part 2:

However, Tao Lai didn’t glance at him, and said without a trace of politeness, “Is it the relationship over there again? How can you always put useless people in my department!”

Chu Ci drew the corner of his mouth, knowing that this man was talking about himself.

Song Xiao said with a smile, “Who made the job in your department is the easiest to get started with? I hand the person over to you, and the boss rarely come, I have to wait for him.”

Just after Song Xiao left, Tao Lai said unhappily, “You stay outside, I will call you later.”

Chu Ci listened to him saying like this, he walked obediently to the hall and casually found a place to sit down.

He had never entered such an office building before as a radish, so he had no idea what he was going to do, he could only wait obediently.

“Hey? Are you new here?”

Just when Chu Ci was bored, a girl working to the side him patted his shoulder.

Chu Ci was originally bored, seeing someone pay attention to himself, he immediately spirited and said, “Yes, I’m come to work.”

Kong Yin smiled, “I know you are here to work. I’m also here to work.”

Chu Ci saw that this girl was friendly, and then chatted with her unpretentiously.

Suddenly, a document was threw on the table in front of Chu Ci.

“Learn what’s written on it.” A cold voice came from behind.

Chu Ci and Kong Yin were both startled.

After Kong Yin glanced at him, she shrugged her shoulders and immediately sat back in her position and became busy.

Chu Ci was just startled, but he was not afraid of this person. He turned around and curiously looked at this stern manager, and then picked up the file and turned it over.

He was not mortal and he could read these things very rapidly. However, he hadn’t in contact with many of the things on it, and he couldn’t understand them at all.

As the manager was about to leave, Chu Ci quickly shouted, “There are so many things on it I can’t understand. Can you teach me?”

Tao Lai immediately frowned and looked at him, “I’m very busy, you find someone else.” Then he said to the girl who had just spoken to him, “Kong Yin, come to my office, I have something to tell you.”

Chu Ci just thought about asking this girl, but she was called away immediately.

Looking at the closed office door, Chu Ci could only turn his head to look at the people present. He raised the stuff in his hand and read the name on the file, saying, “Does anyone understand this? Can you teach me?”

However, no one pay attention to him.

Chu Ci frowned and suddenly thought of a person, he directly picked up the file and walked to the elevator door. After he walked to the doorway, he turned his head to ask the person inside, “Who knows where Fu Li’s office?”

“Who is Fu Li?”

“Isn’t it your boss?”

Although puzzled, someone directly said, “On the 15th floor.”

“Thank you!” After Chu Ci got the position of Fu Li, he directly entered the elevator.

The elevator opened on the 15th floor. Chu Ci saw Song Xiao who had just led him and greeted her happily, and then directly asked, “Where is the boss? I have something to find him.”

Chu Ci’s current appearance was quite arrogant in Song Xiao’s eyes and she said blankly, “He is inside.”

“Thank you!” Chu Ci happily walked to the inside of the office with the file.

When Song Xiao recalled that the boss was talking to the guest, Chu Ci had pushed the office door open.

Chu Ci raised his head and shook the file in his hand to the person in the office, “Fu Li, please help me with something.”

The person in the office who was talking to Fu Li was stunned when he saw such a person suddenly came in.

Fu Li silently glanced at the person at the doorway who doesn’t understand the look on people’s face, and said helplessly, “You wait for me in the small room on the side, I will come immediately.”

“Okay.” Chu Ci smiled at the man who looked at him strangely, and then walked directly to the small room.

Song Xiao at the door saw that the boss’s indulgence to this new colleague and suddenly began to think about the relationship between the two.

Chu Ci stayed in the room for a while, before Fu Li opened the door and came in.

“What’s the matter?”

Chu Ci waved the file in his hand, and then opened it, “Teach me what these words mean. The manager asked me to learn these, but I don’t understand it all. You should understand it, right?”

Fu Li remained silent for a while and finally said, “Understand, I will teach you.” He just couldn’t refuse this person’s request, and he was endure hardship gladly.

Chu Ci saw that Fu Li was better than those colleagues, he immediately stood up happily and followed him out of the small room.

The two sat on the sofa. Chu Ci picked out what he didn’t understand while looking at it.

Fu Li patiently taught him at the side.

Not long after, the office door was knocked by someone.

Fu Li stopped and said, “Come in.”

As soon as he spoke, the office door opened and Tao Lai came in.

Tao Lai heard that this new person running to the boss to make a small report about him, so he wanted to see if this person would be scolded.

However, when he entered the door, he saw that Chu Ci was sitting on the sofa with the boss and the file he gave was still in front of him. He opened his mouth to speak and said nothing in the end.

“What’s the matter?” Fu Li found that teaching Chu Ci was much more interesting than talking to those people, so he became cold when someone suddenly appeared to disturb.

“No…nothing, I just look at where Chu Ci going. Since he is with you, then I’m relieved.” Then Tao Lai hurriedly withdrew from the office.

Song Xiao saw that Tao Lai coming out and quickly said, “How was it?”

Tao Lai frowned and said, “The boss and Chu Ci are very close.”

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