Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

12) Chapter 69.2 ♬

Chapter 69 Part 2:

After Lian Cen entered the bath, Chu Ci also followed him in, but he still sitting a little farther with apprehension.

The natural flowing water was bound to not fit the body temperature, and the chilly touch made Chu Ci’s chaotic head sober.

He looked at the distant man with doubt incessantly emitting in his heart.

What were these people planning, why did he suddenly feel a kind of be sacrifice?

Chu Ci gritted his teeth bitterly, and the system didn’t know anything at this time.

He found that Lian Cen was in good condition even after he entered the bath, he seemed to accept bathing with him.

It seems that his mysophobia is not particularly serious. My future happy life will be saved.

Chu Ci accompanied Lian Cen in the bathing pool for half an hour, before he finally couldn’t help standing up first.

His body was trembling as he said, “I’m done!”

This kind of countryside water was particularly cold, and Chu Ci felt that himself couldn’t endure to continue soaking. He and Lian Cen were not of the same race.

Seeing that Lian Cen didn’t say anything, he hurried back to the bedroom and put on the clothes sent by Lian Shan. It was very well-fitting, and the style belonged to the home clothes.

Chu Ci thought of Lian Shan’s instructions, and after warming up his body, he ran to make a bed for Lian Cen, before set up his own. There was only one bed in the room, and he had to sleep on the sofa.

But he could sleep in the same room with Lian Cen, he was willing to sleep on the sofa!

Chu Ci took his quilt and walked to the sofa. Lian Cen’s clothes was still there.

He sorted it out diligently. When he took the clothes that newly fetch tonight, he suddenly stunned. He quickly looked closer, then reached out to his sleeves to compare it with his clothes. He found that the color was exactly the same, and the material seemed also same.

Although Chu Ci desperately hoped that he would be together with Lian Cen as soon as possible, he still knew what his identity was. This non-differentiated and even better treatment made his heart more and more doubtful.

After thinking, he curiously unfolded the clothes and looked at it.

Um…it was similar as his.

Suddenly an alarm bell sounded in Chu Ci’s heart, and he quickly shouted in his mind, “System, is personal servant request to sleep with the master?!”

The system couldn’t help but say disdainfully this time, “You think too much. Based on my observation of his past, he is a very clean person. Moreover, beastmans are very single-minded. It’s absolutely impossible for them to sleep with people casually.”

Chu Ci held the clothes in front of his eyes, then shook his head, “But, the treatment for my position is too good ah.”

At this time, Lian Cen had already done bathing.

The moment Chu Ci put down the clothes, he saw Lian Cen standing at the open door and looked at him. At the same time, he smelled that fragrance during the day in the air.

Chu Ci stunned for a moment before quickly took the clothes and walked in front of Lian Cen. He said with a smile, “Sir Lian Cen, I just want to send your clothes over.”

Lian Cen took the clothes and walked towards the bed.

“Let’s sleep.” He just leave these words for him, it seemed that he didn’t find their matching outfit at all.

Does beastmans have the habit of wearing the same clothes as their masters?

Chu Ci felt that not only his mission had a mystery, but the behavior of Lian Cen also seemed to be more and more mysterious.

After Lian Cen properly slept, Chu Ci lay down on the sofa and fell asleep as he thinking about things.

At night, Chu Ci felt like he was being pushed into a perfumed room in his half-asleep. The tip of his nose was full of that special fragrance.

The next day, when he opened his eyes, his nose subconsciously inhaled and suddenly realized that the fragrance he smelled in his dream actually appeared. This time was different from yesterday’s faintly discernible, he seemed to be surrounded by this smell, even surroundings has this smell.

Lian Cen seemed to wake up one step early. When he passed Chu Ci’s side, Chu Ci sniffed again, and the smell became stronger as the target approached.

Chu Ci understood instantly, this fragrance came from Lian Cen’s body.

This man actually sprayed perfume secretly!

At this time, Chu Ci’s cellphone rang, and he had no time to think about it before going outside.

Breakfast was delivered.

He took yesterday’s clothes and the meal boxes before went out.

When Chu Ci walked out of the main house, he found that the smell around him disappeared. In his mind he was certain that this man sprayed perfume. He couldn’t help muttering: I didn’t expect he has the hobby of wearing perfume.

The person who came to deliver breakfast this time was not Lian Shan. After the two of them changed things, Chu Ci returned to the house.

When he pushed open the door, he felt the fragrance was more intense.

Chu Ci sniffed his nose and couldn’t help but ask in his mind, “System, what did the target do when I went out to get the meal boxes?” The perfume couldn’t be sprayed like this.

The system was silent for a while before saying, “Nothing, just reading.”

Chu Ci said in disbelief, “He didn’t secretly spray perfume?”

The system was puzzle this time, “What perfume?”

Chu Ci could hear that the system really doesn’t know about the perfume and explained in detail, “I smelled that the target’s body has more and more strong fragrance. I also smelled it yesterday, but it was only a little bit faint. It become heavier today, and after I go out to get things and come back, it become more intense.”

The system suddenly disappeared, and after Chu Ci properly put the food on the table, it suddenly said, “It seems…it seems to be rut.”

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