Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

12) Chapter 86.1 ♬

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Chapter 86: Forcibly Buying, Marriage First Before Love (5.5)


Translator: Mimi

Yu Yuan’s compromise made Chu Ci’s heart blossom, but his face was very calm.

He said lightly, “Since you have made this decision, then cooperate well with me.”

Yu Yuan lowered his eyes, once again fell into a state of rejection thousands miles away.

Chu Ci didn’t force him to show too much enthusiasm, the matter of emotional this aspect had to be captured gradually. He directly rolled down the car window and said to the driver, “Get in the car and go to the marriage registration office.” Just a moment ago, he let this man waiting outside the car first in order to speak with Yu Yuan.

After getting in the car, the man puzzledly looked at the boss from the rearview mirror and confirmed, “Going…to the marriage registration office?”


A few minutes later, the car stopped at the entrance of their destination.

Three cars parked neatly at the entrance, made the waiting people looked curiously.

Chu Ci didn’t move, the driver and the bodyguards in the other two cars got out first.

Chu Ci added an additional sentence before the driver got off the car, “Don’t let those people take photos.”

Ji He was also considered to be a celebrity in the B City, and the celebrity effect was still very large. If the photos of he and the successor of Yu family were spread out, the Yu family maybe very likely to come directly to demand the person. Before three months of time passed, he had to hold down this matter first.

After the driver left, there were only Chu Ci and Yu Yuan in the car.

Chu Ci looked at his subordinates who were cleaning up the crowd and said to the man beside him, “Since we are get married, we have to do it properly. Therefore, we register first, and make up for the wedding three months later.”

His meaning was very obvious.

Three months later, if Yu Yuan really fell in love with him, the two would officially hold the wedding.

Yu Yuan sat quietly and listened to Chu Ci’s decision on all things, a trace of sneer flashed on his face.

When Chu Ci saw that his subordinates had cleared the order, he took the lead to get out of the car. According to gentleman manner the the bridegroom’s side should have, he walked to another side of the car and opened the door for Yu Yuan.

Yu Yuan looked at the man standing at the door and frowned in discontent, but he still obediently got out of the car. Since it was a deal, he would still do the most basic.

When Chu Ci saw the man getting out of the car, he directly stretched out his hand to pull Yu Yuan’s hand, then walked to the registration office.

The subordinates were originally still wondering what the boss did in the marriage registration office, and when they saw the boss opened the door for the beautiful man, they couldn’t help but guess. After they saw the two were holding hands, the guess was almost decide.

The onlookers saw the closeness of the two men, and most people immediately guessed the relationship between the two.

“This is Sir Ji, right? What’s he doing here?”

“Come here except for divorce is to get married, don’t you think?”

“Then, that beautiful boy he pulled is his partner?”

“Absolutely, look at the ring on their ring finger.”

“Isn’t Sir Ji always a couple with Sir Shi? Why did he suddenly change partner?”

“Emotions are changeable. Moreover, Sir Shi is a sly romantic that everyone knows. I think this boy is a good match. But I heard that Sir Ji is more than thirty, I don’t know if he can endure the young and vigorous of the youth.”

Chu Ci’s hearing was not bad, he could hear the whispers of onlookers but he doesn’t mind.

The matter of Ji He broke up with Shi Cheng was decided in private by phone. In this kind of thing, both parties didn’t take the initiative to reach out for a short time and doesn’t spread out, so outsiders were generally unclear.

Right now, he and Yu Yuan registered for marriage in front of so many people. The matter of their break up would soon be known to everyone, and that man Shi Cheng wouldn’t continue to entangle for his prestige in front of his subordinates.

After they were inside, Chu Ci rushed to register. Yu Yuan’s face was still rigid, but he cooperated when reporting his identity information.

When it was time to take the photo, Chu Ci pulled Yu Yuan again.

The two stood on the stage. Chu Ci had to hold his arrogance in front of outsiders, so he could only keep his face cold. Because being oppressed, so Yu Yuan’s face also cold.

The cameraman looked at such newlywed couple and couldn’t help but say, “Can the two Sirs smile a bit, or the heads slightly closer?”

However, neither of them were willing to move. Chu Ci actually wanted to take a little better’s photo in his heart.

The cameraman helplessly persuaded, “This won’t look good on the marriage certificate.”

Chu Ci said calmly, “It’s all right.”


A light flashed before their eyes, and an indifference marriage registration photo came out this way.

Soon two marriage certificates were handed over to Chu Ci. Yu Yuan sat at the side after taking the photo, his mood seemed even worse.

Chu Ci opened the marriage certificate and looked at it. The two people in the small red book as if to divorce.

However, it doesn’t matter!

He walked up to the front of Yu Yuan and put one of it in his hand. As if knowing what he wanted to do, he said, “If you tear or lose it means you still want to be with me after three months.”

Yu Yuan’s hand tightened and loosened while holding the small book, his impression of Ji He in his heart was too bad to be retained.

Chu Ci once again pulled him hand without scruples, he said while walking, “Let’s go back.”


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