Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

13) Chapter 103.1 ♬

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Chapter 103: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.7)


Translator: Mimi

Fu Zhi stared at his palm for a while, making sure that the mark really became deeper and didn’t fade away, and finally at ease.

He suddenly remembered something.

The elder said that the mark would gradually fade over time, and it would disappear completely once the 15 years period was over. During this period, if he saw that person again, the time would be cleared and recounted.

So the deepening mark means that the person appeared in this city, and they were close enough to see each other.

Fu Zhi squeezed his fist a bit nervous. He quickly recalled the the little details of yesterday’s memory, trying to find the person he wanted to see from those people.

However, when he recalled, he found that he was too casual. Because there was a year left, his heart began to become agitated. Therefore, at the place he went for the first time, he deliberately looked at people who he never saw before at any chance, so now he recalled up, he found that there were a lot of suspected objects because he doesn’t know their magic attribute.

Fu Zhi was not in a hurry, although there was no clue, but the time changed from one year to fifteen years, which was giving him an opportunity.

He gently touched the mark with his fingers, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, with determined to win for that unknown person.

Since he could be seen by him, it means that this person was nearby. For more than ten years, he had never deliberately not looked at things but only to see him again at this time, which means that he was grown to adulthood as himself and must be come out to study.

There were two academies in the Starr City, finding a new student of the space division shouldn’t be difficult.

“What’s the matter?”

Si Yuan turned over his body and found that Fu Zhi had woke up as before, but he looked dazed.

Fu Zhi clenched up his hand and said casually, “It’s nothing.”


Chu Ci honestly entered the confinement room, where there was only a table and a chair, and the school rules had already been put on the table.

It seems to be a place often used to learn back the school rules.

Chu Ci stepped forward and flipped it over. He originally just wanted to glance casually, but immediately frowned after opening the book.

There were many words that he doesn’t know!

Chu Ci immediately felt far from good, and asked cautiously, “System! Are people in this world learning how to read at home?”

“Yeah, Meng Chen don’t teach you to recognize words?”

“He simply didn’t take the initiative to teach me. He only said a few when I was bothering him.” Chu Ci gritted his teeth and said, “If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I really doubt why he can become the founder of Shengge Academy. Is it to destroy people tireless?”

The system adopted a lighthearted perspective, and immediately comforted, “Isn’t this just right? You can use the opportunity of learning to draw closer to the target.”

Chu Ci gritted his teeth just thought was like this.

He lay on the table and read the first page of the school rules with difficulty, amd then directly closed the book and left it aside.

“System, how about you read it to me? I only recognize half of the words and the meaning is guessing. It’s too exhausted.”


After Chu Ci listened to the system’s interpretation of the school rules once through, he stopped paying attention to this thing.

He began to think about the problem of Si Yuan and Yu Yuan.

On the school rule that one couldn’t use magic at will, it especially marked that there was a method for the school to detect magic. Si Yuan already knew the matter of couldn’t use magic, it was definitely unlikely that he didn’t see the mark out. But he didn’t remind him.

“System, why do I feel that Si Yuan in this world is not very resemble Yu Yuan?”

The system counted names while saying casually, “Take out the hair and jab it to him to see, and you will know. If he is not the target, you can leave him directly.”

Chu Ci nodded and said, “Let’s put it this way.” But may be it because of reincarnation without memory and the growth environment, only then he would be like this.

At the beginning, Yu Yuan also seemed to be full of malice towards him, and he almost killed him.

This kind of thing could only be silently digested in his heart, and then Chu Ci comforted himself, “Anyway, when I find an opportunity, I can confirm it with a glance. If he is not, I will immediately be far away from him.”

Very hoping don’t grow askew.

Although each world was different in the past, it was not so bad as to the appearance of secretly stab and bully person. The main thing was that this was the type he disliked the most.

Chu Ci stayed in the confinement room until the next morning.

The release time in the confinement room could be decide according to the teacher’s wishes.

When the time was up, the door opened directly by itself.

Chu Ci immediately rushed out to the room, feeling a little vexed.

If he didn’t use magic foolishly last night, he may had confirmed Si Yuan’s identity now.

After all, as a young master, he would definitely take a bath after a day of travel-worn. At that time, he could take a look and immediately solved it. An opportunity wasted in vain.

But Chu Ci’s heart relaxed again when he thought that they had stayed under the same roof.

Just one day late, he would get it done tonight!

Chu Ci opened the door of his dormitory in a good mood.

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