Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

13) Chapter 139.1 ♬

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Chapter 139: The Fox and Taoist (8.7)


Translator: Mimi

Fei Chen walked in the direction of Lin An with a cold face, only Chu Ci in his eyes.

Although Lin An knew that he couldn’t beat the demon catcher in front of him, he was unwilling to be caught like this.

Since this taoist cared so much about the life and death of this fox, he could only take advantage of it.

Lin An immediately grabbed the fox in Lin Le’s hands and threw the fox in the air with a sneer, “The premise is to protect it well!” At the same time, while the taoist in front of him went to catch the fox, he quickly strike the fox in the air.

After confirming that the taoist was temporarily unable to capture himself, Lin An pulled Lin Le and disappeared from the pavilion.

Fei Chen wholeheartedly focused on Chu Ci, so when the snake demon threw Chu Ci out, he quickly went to catch him.

However, he never imagined that the snake demon would actually use this trick at this time.

Seeing the aura of death passed through from the fox’s body, Fei Chen felt that his blood had solidified.

A thought flashed in his mind: if this fox demon died, his life seemed to be meaningless.

Fei Chen had never been distracted by anyone, he absolutely didn’t expect to be anxious this time because this fox demon seriously injured.

He took Chu Ci into his arms.

After Chu Ci returned to Fei Chen’s arms, he immediately regained consciousness. He just about to ask why, when a fishy sweet liquid poured out of his chest.

“Wu—” He whimpered before immediately lost consciousness.

Fei Chen quickly checked his injury.

After checking, Fei Chen’s hand began to tremble slightly.

Although Fei Chen’s appearance cold, his previous calmness was completely gone.

He reached out to put a seal on the unconscious Chu Ci, and then put him in the beads.

After doing this, Fei Chen quickly got up and took out the demon search tool, chasing out in the direction of the snake demon escaping.

After Chu Ci’s body lost consciousness, his primordial spirit was awake, he could only inquire about his situation to the system.

“System, what happened? Didn’t I sleeping? How could I put myself to death?”

The system said helplessly, “You were take to be shield by a thousand years snake demon in the residence, and you are now seriously injured. But you can’t die, your body will soon be repaired by your primordial spirit.”

Chu Ci said strangely, “Is my wife not here? Could it be that he watching me beaten?”

The system explained, “Remember Lin Le? He is attractive to you because he has half of the snake demon’s inner core. The snake demon was once saved by Lin Le, so he gives half of his inner core in order to save the serious ill Lin Le, so Lin Le has five hundred years of cultivation. He can’t use spells, but he can subconsciously use the snake demon’s ability to control the people who has cultivation lower than him. Because he wants you, so at night you are controlled by his obsession to leave the target. Although the target chased out, but because he is too concerned about you, it being seen by the snake demon, and the snake demon used you as a shield.”

“Oh…” Chu Ci smirked, “Look, he has ideas for me and even outsiders can see that, but he just refuse to admit it, is this interesting?”

“Don’t be happy too early.” The system suddenly reminded, “The snake demon has five hundred years of cultivation even if he only has half of the inner core. Although his attack didn’t kill you, your inner core originally unstable. If it was not for the target quickly seal you and put you in the beads, I’m afraid you have long been turned back into a fox without human nature. But even if your body recovers, you can only be a fox with human intelligent in the future.”

The space instantly sank into silent.

Chu Ci digested it for a while before he said unbelievably, “Can only be a fox?”

“Strictly speaking, if you don’t walk the noxious path, it will take you a hundred years to cultivate become a human, it’s not being a fox for a lifetime.”

However, the system’s words didn’t make Chu Ci feeling better.

At this time, his body was repaired by his primordial spirit, and his spirit sense returned to the fox again.

However, Chu Ci was now completely in no mood to care about his body, holding the last little bit of expectation, he asked, “How to walk the noxious path?”

“Ai, I knew you would ask this.” The system sighed, “It’s to eat other demon’s inner core to fill your own cultivation. But how can a fox beat a demon who already has inner core?”

Chu Ci wondered, “That’s it? Isn’t it okay for Fei Chen to do it?”

“He can’t.” The system negated, “Fei Chen is the demon catcher, the sect rules that they can destroy the demon’s inner core, but can’t seize the inner core. Once found, they will be expelled from the sect.”

“It’s not, right?” Chu Ci shrugged his head and worried, “Is there a difference between destroy the inner core and seize the inner core, why is the requirement so strict?”

“In the eyes of the demon catcher, the inner core is filthy, the root of all evil.”

Chu Ci weakly lay on the ground, the wound on his body was soon healed by his primordial spirit, but the blow to his heart was a bit deep.

“This world can’t pass!”

He doesn’t know how long he had been lying in the beads. Suddenly, a light flashed before his eyes, and Fei Chen appeared in front of him.

However, even when he saw Fei Chen, he still couldn’t lift his spirits, instead he was even more uncomfortable.

A hundred years, as a real fox, how to play?

Fei Chen checked Chu Ci’s situation and was surprised to find that his internal and external injuries were almost well. Although somewhat exceed the efficacy of the beads, he finally relieved.

He took out half of the white round item and handed it to Chu Ci, “Eat it.”

“What’s it?”

“Good stuff.”

Chu Ci was a bit surprise that he could still communicate with Fei Chen.

Since it was something sent by Fei Chen, he didn’t hesitate. He just stretched his neck and held the item in his mouth, and swallowed it down.

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