Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

13) Chapter 151.1 ♬

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Chapter 151: Return to Reality (10.7)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci stayed in Fu Li’s office until lunch time, but the file was too thick that he hadn’t finished reading all the things.

Fu Li didn’t say anything and kept answering him all the time.

However, Chu Ci raised his head and found that the clock on the wall unknowingly had reached the meal time. He immediately threw the file in Fu Li’s hand and stretched out, “So hungry, finally can eat.” Then he looked at Fu Li who was still sitting there calmly and asked, “Where are we going to eat?” He didn’t seem to regard himself as an outsider at all.

“En?” Fu Li’s voice was low and he turned to look at Chu Ci. It was still too late to put up the indifferent on his face.

Chu Ci repeated, “Eating? Where are we going to eat?”

As a demon cultivator, Fu Li doesn’t need to eat, but he saw that for Chu Ci eating was a matter of course, he didn’t take the initiative to remind him. He put the file on the small table and stood up, “What do you want to eat?”

Chu Ci saw that Fu Li responded, he squinted his eyes and thought about it seriously. However, when he first arrived in this unfamiliar world, he didn’t have a special understanding of the food here. He could only say, “As long as it’s delicious, all okay!”

“Let’s go.” Fu Li took the lead to go outside the office.

As soon as the office door opened, Song Xiao who was waiting outside, immediately looked over curiously.

Chu Ci was in a good mood because Fu Li was going to take him to eat delicious food. When he saw Song Xiao, he said happily.

“Beauty has eaten.” Then he followed Fu Li with a brisk pace.

Song Xiao looked at Chu Ci, and then turned to look at the boss who had entered the elevator. He was blocking the elevator door with a hand to wait for Chu Ci to enter, while looking at herself with meaningful gaze which made her hair stand on end.

No matter from the boss’ attitude or Chu Ci’s attitude, the two people were definitely not a purely superior and subordinate relationship.

After Chu Ci happily rushed into the elevator, only then Fu Li took away his hand that was blocking the elevator door.

The two of them left the company in the car together.

Chu Ci was taken to a fairly remote place by Fu Li. The willow trees make the shade and the flowers give the light of place was an interesting and appealing building.

As soon as the two of them got out of the car, two people came out from inside the house to welcome them.

Chu Ci looked at the person who took the lead. Although his cultivation was low, he instantly felt that the other party’s breath was completely different from the person beside him.

He wondered, “Are you also a demon cultivator?”

“Yeah.” Qiu Lan beamingly looked at Chu Ci and said with surprise, “Radish?”

Chu Ci proudly said, “Is it the first time to see?”

“Yes.” Qiu Lan nodded, and then turned to look at Fu Li, “Let’s go in, I have let people prepare it for you.”

“Please come with me.” The person who followed Qiu Lan made a gesture of invitation.

Chu Ci followed up.

Qiu Lan stayed behind and slowly walked along with Fu Li, “I heard that you fell into the demon path, is it for him?”

“Yeah.” For his close friend, Fu Li didn’t hide it.

“Can Teng Rong accept it?”

Fu Li frowned, “It’s what he arranged, he has to accept even if he doesn’t accept it.”

“Tsk tsk, it seems that he’s really stubborn.” Qiu Lan looked at the radish led by his employee and curiously said, “When it comes to radish, I suddenly remembered a matter a long time ago. I remember the three of us come to the parallel world to have fun. Teng Rong feels that the radish is not good to eat and want to chop all the radishes into pieces, and you go to prevent it and accidentally hurt your hand. It seemed that there was a radish that absorbed your blood.”

Fu Li looked at the person in the distance and bent the corner of his mouth, “It’s him.”

“Hahaha, that’s really fate.”

Chu Ci was taken to a separate private room and the food was already on the table.

He waited there for a while before he saw Fu Li came over.

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s nothing.”

Fu Li sat down opposite him and looked at the already greedy person, “Eat.”

Chu Ci couldn’t wait to move his chopsticks, he was already hungry.

After he slightly appeased his stomach, he looked up at Fu Li.

At this time, the other party was looking at him.

Chu Ci curiously asked, “Why look at me? Aren’t you going to eat?”

Fu Li calmly said, “I don’t need to eat.”

Chu Ci paused, suddenly remembered that people with high cultivation doesn’t need to rely on food to provide energy. He suddenly recalled his past and enviously said, “That’s good. I used to have other people’s spiritual force, although I can’t use it, but also forcibly divide up by me as mine, which caused me to ascend without cultivating for a long time, so my current cultivation is very low.”

Fu Li looked at him and said, “Did you blame the person who give you the spiritual force that doesn’t belong to you?”

Chu Ci took a sip of soup and said, “Why blame? If it wasn’t for that spiritual force, I couldn’t even have the consciousness. I have to thank him.”

Fu Li looked at the person in front of him and bent his mouth, he found that his mood could always be happy because of his casual words.

Suddenly, Fu Li looked at the outside, he felt a wave of spiritual power from Teng Rong.

At the same time, the door of the private room was knocked.

Qiu Lan directly pushed the door open and said, “He is looking for you.”

“I know.” After Fu Li answered Qiu Lan, he directly said to Chu Ci, “I have to leave in advance, I will let the driver take you back, properly work.”

Chu Ci nodded obediently, “Okay, just go.” As soon as his voice fell, Fu Li disappeared from his eyes.

After he ate his fill, he said goodbye to Qiu Lan and went back.

Chu Ci went to Fu Li’s office to get the file he put there.

At this time, Song Xiao had finished her lunch and was sitting at her position looking at her cellphone.

As soon as Chu Ci appeared, she immediately looked up, and then looked behind him, and found that the boss didn’t come back and watched Chu Ci walk into the office.

After Chu Ci came out of the office with the file, Song Xiao couldn’t help asking, “Chu Ci, are you a relative of the boss?”

Chu Ci smiled and shook his head, “No.”

Song Xiao doesn’t believe, “If you’re not a relative, what’s your relationship? A good friend?”

Chu Ci seriously thought about it and said, “It’s just the ordinary boss and employee relationship.”

Song Xiao curled her lips and completely doesn’t believe, “The ordinary superior and subordinate relationship? Do you have any misunderstandings about these words? Will the normal boss treat his employee so well?” Song Xiao paused and waved her hand, “No, it’s already super good like this, the boss is not so good even to clients.”

Chu Ci blankly and innocently said, “I didn’t lie to you.”

Seeing that he refused to confess, Song Xiao didn’t force him, just looked at him faintly.

Chu Ci felt that Song Xiao looked at him as if he had done something unspeakable.

Chu Ci took the file and returned to the 11th floor. After getting off the elevator, he went to find Tao Lai specially.

As soon as he entered the office, he said very sorry, “Sorry, Fu Li has something to do, I’m afraid that I can’t finish it today.”

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