Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

13) Chapter 70.1 ♬

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Chapter 70: Marked by Beastman (4.7)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci was about handed the chopsticks to Lian Cen, because of the system’s words, his hand paused.

He digested the content of this sentence.

When Lian Cen saw his hand paused, he looked at Chu Ci doubtfully and raised his hand to take the chopsticks from his hand.

This person was not professional at first, and he didn’t expect him to do everything well.

Chu Ci blanked for a while before returning to his senses. He looked at Lian Cen who was concentrating on his breakfast strangely and said in a daze to the system, “Do you mean beastmans will also be in the estrus?”

“Yeah!” The system explained as a matter of course, “Beastmans have the estrus period just like the human race. The adult male and female beastmans will have an uncontrolled estrus once a month. When they are in the estrus, their body will emit pheromones to attract the opposite sex and thus do that indescribable things. The fragrance that you just said should be the target’s pheromone. It’s absolutely not a perfume.”

Chu Ci’s current brains were chaotic, he kept repeating the sentence: Beastmans would be in the estrus, Lian Cen was in rut, it would attract the opposite sex…

When he understood things thoroughly, he suddenly thought of something and said, “Why didn’t you tell me that beastmans also will be in estrus when I came? I remember you only told me that I will be in rut. Why you only tell me such important information now? Attracting the opposite sex’s pheromone doesn’t mean that women will be attracted to him by this pheromone and then have a relationship with him, right?”

No, he wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen. This man was his now!

The system doesn’t know what Chu Ci was thinking. After hearing his complaint, he just said innocently, “These information should be in your body’s memory. I just casually reminded about you at that time.” Then, he said in surprise, “Could it be you didn’t read all Qin An’s memory in these two days? We added this ability to you is not casually given. These important materials are for you to integrate into a world.”

While worrying, Chu Ci gritted his teeth and said, “How can a person’s memory of more than 20 years be completely digested in two days’ time. Besides, most of Qin An’s memories are about how to hook up with men’s affairs. Want to find useful information is more difficult.”

The system silent, before said with grievance, “This is the only way. If you let me give you all the things to pay attention to, you will receive a lot of information. Receiving too much external information is not good for the brain. Moreover, you have to go to ten worlds.”

· TL note: 9 mission worlds + the dimension world

Chu Ci sighed.

The matter had already happened, he doesn’t want to be tangled in this matter anymore. The rich fragrance at the tip of his nose reminded him that the female beastman might soon be attracted by his wife’s pheromone, and then doing the indescribable things in front of his face.

Thinking of this, Chu Ci was about to blow up. He could only ask for help to the system.

“Then, what should I do now? Anyway, I have already taken a fancy to him. I don’t agree with him having sexual relations with other women.”

The system silent for a while, before suddenly saying irrelevantly, “After you said so, I suddenly understand the answer to the question you asked me before.”

All Chu Ci’s thoughts were on the issue of Lian Cen’s rut. When he heard the system said something unrelated, he was not interested, “What’s question?”

“Don’t you ask me if the target is sick before?” The system now suddenly realized, “Those unusual things that Lian family’s people did are definitely preparing for Lian Cen’s upcoming rut. You wait a moment, I will go to check some background information about beastman and then tell you. You don’t worry about it first.” After saying this, the system’s voice disappeared.

Chu Ci withdrew from his mind and finally moved his chopsticks.

He secretly looked at Lian Cen while eating. The scent of the tip of his nose has been becoming rich, even making people feel a bit excessive. However, this person calmly eating the meal as if he was not a beastman in rut.

Chu Ci had seen the human race in rut from Qin An’s memory, their eyes were red as they wanted to push the omega to the bed.

Probably his gaze was too straightforward that Lian Cen put down the chopsticks in his hand after noticed it and said, “What do you want to ask?”

Chu Ci tangled for a while before he couldn’t help but ask, “Are you…are you in rut?”

Lian Cen seemed to know what he would ask, he raised his eyebrows and said, “You smell it?”

When Chu Ci saw that Lian Cen didn’t avoid it, he quickly nodded, “Yes. Moreover, the scent is constantly thickening. Do you want to contact Lian Shan?” He had to find a solution for this rut’s problem, but it was definitely not do that indescribable things with women.

“Don’t worry, I well aware of the situation.” After speaking, Lian Cen pick up the chopsticks again.

At this time, the system came back after checking the information. He said with ease, “You no need to worry, the target is indeed well prepared.”

The system said with a sigh, “Actually, it won’t happen if Lian Cen went on according to his original life. Beastmans generally find their mate before the estrus and then spend the estrus with their mate. But, because of your intervention, this world events has changed. The target is not married and didn’t have anyone he likes, so he chose to come to this desolate countryside to endure silently under the advice of the doctor.”

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