Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

13) Chapter 86.2 ♬

Chapter 86 Part 2:

The two men went back to the villa after left the registration office. The subordinates saw the ring on their ring fingers, and the small red book in their hands. Their gossipy heart in the bottom of their heart were raging and ignited up.

After the two went in, they quickly asked the people who went out with their boss today.

“Is the boss married with this man?”


“Didn’t this boy just recently bought back?”

“Ai, it’s probably love at first sight.”


After all, Chu Ci was still the boss, he had to start dealing with things just after returning home.

But the most important thing, he felt that Yu Yuan had been bullied enough today.

“You have a stroll at home yourself, I need to go to deal with some things.” After he brought Yu Yuan into the house, he left with such a sentence.

After seeing Chu Ci leave, Yu Yuan took out the marriage certificate and held it tightly in his hands. He opened it to look, then suddenly closed it again.

It was his real name that he used for marriage. When the Yu family began to look for him, this clue would very quickly be discovered.

Chu went to his office and stuffed that small red book into the drawer. On his desk there were still photos of Shi Cheng having an affair taken a few days ago.

After thinking about it, he made a phone call.

“Help me pay attention to my wife’s daily activities. I want to see what he’s doing all day.”

“Boss, when did you have a wife?” There was a man’s surprised voice come through the phone.

“It’s the man that I brought home yesterday. I registered with him this morning.”

Chu Ci left the man at the end of the phone shocked and speechless, and hung up the phone directly. At the same time, he dumped all the photos on the table into the trash can. At this moment, he felt a little sorry for Ji He. This man really liked Shi Cheng. He put these photos on this table and looked at it for a long time, before decided to make that break up call. But from today on, Shi Cheng had nothing to do with him. He had to focus on settling Yu Yuan, this unlucky little beauty.

There were not many affairs to deal with. The small ones had been solved by his people, and some of the big affairs were also handled down before. Ji He had long been have a way to deal with these kinds of things, so Chu Ci only need to follow the original preferences well one by one to solve it.

As he doing his work, he also paid attention to the development of the Yu family. Because they suddenly lost their leader, coupled with the other two forces secretly making trouble, Yu Xiangming had simple burial.

Chu Ci let Yu Yuan comfortable for a whole day, until dinner time, only then he prepared to eat with the other party.

However, when Chu Ci entered the dining room, he found that another dinner had already been eaten, which meant that Yu Yuan was deliberately avoiding him.

Chu Ci finished his meal in a bad mood, and then pretending to stroll around in his villa calmly. But, he also didn’t meet Yu Yuan.

Is this man childish enough to hide?

At this time, the subordinate who suddenly appeared took the initiative to come up and explain to him, “Sir Ji, that person is walking around the house all day today. After eating his dinner, he has returned to your room. Are you going to see?”

Chu Ci said with a serious face, “Got it!” After he finished speaking, he turned around and walked in the direction of the bedroom without any haste. Seeing the previous issue, he seemed to be unconcerned about Yu Yuan’s affairs.

However, he said in his heart: Pretending aloof is really not easy.

He walked a few steps forward and suddenly stopped, saying, “In the future, call him madam or…sister-in-law.” Thinking of Yu Yuan’s expression when he heard his subordinates called him this way tomorrow, Chu Ci felt that tomorrow’s bullying quantity was enough.

Chu Ci walked to the door of his bedroom. Just after he opened the door, he saw Yu Yuan holding clothes and staring at a drawer on the wardrobe.

When he heard the sound of someone coming in, he quickly took a black item from the drawer and hid in the bathroom.

Chu Ci looked at the direction of the drawer curiously, it seemed…the drawer where the underwear was place.

Tsk tsk, it seems that yesterday’s matter is still somewhat effective.

No wonder the system made him quickly get hold of the man, the pure and innocent boy best to cheat.

Chu Ci’s confidence that he could bend the man within three months suddenly rose.

He took off his coat and sat on the side calmly. He picked up the book on the table and pretended to read it, but in fact he was waiting for Yu Yuan to come out.

Finally, the sound of the water stopped. Chu Ci immediately put away all the expressions on his face and sat on the sofa indifferently.

When the bathroom door opened, as if just noticed, he slowly looked over, his eyes didn’t dodge.

However, Yu Yuan was not interested in his attention and went directly to the bed.

Chu Ci saw that he still had the ring on his hand, and suddenly his heart a bit moved, “Already want to sleep? Today is our wedding night.” He suddenly wanted to bully him again.

Yu Yuan looked at him expressionlessly, as if to say ‘if you dare to not keep your word, just wait to collect my corpse’.

Chu Ci snorted uninterestingly, but he was saying in his heart: It seems that this won’t do. I must first cleanse myself of the suspicion of killing his father, otherwise this matter will absolutely hinder the progress of our relationship.

He immediately went out of the room to make a phone call, ordering, “You all turn a blind eye for what the madam do in the future. Don’t care as long as he doesn’t take the initiative to leave the villa.”

When Chu Ci returned to the room, Yu Yuan was already lying down. He raised his eyebrows as he looked at the direction of the bed.

I have given you water, if you don’t find out who killed your father earlier, you certainly let me down.

That night, the news of the marriage between the head of Ji family and a young man knowing across the whole circle of people. However, because there was no photo, no one knew who could squeeze away the big shot Shi Cheng.

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