Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

14) Chapter 103.2 ♬

Chapter 103 Part 2:

He returned in the morning, Si Yuan and that cold man were there.

Si Yuan was still nestled in the quilt. Fu Zhi leaned there, seeming to be thinking about something.

Fu Zhi was originally still planning to find the person, when he heard the door opened, made him subconsciously raised his head to look at the door.

The two men looked at each other instantly.

Fu Zhi’s mind moved, and suddenly remembered he also met this man named Ye Xin yesterday. The crucial point was his magic attribute, age, and gender were all match.

He suddenly looked forward to it, and stared straight at the person at the doorway, trying to find some traces from his face.

However, he only stayed with that person for ten minutes at that time. During that time, he only glanced at his face with his back on the sun, so he completely couldn’t see resemble at all.

Chu Ci looked strangely at Fu Zhi who staring at himself and said, “What’s the matter, is there something on my face?” After speaking, he raised his hand to touch his face.

Fu Zhi frowned and asked directly, “Are you married?”

Chu Ci stunned, looking at the strange roommate, he inexplicably said, “N…no.” He asked the system in his mind, “Is ask the marriage situation the custom here? Why does everyone ask me if I have marry?”

The system said, “Probably because you don’t look good, others worry about you.”

Chu Ci immediately recovered from the shock because of the system’s blow and sneered, “You have better be busy.”

Fu Zhi looked at the person at the doorway half believing half doubting. He wouldn’t easily exclude him because of such an issue.

At this time, Si Yuan suddenly smiled secretly. He came out of the quilt and glanced at Chu Ci before saying, “Rest assured, the headmaster guarantee us that there is no suspicious person. Moreover, if you feel doubt, wouldn’t it be okay to look at your mark? He appeared yesterday. How, did the mark deepen?”

Fu Zhi silently put his hand in the quilt and said, “No.”

Chu Ci listened to the words of the two people puzzlingly, doesn’t know what they meant at all. Thinking that it must be their family’s affairs, he just ignored it.

Suddenly, the bell rang outside.

The content of the school rules that the system interpretation for him last night suddenly rang in Chu Ci’s ear.

The first bell in the morning was the time to get up, and after half an hour everyone had to assemble in the hall.

Seeing the two people still in bed, an idea suddenly flashed in Chu Ci’s mind. He immediately took out his school uniform from his ring and urged, “Hurry up! We only have half an hour to get up and change clothes.”

If these two people could change clothes here, he might be able to confirm Si Yuan’s identity.

Chu Ci just wanted to undress, when Si Yuan quickly shouted, “Wait!”

He turned his head and looked at Si Yuan doubtfully.

Si Yuan frowned and said, “Since we staying together, you must follow the rules. The first rule: Go to the bathroom when changing clothes.”

Chu Ci was stunned, his little scheme immediately broke into nothing by this sentence. After looking innocently at the two people in the room, he reluctantly took his clothes into the bathroom.

When Si Yuan saw that he left, he complained to Fu Zhi, “You shouldn’t let him stay in.”

Fu Zhi said calmly, “It’s nothing.”

Chu Ci changed into his school uniform in the bathroom angrily and speaked with the system, “What nobility, has more rules than the emperor, groundlessly pay particular attention to it.” In this way, he could only wait for him to take a bath.

After the three people went to the bathroom to change their clothes by turn, Chu Ci and they went to assemble together.

Fortunately, they didn’t arrive late.

“Today is the first day of school, we won’t start a new course directly, but I have to announce one thing first.” The headmaster stood at the high place and said, “For the next four years, you will be in a group with the people in the same dorm room as you, carrying out various activities. If you have any objections, you can take the initiative to put it forward until this evening. If there is no, then this combination will be decided like this.”

Chu Ci sat down with Si Yuan and Fu Zhi. When the headmaster said this, he immediately took the initiative to tell the people beside him, “I have no objection, I think you two are very good.”

Si Yuan didn’t oppose this time. Anyway, he had to team up with others. It would be better with someone easy to bully.

After the headmaster announced this, he routinely began to tell the new students about the school’s history and past achievement, which lasted a few hours.

Chu Ci was simply unable to concentrate on sitting down to listen others telling a bunch of history and past achievement stories.

As time went by, plus he doesn’t sleep well in the confinement room last night, it didn’t take long for his head to askew and began to doze off.

Fu Zhi watched the person beside him keep swaying, subconsciously worried that he would just fall to the floor.

Suddenly, his shoulder sank and the head he worried about falling on the floor suddenly rested on his shoulder.

Fu Zhi stunned, and actually didn’t subconsciously escape.

He allowed this person leaning, and then his eyes swept to the two hands he placed on his lap.

This person actually didn’t wear the storage ring on his hand?

“Hey!” Along with the call, a big hand slapped directly on Chu Ci’s back.

Chu Ci startled and immediately sat up straight, looking blankly around.

Fu Zhi pursed his mouth unhappily.

Si Yuan poked Chu Ci and said, “Do you think you can just lean on Fu Zhi?”

Chu Ci looked at Si Yuan and then looked at Fu Zhi, and immediately understood what was going on. He smiled and said to Fu Zhi, “It’s nothing to lean on my classmate, right?”

Si Yuan just thought to refute, but Fu Zhi said calmly, “Yes.”

Chu Ci immediately patted Fu Zhi and said, “This is right.”

At this time, Fu Zhi looked at the hand on his shoulder and suddenly said, “You didn’t have the storage ring?”

This person once again asked a strange question, Chu Ci shook his hand and said, “I don’t like to wear things on my hand.”

Si Yuan looked at the harmonious two people and suddenly had a feeling of being excluded.

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