Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

14) Chapter 123.3 ♬

Chapter 123 Part 3:

“No wonder so many people like to find the financial backer, it’s really awesome!”

However, in fact Quan Gan was still not his financial backer.

After Chu Ci entered the room, he was too lazy to pack out, throwing his luggage to the side, and then lying on the bed. He only took off Quan Gan’s coat and covered it on his body. A creepy laugh came from the room.

The system couldn’t help saying, “You laugh too vulgar!”

Chu Ci ignored him and said, “I want to see him! Does he live on this floor?”

“His room is opposite you.”

Chu Ci froze for a moment, then sat up quickly and leaned on the door of his room to listen to the outside sound. Then he sat on the chair and proudly said, “All adults, I like this kind of quick and determined standard!”

He looked at the coat he had left on the bed and said, “How about I return the coat to him?”

“Yes, you can.” The system deliberately tempted, “He is in the room now, just after taking a bath, you can take advantage of it~”

Chu Ci’s eyes lit up, he sucked a breath and said, “Such a good opportunity, I must be going.”

He immediately picked up the coat and quietly opened the door of his room. After confirming that there was no one on both sides, only then he quietly stood at the door of Quan Gan’s room.

At this time, Quan Gan just got out of the bathroom and received a call from his assistant.

“How was it?”

“He took the room card and should have checked in.”

“Okay, you can rest.”

Quan Gan just hung up the phone, when the door was knocked.

He raised his eyebrows, and even subconsciously guessed who it was.

Quan Gan bent the corners of his mouth unconsciously, then walked to the door of the room and opened the door.

Chu Ci knocked on the door, his heartbeat accelerated nervously as if the first love.


At the same time the door lock sounded, a man who had just taken a bath stood in front of him.

Chu Ci said to Quan Gan with a little scheme in his heart, “I’m here to return your coat, thanks you.” His eyes fluttered around, and finally chose to look at the floor.

However, in his heart he was spurning himself.

When did I become so innocent?

Quan Gan stood there looking at the man who looked down at the floor in front of him, “Isn’t you say you come to return the coat?”

Chu Ci froze for a moment, and quickly handed over the coat he held in his arms.

Quan Gan saw that the coat finally handed in front of him,  the corner of his eyes slightly showed smiling expression, “If you can’t bear it, you can keep it.”

Chu Ci’s heartbeat jumped a beat, he immediately put the coat back in his arms, and then turned around and rushed into his room.

Quan Gan looked at the closed door and the smile in his eyes became stronger.

This ambiguous relationship made him somewhat happy.

After he was out of Quan Gan’s sight, Chu Ci’s heartbeat returned to normal.

“I obviously feel that I’m being take liberties. You say what’s he mean saying this? Does he want to be ambiguous with me?”

The system said, “It’s almost the same. Isn’t the ambiguous relationship before dating the sweetest.”

Chu Ci thought that it seemed to be the case, then he raised his eyebrows and said, “Since he likes, then I will play along with him well! See who can’t bear it!”

Early the next morning, after Chu Ci got up and tidied the things up, he let the system monitor Quan Gan’s movements. He picked the point and opened the door before Quan Gan opened the door.

Quan Gan saw him early in the morning and was in a better mood.

When Chu Ci saw that his assistants were all there, he pretended to be alienated and didn’t greet him.

Quan Gan also just glanced at him and left while surrounded by assistants.

Chu Ci followed with envy at the man surrounded by a group of people.

He wanted that too.

Before the official filming, all the staff of the crew held the opening ceremony.

After the opening ceremony was over, the entire crew was in the filming stage.

Chu Ci’s assistant finally arrived late after the opening ceremony, but still helped him a lot. At first glance, he was a veteran.

It seems that Chuan-ge was quite optimistic about him this time.

As the lead actor, Quan Gan was the busiest actor after the opening.

In the indoor part of this time shooting, Chu Ci was also one of the quite important roles. In order to perform his first movie in this world, he had no time to pay attention to Quan’s every movement.

But even studying the script had some interesting parts.

His character and the protagonist were apparently brothers who went through happy and bad things together, but he confessed in the play, and finally secretly kissed the protagonist in his sleep when he died for the protagonist.

This scene was much more anticipating than the little taking liberties with the protagonist in [The imperial court].

Chu Ci began to carefully analyze his role. He couldn’t disappoint him, and he couldn’t waste this body talent in vain.

His first scene was to confess to Quan Gan here.

His makeup was already painted in advance.

After Chu Ci analyzed well his role, he looked forward to the arrival of his scene.

“Prepare for the 40th scene!”

As soon as the director’s small loudspeaker sounded, Chu Ci immediately walked into the filming site as if to receive an award.

Quan Gan was also quite dedicated in acting, and he was not prepared to take a break. The makeup artist went directly on stage to repair his makeup.

Chu Ci stood in front of Quan Gan, staring at him quietly, but saying in his heart.

You like ambiguous, right? See until when you can bear it.

The director said, “Get ready, start!”

The two entered the scene instantly.

Chu Ci looked at Quan Gan, showing love that doesn’t need to act on in his eyes. At the same time, with a trace of the sad that his character should have, he said lightly, “I like you, I want you to be Mrs. Lin, are you satisfied with this requirement?”

Quan Gan originally could say the lines in the script skillfully, but his heart inexplicably flashed a trace of hesitation, and for a moment he even thought that Chu Ci was confessing to himself.

“Cut!” The director stopped the filming.

The surrounding staff members suddenly clamored.

Qian Luo understood the reason for the noise around him, because even he didn’t expect Quan Gan to forget his lines. This kind of thing had never happened since he knew him.

But thinking carefully that this person had not rested, he might got tired after shooting so many consecutive scenes. Although he looked young, but his age was also there.

He immediately turned on his small loudspeaker and said, “Let’s take a break, the progress has been very fast.”

Chu Ci looked at the man in front of him strangely. Even if the director shouted cut, Quan Gan was still standing motionlessly. He raised his hand and shook it, “What’s wrong with you?”

Quan Gan snapped out of it and looked at the person in front of him, want to say something but then hesitate.

At this time, his assistants came up, surrounding him, and Chu Ci was pushed aside.

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