Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

14) Chapter 139.2 ♬

Chapter 139 Part 2:

After the item fell to his belly, Chu Ci instantly felt that he was full of power, and at the same time found that more power came out from half of inner core in his body, he surprised, “Are you give me the demon’s inner core?”

“Yeah, it should be able to give you five hundred years of cultivation.”

When Chu Ci heard this news, his originally shrugged ears stood up instantly.

Five hundred years of cultivation meant that he could maintain his human form at any time!

Although Chu Ci was happy, he didn’t forget what the system said before, and wondered, “I heard that the demon catcher can’t seize the inner core?”

Fei Chen picked him up and said, “If I secretly take it, I shouldn’t be found.”

“Is that so?” Chu Ci was a little puzzled, but he began to try to change back to human form.

“Are you lying?” Chu Ci found that he couldn’t use any the energy to transform in human form. Although there was a new inner core in his body, his whole person was still empty.

Fei Chen touched his head and said, “Absorbing the inner core is not such a fast matter. You have to merge the snake demon’s inner core into your inner core, only then it can slowly become your cultivation.”

“That is to say, I can’t change back to human form in a short time?”


Chu Ci silent for a while and said, “Will you leave me behind?”

Fei Chen said, “No.” There was no hesitation at all.

Chu Ci was very happy and immediately happily said to the system, “He is agree to be with me. He changed so fast, it should be because he see me hurt and be distressed!”

Fei Chen got up while holding the fox demon and walked towards the direction of Xumi Temple.

Halfway through, the fox was tired and he just put him into the beads.

Soon after, he was at the foot of the Xumi Temple where he saw Wu Jing who was waiting for him there.

Wu Jing saw that the senior brother came back on time and said happily, “How? Is it solved?”


Wu Jing danced and said, “Worthy of the number one demon catcher of Xumi Temple, no demons and ghosts are difficult. When Senior Brother breaks the entangled fate, the position of Xumi Temple’s head must be Senior Brother’s.”

Fei Chen ignored him and took the fox out of the beads and placed it on the stone pillar at a side, “Help me look after it.”

Although Wu Jing had low spiritual power, he could see at a glance that the fox was a demon.

He took a step back and said unbelievably, “Senior Brother! Why did you bring a fox demon back!”

Fei Chen didn’t answer him, but just repeated, “Help me look after it. I’m going up to find Master.”

“Uh…okay, explain it to me after you come down.”

Chu Ci was quietly cultivating, only when Fei Chen called him out of the beads, he stopped.

He saw that Fei Chen put him on the stone pillar and gave him a puzzled look. Listening to his words that he didn’t mean to abandon him, he didn’t ask.

After Fei Chen left, his small eyes stared at Wu Jing’s big eyes.

Wu Jing waited for his senior brother to disappear, before he looked at the fox demon in front of him and said, “Frankly tell me what demon spell you used to confuse my senior brother! How could he be so close to a demon!”

Chu Ci tilted his head and ignored him.

“Eh—” Wu Jing lifted his sleeve and said, “You actually dare to ignore me? I’m a demon catcher! I can destroy your soul!”

Chu Ci snorted contemptuously, and then directly turned his head away and let his butt facing him.


Fei Chen found the master in the meditation room.

“Ai!” The head of Xumi Temple sighed before Fei Chen started to talk and said, “Are you here to resign?”


“Then just go, your destiny is indeed hard to solve. When all is said and done, this is not the last lifetime, it’s fine.”

“Thank you Master.”

Fei Chen kowtowed three times to the head of Xumi Temple, and without further words, he turned around and went down the mountain.

When Chu Ci saw Fei Chen was coming down the mountain, he shook his tail happily, and then prepared to jump into his arms.

Although Wu Jing disliked the demon, he didn’t forget that his senior brother asked him to take care of it. Seeing the fox demon’s action, he quickly grabbed his big tail.

Chu Ci hung directly in the air, and then hung upside-down in Wu Jing’s hand.

His whole fox body froze.

Fei Chen jumped and strode down the steps and took Chu Ci back to his arms.

Only when Chu Ci returned to Fei Chen’s arms, he reacted. He was humiliatingly holding Fei Chen’s neck and shouting in his consciousness, “He bullied me!”

Wu Jing looked blankly at the senior brother who was so close to the fox demon and said stammeringly, “There are arrays above the steps and the demon will be hurt when bumped into it, I’m doing it for its good.”

Chu Ci said, “I don’t care!”

Fei Chen touched his head and said, “Don’t make trouble, I will bully him for you later. It’s much more than he bullying you. He is the most useless demon catcher in Xumi Temple.”

Chu Ci was stunned and looked at Fei Chen, and then he looked at the direction of the steps and said, “I thought I could go to the temple to accompany you, so there are arrays.”

Fei Chen took him to the opposite direction of Xumi Temple and said, “Where do you want to go?”

Chu Ci’s eyes lit up, he suddenly understood Fei Chen’s meaning and excitedly said, “As long as you are there, it’s okay to go anywhere!”

Wu Jing saw that the senior brother took the fox demon in the opposite direction of the temple, he seemed to understand something and shouted, “Senior Brother…did you just ask to resign from Master?”

However, Fei Chen engrossed talking to Chu Ci, and didn’t hear what his junior brother was saying.

Wu Jing watched his senior brother go further and further away, disappearing from his sight.

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