Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

14) Chapter 151.2 ♬

Chapter 151 Part 2:

Tao Lai changed his previous attitude and quickly said enthusiastically, “It’s okay, newcomer should always take it slowly. It doesn’t matter if you learn for a month or two. If you don’t understand, you can let Kong Yin teach you, she has no other things to do in the afternoon.”

Chu Ci saw that Tao Lai so easy to speak and gratefully said, “Thank you.”

He followed Kong Yin to learn until he got off work, and the relationship between the two of them successfully upgraded to friends.

After working, Chu Ci directly returned home with the spell. Without yesterday’s exhaustion, he strolled in this house for a while and finally found the bathroom.

Thinking of humans invention, Chu Ci’s eyes lit up and immediately opened the tap.

He heard that bathing was very comfortable, he felt he could try it.

Chu Ci thought of it, and then he left the water open and took off his clothes.

After taking off the clothes, he saw the mirror and couldn’t help but admire the beauty that he finally shaped.

However, after narcissistic for a while, Chu Ci clearly saw the flaw of his body in the mirror.

It was only then that he discovered that he had forgotten what he cared about most in these two days, he had to cultivate this thing.

Chu Ci looked at the bathtub where the water had just turning on, and still reached out to close it. Then he didn’t even wear his clothes and directly ran to the living room to sit on the floor and began to cultivate.

After Fu Li led Teng Rong away, he couldn’t help but run back.

He directly through the space and stepped into the house he provided to Chu Ci.

As soon as Fu Li entered the house, he saw Chu Ci sitting cross-legged on the floor without a thread, with closed eyes, his brows tightly creased.

He sized this imperceptible person up, his expression slightly moved, and decided to sit aside and wait for him to come out of the meditative state.

Chu Ci found that how hard he tried, there was still no response, and finally opened his eyes discouraged.

At this time, he was sweating.

When Chu Ci was about to get up to take a bath in the bathroom, he saw Fu Li sitting on the sofa staring at him.

“You’re here.” Chu Ci doesn’t mind and walked past in front of Fu Li.

Fu Li calmly said, “What are you doing?”

Chu Ci stopped his footsteps and turned to look at Fu Li and pointed to a certain part, “Shaping it, when I ascended before, in order to save the spiritual force, the body didn’t complete. Now I want to make it bigger.”

Fu Li saw that Chu Ci so easy-mannered, he raised his eyebrows and said, “I think it’s normal.”

Chu Ci obviously disagreed with Fu Li’s words, he looked at him and said, “Is your the same?”

Fu Li recalled and said, “Mine is natural, you can’t compare.”

“That’s bigger than me?” Chu Ci was not angry, instead he curiously said, “How big? Can you show it to me? Maybe I can use your as a reference.”

Fu Li sized Chu Ci up and down, and then shook his head, “Mine, you are not suitable.”

Chu Ci pouted and said, “Then I’ll find it properly.” After speaking, he walked to the bathroom and said, “I’ll take a bath first. Are you going to stay tonight?”

In order to prevent Teng Rong from discovering Chu Ci’s existence, Fu Li couldn’t stay in this world for a long time. But when he saw Chu Ci asking this, he rose up and asked, “Do you want me to stay?”

Chu Ci glanced at him doubtfully, “Had better don’t, right? There is only one bed here.” Then he entered the bathroom.

Fu Li’s heart was a little lost because of Chu Ci’s words. However, he was also glad that the other party didn’t detain him, otherwise, with his situation these two days, he would surely not be able to help but want to stay.

When Chu Ci came out of the bathroom, Fu Li was already gone.

Early the next morning, Fu Li came to pick up Chu Ci to work like yesterday.

At the company building, Chu Ci saw Kong Yin at a glance, and he directly ran to her without waiting for Fu Li.

After getting out of the car, Fu Li looked at the two people who had been talking and laughing in the distance. His eyes were slightly dark and he went directly to the office by himself.

He waited in the office for a long time and didn’t see Chu Ci come to him to continue yesterday’s matter, and his head began to recall what had just happened in the entrance involuntarily.

A few minutes later, Song Xiao came to the 11th floor office.

“Chu Ci, the boss decided to move your position and let you be his personal secretary.”

At this time, Chu Ci was asking Kong Yin question. After speaking, Song Xiao directly took Chu Ci to the elevator.

“Still don’t admit your relationship with the boss?” Song Xiao gossiped again.

Chu Ci looked at her helplessly, “Really don’t have relationship, you don’t guess randomly, Fu Li is just a good person.”

“Look, you even called out his name that we don’t know. If you don’t tell me honestly, I have to suspect that you are a couple with him!” Song Xiao said this, and she was suddenly startled by her words. She suspiciously looked at Chu Ci, “Will it really be a couple? How come the more I think the more to look as if?”

At this time, the elevator door had opened.

Chu Ci felt that Song Xiao’s words were becoming more and more outrageous, he could only walk to Fu Li’s office as she waved her hand.

After pushing the door open, he met Fu Li’s eyes, as if this man had been staring at the door and waiting for him for a long time.

Chu Ci familiarly ran to the side of Fu Li’s desk and enthusiastically said, “What is the personal secretary to do?”

Fu Li glanced at him and said, “No need to do anything, just stay in an office with me.”

Chu Ci wondered, “It’s that simple? Aren’t you too nice to me?” Then he said jokingly when he recalled what Song Xiao said in the elevator, “Sure enough, you are so nice to me. Your female secretary just now asked me if we are a couple.”

“You don’t like it?”

Chu Ci sat on the sofa and grinningly said, “Like!” If every world could have such a good person, it would be even better!

In the blink of an eye, the day passed.

“Can I get off work?” Chu Ci looked at the time and asked Fu Li.


“Then I’m leaving!” Chu Ci left these words and rushed out of the office.

Fu Li was in a good mood because of this person’s company all day long and he was instantly in a dark mood when Chu Ci left. He directly used his spiritual sense to follow Chu Ci out.

There was a feeling that telling him that there must be something.

His spiritual sense followed Chu Ci into the elevator and came to a floor, and then watched Chu Ci happily walking towards the girl he saw at the entrance in the morning. The two seemed to make an appointment.

Fu Li’s complexion immediately sank and he directly got up to leave the office.

Chu Ci was invited by Kong Yin to watch a movie in the morning, and because he had never seen it before, so he was somewhat eager to give it a try.

“What are you waiting for?” Fu Li’s voice suddenly sounded from behind.

Kong Yin immediately turned her head and bowed, “Hello Boss.”

Chu Ci fearlessly said, “Wait for the taxi, we are going to watch a movie.”

“Oh~” Fu Li put on a fake smile and looked at Chu Ci, “Then…Have fun.”

“Yes.” Chu responded with a serious voice, indicating that he was in a good mood.

At this time, the taxi came. Fu Li watched Chu Ci get in the taxi, his complexion dark, but there was a trace of calculation smile in the corner of his mouth.

He returned to the office and waited for a while, and then changed into Xuan Lin’s appearance before disappeared from the office.

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