Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

14) Chapter 33.1 ♬

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Chapter 33: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.8)


Translator: Mimi

After the announcement came out, the World didn’t become quiet, instead became more and more lively. Everyone wanted to make good use of this remaining three minutes. Most of them were guessing that Chu Ci might be banned.

As the main character of the topic, Chu Ci didn’t go offline because of his body vegetative state. While looked at the World as a pastime, he carried a bag of treasures back to Yangzhou City.

But the moment he stepped into Bailu building, his eyes went dark. He was kicked out of the game world after three minutes.

Because his body was still under repair, Chu Ci has fallen into boundless darkness after leaving the game.

Could it be that the undisturbed system is used to sleep at this time?

Chu Ci directly shouted in his mind.

“System!! Request support, request support!”

After Chu Ci shouted, he was calmly waiting for a response. He doesn’t know whether the system would ignore people as he said before. After all, he was no longer in the previous world.

Chu Ci was waiting for the system in the darkness while thinking about Chui Yan’s issue, and at the same time he read through the target’s information. The information does say that the target and Bai Yimeng were a pair of young lovers that made people felt very envious. But in the past few days, he always felt that there was something missing between the two people from his own experience.

“What’s the matter looking for me?”

Chu Ci didn’t expect the system still so loyal, he smiled and said, “You actually come so fast?”

System: “Fast?”

Chu Ci promptly smiled and said, “That is how it. As a matter of fact I praise you. I’m very satisfied with the reward you gave, and I think that I made the right choice. You say, isn’t with good luck means that the probability of complete the mission would also increase a lot?”

System: “According to reason, yes. Are you looking for me just for this? I’m very busy. If you don’t want to experience the special situation like the first world, don’t casually disturb me. I’ve been busy with the information of your next world.”

Chu Ci said in surprise, “Can it still be like this? Oh, I’m looking for you to confirm the target Lu Jiang’s view of love. Why do I feel like he is not like anyone? According to the information, he loves the female lead, but I always feel like it’s lacking, so little warmth.”

System: “I’ll take a look.”

After a moment of silent in the darkness, the system continued, “This is normal, this world’s target personality is relatively indifferent. His feelings for Bai Yimeng are at most merely to the stage of liking. If you want him to love someone like your first world’s target, that is unlikely.”

“You’re not kidding?”

After listening to the system’s conclusion, Chu Ci gritted his teeth and said, “I used to think that you are cheat me a bit in the last world, but I didn’t expect that this world would be worse than that! Even the love is regard as not above liking, how could the target withstand Bai Yimeng’s nonsense when it revealed?”

“Don’t get stir up first.” The system quickly comforted, “Although the target has a cold personality, he is very dedication and faithful. Even if he only likes Bai Yimeng, as long as Bai Yimeng doesn’t do anything that touches his bottom line, there won’t be problem.”

Chu Ci said doubtfully, “What is the target’s bottom line?”

System: “I don’t know this, I will tell you if I know it. Lu Jiang has no previous emotional experience, so we can’t find this kind of stuff when we collecting information.”

“I’m worry.” Chu Ci sighed.

Suddenly, he seemed to think of something and said, “Are you saying it’s possible to bent the target? I think about it and feel it’s still myself the most reliable. As long as the target likes me a bit, I’m sure I can grow old with him. Isn’t this more reliable?”

System: “It’s unlikely, the first world is purely an accident. If this world is skewed, I think you can personally take the role in the next world.”

Chu Ci still held a little hope, “Why the target likes Bai Yimeng?”

The system thought for a while and then said, “It seems...because Bai Yimeng confessed to him first. Lu Jiang’s qualifications are too good and he looks a bit aloof, so even if girls likes him, they only dare to secretly in love with him. Bai Yimeng’s courage is big, she take the initiative to confess. In addition, his heart maybe also desire this, and then naturally likes her. It’s probably like this, this kind of thing called psychology is very difficult to guess.”

Chu Ci faintly sighed and said, “Thank you. Your information is still very useful. I have learn a path to follow.”

Seeing Chu Ci relented, the system said in a hurry, “Is everything okay? I’ll go if it’s okay, I’m very busy over there.”

Chu Ci said, “If this world mission is fail, can I live until the target die?”

“Why are you suddenly so negative?” The system said, “One of the conditions of failure is that the target is dead, so you can live until old in this world.”

“Then I can rest assured. You are busy, right?”

After the system left, Chu Ci was thinking about the information that he just asked over and over again in his mind. What he was most curious about was what the target’s bottom line. At least for now, it seemed that the target still didn’t has reaction to the matter of Bai Yimeng’s marriage with other people in the game. It can be determined that his tolerance for the things in the game was relatively high? Then the video that he just recorded at that time should not cause the two to break up after the target saw it.

Chu Ci doesn’t know how long the time has passed. About the matter of the target, he already thinking, but couldn’t come out with anything. Chu Ci felt more and more boring, and began to go on a mental journey. He found that this kind of day when nothing could be done were more boring than when he was a radish, and continued waiting again might going to boring him to crazy.

Sure enough, the game was still a lot better.

Finally, when Chu Ci had been confused about the length of time, his eyes suddenly lit up.

He finally returned to the login surface of the game, which means that the game was done maintained.

Chu Ci felt that the waiting time was longer than the thousands of years he cultivated.

He couldn’t wait to return to the game. The game was still deserted, and he was still in Bailu building.

Chu Ci opened his bag and looked inside. The items in the bag were still there.

[World] Blizzard: It actually maintained for a whole day! So, is Ou Emperor still exist now?

[World] Mountain Road: How about you try to add the person as a friend?

Then Chu Ci received a private chat.

[Private chat] Blizzard: You are gone, right?

[Private chat] Chu Ci: I’m okay!

[World] Blizzard: Ou Emperor is still there, but I don’t know if the luck still present.

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