Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

14) Chapter 70.2 ♬

Chapter 70 Part 2:

Chu Ci glanced at Lian Cen again, and then wondered, “Endure silently? Then, what about the smell on his body? The scent will drift out.”

The system said with the tone of why you still don’t understand, “Hey, it’s because you didn’t understand clearly. The scent of beastmans’ rut will not spread out without limit, it has limiting range. Therefore, coming to this place to stay during the estrus period is considered to be absolutely safe. Even if there are special circumstances, he still has you.” When it came to this, the system seemed a bit happy at others misfortune, “You have become Lian Cen’s reserves. The rut is certainly unavoidable matter. If something unexpected happens then you can strip off and wait on his bed.”

“Ah?” The amount of information was too large that Chu Ci stopped eating, and he said unsure, “What do you mean?”

“The reason they let you follow Lian Cen to serve here is because the human race will not be affected by the pheromone of beastmans rut. If the male beastman is close to the female when he in rut, he will instinctively overwhelm the other with violence. And if he meet other male beastman, he will instinctively think he is here to rob his mate and take the initiative to challenge the other party. So you as a human race who is not affected just meets the conditions to stay with him.” The system laughed, “A property like yours not only can help take things, at the same time, can stop him when he can’t help it. If the estrus is too fierce or a mishap happened, you can act as the last weapon to pass the estrus period. No wonder these people still treat you so well even though they hate you. I suddenly found that Lian Cen seems to have a good opinion of you. This kind of requirement, he has a lot of choices, but he actually just let you come directly.”

Chu Ci was not stupid, he could understand what the system explicitly and implicitly said.

Lian Cen would do the undescribable things with him to get through the estrus period as a last resort.

Chu Ci caught a bit unprepared by this answer. What hadn’t been begun yet was secretly completed? He suddenly understood why Lian Cen invited him to bathe together when he took a bath last night.

He silently glanced at the calm Lian Cen, and said with a sneer in his heart: I didn’t expect this man actually thinking on myself secretly!

Chu Ci was a little puzzled, “Although this is a way to reach the pinnacle of my life, I have to say that they are so shameless to secretly scheme at me!”

The system said helplessly, “There is no other way, because the estrus period is very fierce, and only the alpha of human race can bear it. Alpha will never allow themselves to be topped by others. They are afraid that you will back out if you know it.”

“Tsk tsk!” Chu Ci glanced at Lian Cen again, “I said how could he be a very quiet man, so he still hides this kind of thoughts.” Now the feeling of seeing Lian Cen was completely different as last night.

Although he changed body and lost his memory, it was hard to change one’s nature!

The system didn’t know whether to pour cold water or to comfort the person, he continued, “But you no need to worry too much. The beastman will not lose his mind when he is alone during the estrus period. Moreover, he has prepared tranquilizer. He won’t touch you until a last resort. Didn’t he reading books these past few days? It’s precisely to calm his mood.”

After the system said this, Chu Ci actually began to be unhappy, “I don’t sleep with him yet and people has already hate me? I also don’t want to do it!” After speaking, he no longer looked at Lian Cen and hatefully stuffing the food in his mouth.

Lian Cen saw that this man suddenly became hostile after staring blankly for a moment, and was a bit baffling. This man seemed to be angry with himself.

“Lian Cen! I know you are here, come out!”

“I’ll go in if you don’t come out. This wall can’t block me!”

Suddenly a female voice came from outside the house.

Chu Ci looked out doubtfully. How could a woman come, and also shouted Lian Cen’s name. He remembered that Lian Shan didn’t say that other people would come here. Moreover, Lian Cen was now in rut. The system just told him that he couldn’t see women, but a woman appeared.

He turned his head to look at Lian Cen, and saw this man frowned, obviously knowing who the person outside was and feeling annoying.

Lian Cen said coldly, “Go tell her, I won’t see her and made her leave.”

Seeing Lian Cen was not interested to the woman, Chu Ci quickly put down his chopsticks and excitedly went outside. He had forgotten that he was still angry.

As he walked to the door, he asked in his mind, “System, help me see who is the woman outside?” He wouldn’t take lightly all the women related to Lian Cen.

The system said unconcerned, “Outside is the original female lead of this world: Hong Ming.”

Chu Ci frowned and said, “That female lead you said has been abandoned?”

System: “Yes, it’s her.”

Chu Ci felt that his forehead was ache dully. How did the original female lead find this place and why she come here? Why can’t she be straightforwardly two-timing as the previous worlds?

He anxiously said to the system, “How come I have an ominous premonition.”

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