Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

15) Chapter 104.1 ♬

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Chapter 104: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.8)


Translator: Mimi

At midday, the three of them had the meal together. Of course, Chu Ci was the one who took the initiative, Fu Zhi followed his wishes, and Si Yuan agreed after making a show of resistance.

Si Yuan took advantage of Chu Ci left to buy drinks, he immediately looked at Fu Zhi with dissatisfaction, “This is not like you.”

Fu Zhi was thinking about his own matters in his mind. Chu Ci was now his number one suspect target. He had to find a reliable way to prove that this person named Ye Xin was not that person. He replied unhurriedly, “That’s because you don’t understand me well enough.”

Si Yuan raised his eyebrows and said, “Yes, I really haven’t seen you like someone.” Then he said after paused for a moment, “Even if you just indescribable like someone who has no impression previously, but this Ye Xin is not that person who you accidentally married. Moreover, it’s impossible to appear the second one.”

Fu Zhi finally looked up at Si Yuan and said calmly, “You’re think too much, it’s just normal interacts between classmates.”

Si Yuan felt that a string in his head was broken.

He doesn’t think it was normal interact to let a person lean on the shoulder, but he could only purse up his mouth and said, “It’s better to say this.”

After thinking, Fu Zhi couldn’t help but say a sentence, “You can also get along well with him.”

“Ha!” Si Yuan looked disdain but didn’t continue to say anything because the object of their talking was back.

Chu Ci walked to the side of the table with two drinks in his hands. He looked at the two people sitting face to face, and subconsciously sitting next to Fu Zhi, and then gave him a cup of drink that he bought.

Fu Zhi looked at the drink in front of him and then doubtfully looked at the person beside him.

Chu Ci gave him a big smile and said, “Please drink it, didn’t you let me borrow your shoulder to lean on this morning.”

After thinking about it, Fu Zhi reached out his hand and took the drink.

Si Yuan looked at the appearance of the two people opposite him “exchange flirting glances”, and smiled insincerely, “Why there is no mine?”

Chu Ci froze for a moment, and then remembered his target to solve this time. He didn’t expect that he had forgotten him inexplicably!

But he absolutely couldn’t say that he forgot! Because this person in this world was a little petty!

Chu Ci’s brains quickly moved and said with a smile, “How could there is no your, I can’t hold it, so I plan to take two cups over and go again.” After speaking, he pretended to be calmly stood up from his seat and went to self-service selling machine. At the same time, he began to repent in his heart.

If Si Yuan is the target, then what is the difference between your own behavior and two-timing!

Chu Ci thought that this was because Fu Zhi had never put the aloof appearance in front of him, so he subconsciously got close to him, thus forgetting the most important person.

The biggest responsibility in this was Si Yuan himself. The character of this person in this world was too unpleasant. Even if he had the same face, it began to ruin his favorable impression.

Anyway, his current favorable impression towards Si Yuan had changed from a full score of one hundred points to fifty points now.

But before he saw what he wanted to see, he had to treat him well just in case, so as not to make up for it later.

Si Yuan was still dissatisfied as he looked at the person who hurried to get the drink. He was sure that this person must have forgotten him!

Doesn’t it just lean on the shoulder? If he was the one who was leaned on, he would certainly not push the person too, but this person didn’t lean on himself.

In the afternoon, the academy organized the event of guiding new students to be familiar with the school.

When the mentor who lead the way appeared, Chu Ci immediately recognized her at a glance.

This person was the one who previously locked him in confinement room.

The mentor simply said a few words and set off with a group of people.

Everyone seemed to understand this mentor’s sternness, it was quiet along the way, no one dared to make a noise.

Chu Ci was still habitually following Fu Zhi.

Si Yuan who had be left out, looking at the “intimate” of the two people and felt very upset in his heart.

He doesn’t feel that himself couldn’t compare with Fu Zhi, and this civilian actually shunned him.

One should know that the one who originally took the initiative to be friendly was this person.

The unwilling Si Yuan began to take the initiative to walk side by side with the two people.

He rarely took the initiative to say, “Ye Xin, do you remember the first time we met?”

The familiar voice rang in Chu Ci ears, making him felt a moment of absent-minded, and then his not much favorable impression for Si Yuan suddenly started rising up.

He found that as long as this man named Si Yuan was a little bit normal, he would have an inexplicable favorable impression for him.

Chu Ci recalled what happened yesterday and decided to give him a try. He moved close to the front of Si Yuan and said, “Do you know Chu Ci?”

His voice was not small and Fu Zhi also listened to his words.

The moment Fu Zhi heard this name, he felt that there were myriad of tender feelings that wrapped his heart. The feeling made him want to make a painstaking investigation to find him and then held this person in his arms.

This inexplicable feeling made Fu Zhi unable to move, and was forced to stop his footsteps. When he wanted to cover his heart with his hand, he forcibly stopped it. This was a kind of showing weakness, he couldn’t do it.

Chu Ci looked straight at Si Yuan, trying to see something from his face.

He had already verified from the previous two worlds that the man has feelings for his name, so if Si Yuan was the target, there should be a difference feeling.

However, Si Yuan just frowned, and then shook his head directly, “I don’t know.” His tone was the same as usual.

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