Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

15) Chapter 124.1 ♬

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Chapter 124: He Became the Film Emperor (7.7)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci stared blankly at Quan Gan who was surrounded by assistants, and said to himself, “Why just start to take a break just when my turn on stage?”

At this time, his assistant Xiao Liu came over. He was also one of the onlookers and explained, “I just heard from the people at the side that Quan Gan has never forgotten his lines before. This is the first time. The director thought that he might have been tired after shooting two hours consecutive scenes, so let him rest for a while. Are you going to ponder more about the script? I heard people say that as long as it’s a drama of Quan Gan, bringing people to popular is absolutely no problem.”

“Oh~” Chu Ci nodded his head, too lazy to explain to Xiao Liu of Fan Chuan’s plan to let him hook the lead actor.

His eyes subconsciously followed Quan Gan. But it was a pity that the other party had a recreational vehicle. After Quan Gan got into his car, he could only take back his sight.

“Ai.” He sighed and said to the system, “I’m bored when I don’t see him.”

The system had been with this person for so long, and immediately understood the meaning of his words. He turned his sight and looked at the man in the car for him, “He just recline to rest in the recreational vehicle and did nothing. You have peeking hobby, aren't you?”

“No, this is just a way to chase people. Which time did I ask you to peek at him after successfully chasing him?” Chu Ci picked up his script while refuting the system, and flipped it over lived up to Xiao Liu’s expectation.

After everyone rested for about half an hour, the filming continued again. But the director didn’t call Quan Gan and let others acted their scenes first. Chu Ci also shot several scenes without Quan Gan, all in one go.

“Tsk tsk, your love rival is here.”

Just as Chu Ci was engrossed to the script, the system suddenly reminded him in his mind.

Love rival?

Chu Ci immediately understood and looked up to the outside of the site, a black car parked outside the filming location.

Then a man with sunglasses and hat got off the car.

Everyone else was busy, and only he and the staff member who maintained the order outside found him.

The staff member obviously recognized him at a glance, he greeted this outsider enthusiastically and let the man entered the filming site.

Chu Ci immediately retracted his sight after looking at him.

He originally wanted to talk to his assistant, but when he looked at Xiao Liu, he decided to talk with the system. He and Xiao Liu only knew each other for a day, he had better be careful. Anyway, the system certainly couldn’t talk to outsider.

Chu Ci ridiculed in his mind, “Quan Gan just entered the crew a day and he came to check on him. It’s really tight enough. No wonder people who don’t know think they are lovers.”

“He’s too worry about personal gains and losses.” The system sighed, “I think the main purpose of his coming this time should be you.”

“Me?” Chu Ci unconsciously looked at the entrance again, that man was talking to a staff member in the filming site.

“Is he still plan to drive me out of the crew in front of Quan Gan?” Chu Ci shook his head and said, “I don’t think he has this courage at present.”

“He wouldn’t be that silly. Others don’t know his status, but he know it very well.” The system said, “Wait, he’s asking people where you are now.”

Chu Ci looked at the man in the distance and swallowed, “You have a very good function.”

“Tsk, still said you don’t have peeking hobby.”

“I’m just eavesdropping. For the mission.”

Chu Ci lowered his head and looked at the script in his hands, pretending that he had not noticed this person’s arrival.

“You are Chu Ci, right?”

It didn’t take long for a pair of sneakers to appear in Chu Ci’s line of sight, and then came the speaking sound.

Chu Ci looked up and pretended to be very surprised, then stood up and said, “Hello, I’m.”

‘Chu Ci’ sized the man in front of him up and had to admit that this person looked better than him. He also checked his background and his acting skills. The risk factor was much higher than those previously people he solved.

He directly said, “I want to make a deal with you.”

Chu Ci blinked his eyes doubtfully and said, “What deal?”

‘Chu Ci’ directly said, “I want you to leave the crew. Of course, this sacrifice won’t be done in vain, I will give you the double reward that the crew can give, and give you a script that you starred in.”

Chu Ci listened to the tempting conditions that this person said and pretended to be shocked, but he ridiculed in his mind, “He asked for this request too late, right?”

After ‘Chu Ci’ finished speaking, Chu Ci pretended to find things difficult, “If this deal appears half a month earlier, I will definitely agree. But I have already entered the crew, such act of quitting halfway will have a bad influence even for big-name celebrities. I’m just a small eighteenth line actor, so I’m afraid it will be difficult to gain a foothold after quitting. You’re a person in the entertainment circle, should know better than me.”

‘Chu Ci’ said in disapproval, “It won’t, as long as you use the injury as an excuse to leave, then at that time even if others mention you, there will be only regret. Now it shouldn’t be your turn to act yet, right? So long as you get injured, you can be replaced immediately, there are many people who can replace you in this position.”

This man was really poisonous.

Chu Ci said with disdain in his mind, “Why didn’t he inherit my kindness? I think the target likes me because of my inner beauty. Right system?”

The system said quietly, “I can’t answer.”

Chu Ci collected his thoughts and looked at ‘Chu Ci’ seriously, “Although I don’t know what you means to do so, I still thank you for your promotion, but I still want to come realistic without flights of fancy.”

‘Chu Ci’ frowned and looked at the person in front of him. Although he was upset, Quan Gan was in the car behind him. He couldn’t handle this person and could only sneer, “You’d better come realistic without flights of fancy like you said.” He deliberately emphasized “realistic without flights of fancy”, and then turned his head and walked towards Quan Gan’s recreational vehicle parked not far away.

Chu Ci frowned as he looked at ‘Chu Ci’s back, and then said directly to the system, “System, show me what the two of them are doing in the car.”

“Okay, but rest assured, they won’t do anything.”

In the recreational vehicle, Quan Gan was alone and closed his eyes to rest, and unconsciously fell asleep.

He dreamed again.

This time, he was Moqi Sui.

[“My name is Chu Ci, I will never change my name. You better engrave these two words in your soul. If you dare to forget me again, I will not recognize you even if I see you in the next life, and then ran away with others to let you regret it.”]

[“Yes, certainly carved in the soul.”]

Quan Gan suddenly opened his eyes.

[My name is Chu Ci, I will never change my name.] This sentence kept echoed in his mind.

Because he didn’t believe in dreams before, he never thought about the plot carefully. Even the name of Chu Ci, he remembered it only because it appeared too many times.

He had never cared about this sentence before, and this time he just suddenly dreamed.

Quan Gan silently said, “Never change the name?”

He suddenly thought of ‘Chu Ci’, and couldn’t help frowning.

It seems that ‘Chu Ci’s existence was wrong from the beginning.

Knock knock—

Someone knocked on the door of the recreational vehicle.

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