Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

15) Chapter 152 ♬

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Chapter 152: Return to Reality (10.8)


Translator: Mimi

The taxi stopped at the entrance of a large shopping mall.

Chu Ci got off the taxi and honestly followed behind Kong Yin. After leaving Fu Li, he realized that he knew nothing, even penniless. Then he remembered that his life these two days could be said to be fully taken care of by Fu Li.

Fortunately, Kong Yin didn’t disdain him, and then she explained all kinds of things to him like dealing with child.

The two of them took the elevator to the cinema in the mall.

It was still early, except for the waiters who were preparing to welcome the customer flow, they hadn’t seen any customers except them.

Chu Ci and Kong Yin stood in front of the ticket machine, waiting for Kong Yin to buy movie tickets on her cellphone.

Kong Yin couldn’t help but wonder when buying tickets, “Chu Ci, why don’t you have a cellphone?”

Chu Ci unconcerned, “Because it’s useless.”

Kong Yin looked up at him and said, “You are the first person I have ever seen that feel cellphone is useless.”

Chu Ci said as it should be by rights, “Isn’t the cellphone for people to make a call? I don’t have friends, so I don’t need it.”

Kong Yin laughed, “Am I not your friend?”

Reminding by her, Chu Ci said, “You’re right.” He nodded and said, “When go back at night, I’ll ask Fu Li to buy one for me.”

Kong Yin’s finger that originally pressed the cellphone paused, she raised her head and said, “Who do you say?”

“Fu Li.”

Kong Yin knew that Chu Ci always called the boss Fu Li. Seeing that he even wanted to find him to buy a cellphone, she couldn’t help but say, “Chu Ci…what’s your relationship with the boss?”

Chu Ci wondered, “Why do you also ask this?" He said ridiculedly, “Don’t tell me you also think I’m a couple with him?”

Kong Yin smiled, “I’m really a little doubt, all the company people are curious about your relationship with the boss.”

“So you’re here.”

Just as Chu Ci was about to explain, a somewhat familiar voice sounded behind them.

Chu Ci and Kong Yin turned their heads to look behind them. One was stunned, and the other was a bit blushed by the handsome man who suddenly appeared.

Fu Li directly appeared in the toilet of the theater. When he walked out, he happened to be saw two people chatting passionately, how to see how offending the eyes. He snorted and went up to continue his plan.

Chu Ci looked at the face of the person in front of him, he doesn’t need to think to know that he was Fu Li.

He sized Fu Li up.

What did this person want to do by changing into this appearance and then came to the cinema at this time?

His sixth sense told him there must be nothing good.

However, because of the presence of Kong Yin, he couldn’t call the person in front of him Fu Li. After thinking about it, he deliberately avoided the name and said, “What’s up?”

Kong Yin originally thought that he had recognized the wrong person. Seeing that Chu Ci talked to this person, she quickly said, “You know him?”

Fu Li didn’t immediately pay attention to Chu Ci, but instead looked at Kong Yin beside him, “Hello, are you a colleague of Chu Ci? I heard him mention you. I’m his boyfriend.”

Xuan Lin’s face value was already among the finest of the people Kong Yin had seen. When she saw Xuan Lin take the initiative to speak to herself, she nodded excitedly. However, the last sentence of the person in front of her made her movement sluggish,and a small lucky expression on her face solidified.

Kong Yin repeated, “Boy…boyfriend?”

Chu Ci saw that Fu Li was addicted to acting, he pretended not to know as Fu Li talked to Kong Yin, and didn’t expose him, quietly waiting to see what tricks he played.

However, when he heard Fu Li’s last words, his whole person almost petrified.

He immediately said to Fu Li, “You! What did you say! Who is your boyfriend!”

Only then Fu Li shifted his attention to Chu Ci. At the same time, he gently reached out to hold his hand and smiled softly, “You.”

Chu Ci didn’t know what Fu Li was playing, but he couldn’t move his hand that he was holding.

He looked at the messy Kong Yin aside and said angrily, “What’s wrong with you?”

Fu Li immediately changed his gentle expression and said with a little sadness, “I just come to apologize to you. I shouldn’t ignore you for work before. I will never do that again, please give me a chance.”

Chu Ci drew the corner of his mouth, suddenly wondering if the person in front of him was Fu Li.

However, when he looked at Fu Li’s eyes with a little sadness and blame, even if he knew that this was not his original appearance, Chu Ci couldn’t help but blush when he saw such a beauty facing himself.

For a moment he even felt like he was falling in love with this face.

“I…I…” Chu Ci stuttered with a red face, I…when did I blame you!”

Fu Li’s sad face just now immediately changed into a smile.

Chu Ci felt that his hand held by Fu Li was pulled hard by the other party, and his whole person was stagger forwards, and then he felt a soft touch on his lips.

A few seconds later he realized that he was kissed.

Seeing the face close to him, he immediately reached out to push.

This time, Fu Li didn’t use coercion again and let Chu Ci leave his arms.

However, the feeling of their lips touchedmade him feel somewhat wished to continue. The memory in the fragment of his primordial spirit was completely different from the feeling he personally experienced. If he wasn’t worried about going too far, he would like to do it again.

Kong Yin looked at the two people in front of her who acting as though there were nobody else present, she could only take the initiative to say, “Since you two are occupied with something, then I won’t disturb you.” After waving her hand, she ran to the elevator.

As soon as she got into the elevator,she opened WeChat group and sent a message in the group.

[Chu Ci and the boss are not lovers, he has a super handsome boyfriend!]

Chu Ci doesn’t know whether to be angry or how, seeing that Kong Yin had escaped like a wisp of smoke and couldn’t be detain, because he had to settle this neuropathy in front of him.

After he saw that Kong Yin’s elevator door closed, he immediately pulled away from Fu Li and confirmed, “Fu Li?”

When Fu Li saw the person was gone, he returned to normal and said, “It’s me.”

Chu Ci was still thinking about whether this man was the person who Fu Li imitated and recognized the wrong person. After all, with his knowledge of Fu Li in these past two days, Fu Li was not like someone who would do such a thing.

However, he didn’t expect him to admit it directly. Chu Ci who hadn’t known how to be angry, could only draw the corner of his mouth and said, “So what are you doing just now? You say you are older than me, didn’t you know that kissing can’t be casual?”

Fu Li saw that he had succeeded, he was in a good mood and said honestly, “I’m confessing to you.”

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