Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

15) Chapter 33.2 ♬

Chapter 33 Part 2:

Chu Ci looked at the nine glittering items in his bag again before closed it.

His luck was given by the system. The operator of a game couldn’t take it away. But these people can’t adjust his game’s luck to zero. If so, then he could only rebuild his data again.

[Your friend Chui Yan is online.]

In a flash, Chui Yan directly appeared in front of him.

Chui Yan didn’t expect Chu Ci to be online now, and frozen for a while.

“It turns out you are so boring that you are always online.”

He also saw the news of the emergency maintenance of the game system, and originally thought that this disciple of him would be gone. Because not to mention the game party, in fact, even he doesn’t too believe that someone would have such good luck, he felt that there should be a special software used to cheat. Therefore, although he had been collecting materials, he didn’t let Chu Ci personally dug the items. He was afraid that people might found there was problem. But he didn’t expect that it still discovered.

Chu Ci grinned and greeted the target with a smile.

“Oh, Master, what a good coincidence.”

Chui Yan pursed his lips and said, “What did you do yesterday?”

Although the game system’s announcement was related to Chu Ci, but it didn’t write the breaking point of the matter, he also doesn’t like to visit that gossip forum, so he knew not particularly detailed.

Chu Ci sighed, then took out the items he dug from his bag and handed it over to the target, “I just...dug something for you.”

Chui Yan looked at the items that shone with golden light in front of him, and felt the corner of his eyes twitching. No wonder it would cause full service maintenance. This person probably got the amount of all people in Dream Back digging for two weeks within an hour. It was already very fortunate that the data was not sealed. He didn’t expect that even the items not retrieved.

Chu Ci doesn’t know what the target was thinking and explained, “That Wen Yu snatched the item you want to buy, so I right away went to try my luck, I didn’t expect it to be so good.”

Chui Yan didn’t answer and just asked, “The game system’s judgment has not come out yet?”

Chu Ci asked with a doubtful face.

“What judgment?”

“The probability of your things falling down is too high. The game maintenance is because you. I’m afraid that the game party has to make a decision to appease the mood of other players. Therefore, you should put these things first before the judgment is come out.” Chui Yan explained patiently.

Chu Ci silently pouted, he was lucky, how to judge?

Forget it, since the target had said so, then save it first.

He put the items back in his bag, and suddenly thought of what he had recorded yesterday. He quickly stopped Chui Yan who prepare to go busy and said seriously, “Master, I must let you know something for your future happiness.”

Chui Yan doubtfully looked at him.

Chu Ci opened the video he recorded. There was no intimate action in it, it was precisely the two people were swinging together in the peach blossom forest, nothing more. But he believed that as long as the target’s EQ was not zero, he would definitely understand it.

Chui Yan silently watched the 30 second video.

Chu Ci looked at his expression, it was still calm as before, only then Chu Ci said, “Master, defend the person’s heart is indispensable, even if the master lady thinking nothing, what if that guild master has an idea? There is a saying that the upright girl is afraid of tangled youth. Don’t find me to cry if the master lady is snatch away by people.”

Chui Yan looked at Chu Ci who obviously persuaded him. He thought about it and said, “Why are you so concerned about my emotional life?”

These words can’t stump him.

Chu Ci said as a matter of course, “It’s because the master is good to me.” Then he stretched out his hand and pulled the clothes on his body, “I heard others saying that this is golden thread clothes. Actually Master is a person who cold in the outside but warm inside. Master is so good to me, of course I have to repay.”

Chui Yan was still indifferent to Chu Ci’s flowery speech. He even poured cold water and said, “This is second-hand goods.”


Chu Ci stared at the person before his eyes to make sure he didn’t lie, then walked to the solitary low-grade furnace in the corner, and squatted down there, “I’ll just act as if I didn’t hear it.”

I’m so disappointed, he clearly make fun of me!

“I’m go offline first.” Chui Yan said this without comforted him. Afterwards, Chu Ci received the notice of other party went offline.

Chu Ci’s heart moved, the little sadness just a moment ago disappeared in an instant. This should be he listened to his words and go to find the female lead to discuss it, right?

[Your friend Chui Yan is online.]

Not long after he felt happy, the game system gave notice that the target was online again.

Frame me?

Chu Ci turned his head to look at the reappearance person and said. “Didn’t you go to find the master lady to discuss?”

Chui Yan wrinkled his eyebrows and said, “She doesn’t answer the phone, so come up to take a look if she is in the game.”

Chu Ci quickly said, “Then, is she in the game?”

“Not here.”

At this time in the World.

[World] Red Moon: Enthrall, where is your guild master? Why still not go online? He agree to continue it after the maintenance?

[World] Little Transparent: the guild master and madam are in login surface. You just give up, you have no chance!

Chu Ci stunned, he turned his head to look at Chui Yan, obviously he also saw it.

He quickly helped to explain, “Don’t think too much, it must be the Enthrall’s guild member want to make Red Moon angry. I heard that this Red Moon also likes the master lady.”

At the same time, a red system notice jumped out.

[Announcement: According to the careful examination of our technicians, player [Chu Ci] character data is all normal, [Chu Ci] could digging the items is purely good luck. Wish everyone a happy game.]

This game system notice came timely. All the people who still discussing the female lead just a moment ago instantly turned their attention to this announcement.

[World] Blizzard: Want to hand the microphone to Boss Wen.

[World] Wen Yu: Get lost!

[World] Zhiyou: Take a mouthful of breath, really the Lucky God!

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