Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

15) Chapter 87.2 ♬

Chapter 87 Part 2:

After Chu Ci hung up the phone, he opened the mailbox. There was a new mail with a huge compressed folder in it.

In order to give Yu Yuan more opportunities, Chu Ci had considerately let him take a walk nearby, although the premise must be accompanied by his subordinates. Fortunately, this man didn’t fail to live up to his good intention.

Thinking of Yu Yuan had already in contact with the Yu family’s people, Chu Ci couldn’t help somewhat exciting.

He was also secretly paid attention to the Yu family. Within a week after Yu Yuan’s disappearance, the Yu family had been completely stabilized under the control of several sincere subordinates. Although the Long family and the Shi family made the small movement, but the Yu family’s territory was stable. The two forces wasted manpower and material resources but it came off nothing. Then, the Yu family looked for Yu Yuan while investigating the cause of Yu Xiangming’s death. The combination of the two clues not only linked to Yu Yuan but also found out the culprit.

Chu Ci was sure that Yu Yuan wouldn’t leave, and he would definitely ask the man about the cause of his father’s death.

It seems that the snowy days of injustice are finally ended.

Chu Ci began to look at Yu Yuan’s daily life. This was a pastime task he found these days. When he no longer in front of him, Yu Yuan obviously looked very spirited.

He used to look at the entire photos before eating dinner. When he finished, he found that the time had passed half an hour.

Chu Ci quickly got up and rushed to the dining room. He couldn’t wait to see Yu Yuan, to see if he would be treated differently after Yu Yuan knew he accused him wrongly.

However, he walked halfway through and recalled the other party’s habit of eating in advance in order not to see him. He felt that this matter could only be verified before going to bed.

Chu Ci slowly pushed open the door of the dining room, hesitating whether to go to the bedroom.

Yu Yuan must have returned to the bedroom after eating dinner.

However, when he raised his eyes, he saw the man was sitting at the side of table. Chu Ci was stunned imperceptibly, and then refrained his surprise and walked to the position where he usually sat.

After he sat down, he found that Yu Yuan actually didn’t start eating the food in front of him.

Is this person waiting for him? After knowing the truth, can the change be so fast?

While Chu Ci was still in doubt, Yu Yuan took the initiative to speak to him for the first time.

“Sorry, I blamed you wrongly.”

Chu Ci’s hands that holding chopsticks paused. He was proud in his heart, but pretended not to care, “No need to apologize.”

Yu Yuan opened his mouth and didn’t continue. He had been ignoring this person for a month, and now he doesn’t know how to get along with him.

He looked at the indifferent man in front of him, and tried to guess the meaning of this man’s “No need to apologize” words.

Apologizing was useless or it trivial and doesn’t matter.

However, after thinking about it, there were still two different answers, both of which were based on the impression Ji He left in his heart.

Yu Yuan now pondered whether the person in front of him actually had a double personality.

He raised his head and looked at Ji He again. When he saw that he was already eating, he threw away this strange idea and also moved his chopsticks.

I’m afraid it’s the guilty conscience in my heart that makes this illusion!

Suddenly, the silent man across from him said, “Since it’s clarify, can you accept my feelings for you?”

Chu Ci felt that it was absolutely impossible for him to pursue Yu Yuan according to Ji He’s character, so sometimes he would say what he wanted to say.

For example now.

Yu Yuan was stunned, it was difficult for him to switch over the indifferent Ji He and the enthusiasm Ji He.

Sure enough, he was unable to understand this man more and more.

Even so, he still insisted on his sexual orientation and refused, “I’m sorry, although I thanks you for your rescue in the Yang Market, but I’m not gay, I really only like women.”

Chu Ci secretly made a scornful face, and then said calmly, “It’s all right, there are still two months.”

Yu Yuan opened his mouth and didn’t know how to convince him. He only hoped that this person wouldn’t be too sad two months later.

After finished eating, the two returned to the room together.

The subordinates suddenly felt that the relationship between the boss and the sister-in-law suddenly seemed to be a lot better. They had never seen the two have dinner together before. But, the newly-married had to be like this, only then it was normal.

Chu Ci stayed in the room, seeing Yu Yuan was about to take a bath, he couldn’t help but say indecently, “Do you want to bathe together? Maybe it’s going to rise the emotion?”

Yu Yuan pursed his lips and said, “Even if we go to bed, my feelings won’t rise.”

Chu Ci rarely saw Yu Yuan joking, and after receiving his remarks, he asked, “How do you know if you don’t try?” He was a man who went through many worlds, even he himself was afraid of his indecent words.

Sure enough, Yu Yuan accelerated his footsteps into the bathroom by his words.

Once the misunderstanding was lifted, the mood was different.

After Yu Yuan entered the bathroom, he calmed himself down, and then he looked down at the underwear in his hand, and his face became redder. He suddenly found that he had been sharing underwear with this man.

Chu Ci doesn’t belief and wouldn’t be hit by Yu Yuan’s decisive rejection. It was already a progress for this man to not leave and speaked to him. According to his intuition, was this man shy so go into the bathroom without turning his head?

“System, is Yu Yuan shy?”

System: “Yes a bit. After all, he is still pure and innocent boy, how can he withstand your flirting.”

“Remove the last half of the sentence.”

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