Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

16) Chapter 124.2 ♬

Chapter 124 Part 2:

Quan Gan withdrew his thoughts and looked at the time. He had rested for more than an hour, and he had rested enough, and he knew in his heart that he had not forgotten his lines because he was too tired.

He got up and walked to the door of the car, then reached for the door to pull it open.

When he saw ‘Chu Ci’ standing outside, he immediately thought of the dream just now and subconsciously frowned.

The dream just told him that everything was wrong, even if that person was not Chu Ci, it would never be ‘Chu Ci’.

He looked at not far away place, Chu Ci was there, seems really looking at him.

Chu Ci saw that the car door open and saw Quan Gan get down from the car, and immediately felt refreshed when he saw that ‘Chu Ci’ couldn’t interact with his sweetheart alone. When Quan Gan looked at his direction, he quickly looked away, pretending to look at the scenery.

Quan Gan got out of the car and looked at ‘Chu Ci’, “What are you doing here?”

‘Chu Ci’ was accustomed to Quan Gan’s indifference and smiled unconcernedly, “I just finished shooting the variety show, so I come to see you.”

Quan Gan said, “I said you no need to come and see me, you should understand our relationship.” His tone was with rejection and alienation.

‘Chu Ci’ was already uncomfortable because of Chu Ci’s matter. When Quan Gan said this, he suddenly came up with a temper and blurted out, “Do you want to break up with me?”

“Break up?” Quan Gan frowned, “Did you forget your identity?”

‘Chu Ci’ froze for a moment, and suddenly remembered that he had always been the party be kept. However, just after he started his career, he was offered by this man, and then flattered by fans. The haughtiness that he should not have was still there.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, I know.” He turned his head and walked away.

Chu Ci stretched forward his neck to see ‘Chu Ci’ left. Obviously the other party was unhappy talking with ‘Chu Ci’. He was even more pleasant when he saw the unpleasant chatting of others. He flipped through his script, obviously didn’t read it.

Quan Gan unknowingly walked to his side and said, “I have a good rest, let’s continue the scene we didn’t finish just now.”

Chu Ci looked up at the man standing in front of him, quickly closed the script and stood up, saying lightly, “Okay.”

He followed Quan Gan to the director.

Quan Gan directly said, “I’m good, I can continue at any time.”

Qian Luo shouted ‘cut’ after the scene in front of him finished shooting, only then he looked at Quan Gan and said, “Wait a moment, there is one more scene here, and they have to prepare for half an hour, you wait a minute.” He looked at Chu Ci behind Quan Gan and said, “You should try to act the scene out with the man behind you first. Lest you make a mistake again. Lest your gold reputation be smashed by this small mistake.”

“Yeah.” Quan Gan scorned at Qian Luo’s face, but when he turned his head to look at the Chu Ci behind him, he said straightly, “The director let us try to act the scene out so as not to make a mistake.”

Chu Ci nodded and said, “Yes, our dialogue is a little much.”

Quan Gan signaled, “Then let’s start directly.”

Chu Ci looked at his empty hands and wondered, “You don’t hold the script?”

“No, I remember the lines.”

In fact, Chu Ci had already mastered the script, so he handed the script to the assistant, and then looked at Quan Gan directly and entered his role, “I like you, I want you to be Mrs. Lin, are you satisfied with this requirement?"

Quan Gan teasingly raised his eyebrows and said, “Satisfied.”

Chu Ci just wanted to continue the next line, and suddenly reflected on what the man in front of him said. He subconsciously glanced Quan Gan and found that he was looking at himself with a ‘kind’ face.

He supported, “Okay, then let’s get married.”

“What scene are you two play? Is the script written like this?” Qian Luo turned to look at the two joking people and said, “Hurry up, you two are this room’s last scene. We will have a meal after shooting it. In the afternoon, can switch to the next scenario.”

Chu Ci glanced at Quan Gan who still wanted to take advantage of him, and took the lead to enter the room and walked to his position.

This time Quan Gan acted very well, and the last scene was over in the first time.

After filming the morning scenes, the crew entered the lunch break.

Everyone was free to chat while waiting for the arrival of the meal box.

Chu Ci couldn’t find a chance to say something to Quan Gan because he was surrounded by assistants and entered his recreational vehicle after shooting the scene. A small actor like him could only interact with the staff member outside.

He looked at the people around him, he had no interest to interact with them. In the end, he could only pick up the script and study his afternoon scenes for some fun.

This study had really fun.

He found that his first scene in the afternoon was with Quan Gan. This scene was the kiss scene that he thought of in the morning.

Although he and the target had many deep kiss in the previous few worlds, Chu Ci felt inexplicably happy when he thought of kissing Quan Gan.

Quan Gan sat in the car to rest and subconsciously looked out the car window. This angle just good to see a certain person sitting on the small stool with the assistant. When he saw Chu Ci stared at the script from time to time giggling, he also picked up his own script and looked at it.

He found out that he had a kiss scene with this man in the afternoon. This was the only kiss scene in the whole movie.

Quan Gan’s index finger knocked on the section describing the kiss in the script, and suddenly picked up his cellphone and dialed out.

“Change the lunch to for two people, and let the man named Chu Ci come to my car when you returns.” He looked out the car window and said, “He’s sitting in the shed opposite my car door.”


After he hung up the phone, the little assistant said to another person beside him, “The boss seems to take a fancy on the man named Chu Ci.”

“Take a fancy then take a fancy, I think this Chu Ci is much better than that ‘Chu Ci’.”

Chu Ci was eating snacks his assistant gave him, watching from afar Quan Gan’s assistants came back with a pile of things.

Xiao Liu couldn’t help but say, “The big celebrity is comfortable ah, has his own three meals run errands.”

Chu Ci visually estimated the things held by the two assistants. There were probably two servings. He said in surprise, “Quan Gan can eat this much? I’m afraid that I can eat two meals this much.”

He watched the two assistants run closer and closer, and when they walked to the side of the recreational vehicle, one of them took the bag in the other person’s hand and walked towards the door of the car, while the other ran in his direction.

Chu Ci had not yet thought of things associated with himself, that assistant had already stood in front of him and said, “The boss asked you to go into the car, he has something to say to you.”

“Oh.” Chu Ci looked at the direction of the recreational vehicle, then looked at the assistant beside him, and put the snacks in his hand, “You eat it.” Then he went to Quan Gan’s car under the eyes of everyone.

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