Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

16) Chapter 34.1 ♬

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Chapter 34: I’m A Vegetative Person in Online Game (2.9)


Translator: Mimi

As soon as the announcement came out, the World channel immediately exploded. Already no one discussed Bai Yimeng’s affair, the topic all transferred to him.

Chu Ci breathed a sigh of relief. He actually doesn’t care about his own affair, and wholeheartedly focused on Chui Yan.

However, the expression on Chui Yan’s face was just like the ten thousand years constant billows, he couldn’t see the slightest emotion.

Chu Ci couldn’t stand this kind of silence, he thought carefully and said, “Are you angry?”

He certainly didn’t think that Chui Yan would forget about Bai Yimeng’s affair because of his matter.

Chui Yan’s eyes moved and looked at him, “No. The people in this game like to say unfounded words. I never believe in things without evidence.”

Seeing that the target was not affected by those gossips, Chu Ci felt relieved. But he didn’t forget his own mission and persuaded, “Master, although the things in the World are fake, but you also watched the video. Don’t forget to properly discuss it with the master lady, even if it’s the game, the girl’s reputation is still very important.”

“I’ll talk to her.” Chui Yan nodded his head.

After he finished speaking, Chui Yan walked to the side of his furnace with calm appearance and said, “I’m going to make the mandarin duck colored glass waist pendant today. If you want to watch, stand on the side.”

Mentioning the colored glass waist pendant, Chu Ci thought of the treasure he dug, he quickly took out the nine materials that Chui Yan rejected before from the bag and said, “Master, these materials can be used now, right? All for you.”

Chui Yan looked back at the items in his disciple’s hand and silenced for a while, but still took it over. He put the items into his bag and said, “Give me your account, I will transfer the money.”

Chu Ci waved his hand indifferently, “This is my gift to the master, no need to give me money.”

“There have been no holidays recently.” After saying this, Chui Yan took out a stack of silver banknotes from his bag and handed it to Chu Ci, “Then I give you the game currency.”

Since the target wanted to give it, Chu Ci also accepted. After all, whether or not he accepted, it wouldn’t affect the current relationship between the two of them. Moreover, just from the last time’s situation, he saw this person was quite stubborn.

Chu Ci saw the target took the initiative to put the two seven colored glass beads into the furnace and curiously said, “Doesn’t the master want me to help?”

Chui Yan closed the lid of the furnace and started the fire while said, “The success rate of waist pendant is 100%, I will do it myself.”

Even so, Chui Yan still seriously controlled the fire.

Chu Ci quietly stayed at the side to watch, but inexplicably felt worry in his heart.

Not because of the waist pendant but because of Bai Yimeng.

Although he persuaded Chui Yan not to think too much, but he himself was full of disorder thoughts. Because of the overheard conversation between Bai Yimeng and Intoxicated Heart, he could roughly guess that the rumor was probably true.

The thought of Bai Yimeng’s act of pedaling two boats made him felt a burst of annoying in his heart. The first world was like this, this world was still like this. Every target looked like a giant among men, but when looking for at the partner, their vision were so bad. This skill point was added too uneven.

Chu Ci was now particularly hope that the target was not straight, so he could go directly on his own, no one more reliable than himself. In particular, these female leads, no one was reliable. Even if it was settle now, he doesn’t know if she would two-timing in the future.

Suddenly his found that a lifetime was too long!

However, Chu Ci was a little relieved when he thought of the information about the female lead that he got from the system. There should not be too many examples of the bubble bursts as the reality became apparent that mentioned on the forum. Bai Yimeng’s appearance was a common type in reality, her appearance in the game has been adjusted upwards. People like Intoxicated Heart, he may not saw her in reality. When that time came, Bai Yimeng would be hit to recognize the falseness in the game and right away concentrated on returning to the target’s side. Like this, didn’t it to everyone’s delight?

Just as Chu Ci was thinking, someone suddenly patted his back, scared him to a shudder.

Chu Ci turned his head and looked at the unfamiliar man who suddenly appeared with astonished. He remembered that Bailu guild only has two more people besides him and Chui Yan. Who was this person who suddenly appeared?

Chu Ci quickly looked at Chui Yan and found that he didn’t aware of it.

“Hello, I’m the staff member GM001 of Dream Back. At the moment, only you can see me.”

Chu Ci blinked his eyes and said doubtfully, “What’s the matter?”

001 smiled friendly and said, “It’s like this. We the management staff wants to do some consultation with you.”

Chu Ci nodded his head, “You speak.”

001 said, “We are very envious and frightened of your luck. Although this matter is unimaginable, but fact proves that you are really lucky. However, in order to the balance of the game, I hope you can control your ability a little bit. We don’t prevent you from having fun in the game, just hope you can set the number of times and interval of digging treasures a bit farther away, because the valuable items appear too much will make players lose their fun.”

Chu Ci was silent for a while, before nodded, “Okay. I don’t really need those things.”

001 said gratefully, “Thank you very much for your cooperation. As a thank you, we will send you two mandarin duck colored glass waist pendants. Then I will not disturb your game, wish you a happy game.”

After saying this, 001 right away disappeared.

“Who are you talking to?” Chui Yan’s voice suddenly rang in his ears.

Chu Ci blinked his eyes and said, “GM. They told me to dig less treasure in the future, and also give me two treasures!” After speaking, he took the mandarin duck waist pendants out and said, “Do you want it? Give you?”

Chui Yan calmly looked at the two items that Chu Ci shook in front of his eyes, and spread his hands, there was an identical mandarin duck waist pendant lying on it, he calmly suggested, “You can sell it.”

Chu Ci quickly turned his head to look at Chui Yan’s furnace. The furnace was already opened. He quickly looked at the World.

[Game System] Player Chui Yan passed 7749 days of refining to obtain a mandarin duck colored glass waist pendant.

[World] Blizzard: As expected, the big shot Chui Yan is the first person to make the waist pendant.

[World] Mountain River: Boss Wen is going to infuriate.

Chu Ci gave Chui Yan a thumb up, “Awesome.”

As soon as his words fell, in the middle of the game screen, a scroll suddenly jumped out and slowly unfolded. A landscape painting that he had never been seen appeared in front of Chu Ci. This was very similar to the situation when he was just out of Novice Village.

Chu Ci glanced at Chui Yan. Although he couldn’t see the other party’s notice, he could see that he also has it.

At the same time, the bright red system announcement once again jumped out in the sky.

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