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16) Chapter 88.1 ♬

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Chapter 88: Forcibly Buying, Marriage First Before Love (5.7)


Translator: Mimi

Early the next morning, Chu Ci smelled a fragrance of roses just after opening the door, and then a large bouquet of red roses appeared in front of him.

“Boss, this is the flower for you.”

The bouquet of roses was so large that it almost blocked the person who held the flower. Of course, Chu Ci knew that the person who sent the flower was definitely not him.

Who’s in the mood to do this early in the morning?

Chu Ci didn’t immediately reach out to receive the flower, but just glanced calmly at this gaudy bouquet and asked, “Who sent it?”

The subordinate lowered the bouquet and shook his head, “I don’t know. It was sent over directly from the flower shop. I heard that there is a card in it. Do you want to see it?”

Chu Ci took the flower over.

He was looking for the card while searching in Ji He’s memories for people who had an ambiguous relationship with him. However, his love history was quite simple. Besides Shi Cheng, there was only Yu Yuan who was still wearing clothes in the room.

After Yu Yuan got dressed in the bedroom, he habitually picked up the ring that he took off because of washing from the table and put it back on his ring finger. While adjusting the position, he walked out of the room in a good mood.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw the dazzling roses in Chu Ci’s hand.

Ji He was gay, and the person who could send him red roses was certainly not an ordinary friend.

Yu Yuan pretended to be curious, and moved closer to Chu Ci to make him find that he came out, then looked at the flower in his hand and said with a smile, “Which admirer sent it?”

The subordinate at the side looked at Yu Yuan in surprise.

He felt that the madam’s tone of voice was a bit sour, just like how his girlfriend was jealous because of trivial things. It was rare for the two to be so harmonious early in the morning. Was their relationship suddenly advance by leaps and bounds?

No one else noticed this sour smell besides the two people.

Chu Ci replied while his hand fumbling, “I don’t know.”

Finally he drew a pink card from the edge of the bouquet.

This color made Yu Yuan subconsciously start to care about what was written inside.

Chu Ci didn’t think it was something the man couldn’t see, so he opened it directly in front of Yu Yuan.

On the paper, there were four words written in flamboyant or bold cursive calligraphy: Cheng who love you.

The two men knew instantly.

Who else besides Shi Cheng who has Cheng in his name and ambiguous with Ji He?

Chu Ci frowned, and threw the card back into the bouquet in disgust, and then threw this thing to the subordinate’s hands, saying coldly, “Take it out, throw it.”

The subordinate guessed that this thing must have been sent by someone that the boss didn’t like, and immediately left with the bouquet.

Chu Ci looked at the person who walking away and clapped his hands in disgust.

That man hadn’t harassed him since he last came to the Ji family, and had been in peace for a month.

He originally thought he had gave up, now it seems that this person was only be delayed because of the Yu family’s affairs, and now the Yu family could gather without missing anything, he began to think of him.

It seems that the following days would be restless again.

When Yu Yuan listened to Chu Ci’s words, he was inexplicably happy in his heart, but he still said curiously, “Why don’t you accept it? For what reason you break up? No one in the circle didn’t know how Shi Cheng chasing you at that time. I see he is sincere to you. You see, even if you are married, he still wants to get you back wholeheartedly.”

“Yeah, he was really sincere when chasing me.” Chu Ci paused, and then calmly said, “The man who has an affair is not deserve to get forgiveness.”

Yu Yuan was stunned for a moment, he never thought that Ji He broke up with Shi Cheng because Shi Cheng had an affair. Although he knew that the two had broken up, no one told him the reason. In fact, because most people didn’t know the truth. According to the character of the man in front of him, how could he tell the reason to the others.

He suddenly overjoyed. In this way, the two men might never be reconciled forever. He couldn’t help but nodding in support, “It seems this man really won’t do.”

However, Yu Yuan was only happy for a moment, before he thought about the reason why Ji He married him.

It was certainly fake that he liked him, this man married him perhaps the decision made in a fury.

Thinking of this, Yu Yuan felt unhappy.

Chu Ci didn’t know the psychological activity of Yu Yuan. As he walked in the direction of the dining room, he declared, “I like you now, that man has nothing to do with me.”

Yu Yuan’s face was calm, because he saw clearly the reality, he doesn’t feel happy.

Chu Ci took a few steps before suddenly stopped, he proposed, “Let’s go on vacation?”

Yu Yuan roughly guessed what he meant, and refused, “Don’t waste your thoughts on me.”

Chu Ci ignored his rejection and said, “I wasted mine. Since you promised to get along for three months, you shall give me a chance. As long as you are willing to give me a chance, I will make you fall in love with me sooner or later!”

The system suddenly came out and ridiculed, “So confident?”

Chu Ci said miserably, “If I’m not confident, I can’t scare him ah.”

After thinking about it, Yu Yuan reluctantly said, “Since you want to go, then go.” But the expression on his face was not at all reluctant.

Seeing he agreed, Chu Ci bent the corner of his mouth in the direction of no one, then said calmly, “After breakfast, you go to pack things up. I’ll go to handle affairs first.”

Yu Yuan knew that as the head of the family Chu Ci was definitely busy. He nodded, “Yes.”

After breakfast, Chu went to the office and Yu Yuan went to the bedroom.

After Chu Ci entered the office, he immediately called his subordinate and instructed, “Help me to deal with the procedures for going abroad.”

The matter of proposing the vacation today was his temporary devised plan. He felt that Shi Cheng would definitely not just send flowers, so he decided to go abroad. This way, not only he could increase his relationship with Yu Yuan, but also throw away that Shi Cheng.

Thinking of the appearance of Yu Yuan from yesterday, Chu Ci felt that this vacation was their crucial moment, might just good.

“It looks like it’s going very smoothly.”

After half a month of deployment, the system had controlled everything around him, so it appeared a little more frequently when he was at home.

Chu Ci said proudly, “Isn’t this obvious! Sure enough, should let him know the truth about his father’s death earlier. This morning and yesterday morning has already like a different person. The young guy also has a good point, even can’t hide his thoughts.”

Chu Ci opened the computer and chatted idlily with the system.

It had been a while since he became Ji He. At the beginning, there were no new problems fortunately. Just follow Ji He’s thinking to solve it. However, over time, new problems began to appear constantly, and Chu Ci was not the person who did this kind of thing, so he could only ask the system to help solve it together.

Fortunately, this was within the scope of what the system could help.

Chu Ci who thought of solving the problem earlier and set off early on vacation, quickly focused his attention on work.

The whole office was quiet until the door was opened from the outside.

The opening of the door interrupted Chu Ci’s thoughts. He raised his head and looked at the direction of the door. Although the man in front blocked the one in the back, he could still see there were two people standing there.

Suddenly the person behind stood on the side, and then smiled frivolously at him.

Chu Ci didn’t expect that he would welcome this annoying person before he could set off.

“Boss, Sir Shi said he has something urgent to discuss with you, so I can only bring him in.”

Although Chu Ci hated Shi Cheng, he didn’t blame his subordinate for bringing him in. He leaned back in his chair and said to the subordinate, “You can leave.”

Shi Cheng waited for the subordinate to leave, and then took the initiative to step into the office. At the same time, he closed the door.

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