Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

17) Chapter 105.1 ♬

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Chapter 105: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.9)


Translator: Mimi

No matter what Chu Ci said, Fu Zhi remained silent. It was only then that he found that Fu Zhi seemed really angry. He blindly followed him and from time to time he said, “Don’t be angry, Young Master Fu, I’m just kidding.”

However, Fu Zhi was completely unwilling to pay attention to him.

Chu Ci looked at Si Yuan who was walking far ahead, and then once again looked at Fu Zhi who was angry next to him, suspending his original idea of trying to keep up and brushing up the favorable impression, and wholeheartedly focused his attention on Fu Zhi. Fu Zhi was good, and he was also very nice to him. He understood that he could enter that dormitory was Fu Zhi’s credit, so he had to wait for such a lucky star well.

Of course, the main reason why he was willing to accompany him with smiling face was that he had a favorable impression of this person. Therefore, although he didn’t know what made Fu Zhi was angry, Chu Ci honestly followed him just to admit his mistake.

Fu Zhi let Ye Xin followed himself like a tail, he had been following the mentor’s pace without stopping the idea. Somehow, he enjoyed the feeling of being treated concentratingly by this person. So even if he didn’t mind about this matter, he still pretended to be angry and doesn’t talk to this person.

Chu Ci followed around Fu Zhi, he had no energy to pay attention to the things around him.

“The time is not early, we’ll only look around to here!” When the mentor’s voice rang to his ears, only then Chu Ci looked blankly around and said to himself, “Ah? It finished so soon?” He didn’t seem to look at anything…

But there was no big problem for him to recognize the road, after all, the system was there.

At this time, Si Yuan who had long been come to the front to interact with the mentor, squeezing out of the crowd.

He frowned when he saw that Chu Ci and Fu Zhi were standing sticky together, but he was relieved when he thought of the favorable impression he had just brushed. He put away his usual sarcasm and said, “What are you doing behind? The mentor told a lot of interesting things on the road.”

When Chu Ci saw Si Yuan appeared, he immediately glued his sight on him. The residual effects of the life-saving grace just a moment ago hadn’t completely disappeared. The current Si Yuan still make him thought of Yu Yuan. This consequence also made him brought out his feelings for Yu Yuan.

Si Yuan didn’t feel discomfort with Chu Ci’s sight, but felt more satisfied. He didn’t expect that he could raise their relationship to this degree by simply pulling this person.

He was pretty sure that Ye Xin had not seen Fu Zhi the same as he had seen him.

Thinking of this, Si Yuan looked at Fu Zhi. Sure enough, he found that Fu Zhi was not happy.

He didn’t believe that Fu Zhi only regarded this person named Ye Xin as an ordinary classmate.

Fifteen years was about to be over, Fu Zhi finally shook off a man, he couldn’t let him enter another man’s arms. He couldn’t let his sister lose to a man. Moreover, this man’s status was just the humble commoner.

Si Yuan immediately took advantage of the situation, he walked to the side of Ye Xin and said, “I know Fu Zhi like quiet, so stay in the back, why don’t you go with me?” He also pretended to be wronged, “Do you like him more?”

Chu Ci was stunned and looked at Si Yuan in surprise. He and Yu Yuan’s shadow once again overlapped.

He quickly explained, “No, I like you!” Then he quickly realized that he said wrongly and quickly corrected, “No, I mean I like both of you.”

Chu Ci said blankly in his head, “Why should I explain this kind of thing? Why are they ask me this?”

However, no matter how Chu Ci explained, Si Yuan still had a smug face, and Fu Zhi’s face was gloomy again.

“New students, before going back, I have arrange an assignment for your tomorrow’s course.”

The mentor specially used spell to amplify her voice so that everyone present could hear her clearly.

Her voice also successfully attracted the attention of the three thoughtful people.

Just after the mentor’s words fell, many paper cranes flew out of her body, and each paper crane flew towards a fixed person.

Chu Ci looked at a paper crane fly to the front of him, and then reached over to take it.

After all the paper cranes had flown into the target’s hands, the mentor continued, “I have given you a topic according to your ability. You can use the unsealing spell on the paper crane after you back to the dormitory, you will see the topic I give you. If there is no question, you can dissolve.”

At the order of the mentor, each group of students left together.

Chu Ci was holding his little paper crane, enviously looking at the lively classmates having fun with their groups, and then looked at Fu Zhi who kept his face flat because of his previous joking, and secretly decided not to joke with him in the future.

This man was good, just couldn’t play a joke.

Seeing that his little plan was very successful, Si Yuan took the initiative to swat the low pressure of his friend, saying, “Let’s go.” At the same time, he whispered, “Why on earth you get angry for such a small thing.”

When Chu Ci saw Fu Zhi finally moved under the urging of Si Yuan, he slowly followed behind.

The one who do the wrong thing was not qualified to talk.

As the self-reflective person, Chu Ci could only complain to the system silently, “System, I met a very petty man, he was get angry when I joke, do all the nobles in this world are overly sensitive like this?” He began to describe the scene before Fu Zhi became angry.

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