Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

17) Chapter 124.3 ♬

Chapter 124 Part 3:

The car door was still open.

After Chu Ci stepped into the recreational vehicle, he saw Quan Gan sitting at the side of the small table.

He grinned, “Are you looking for me?”

Quan Gan was spreading out the purchased food one by one. When he saw him coming up, he naturally said, “Come and eat together.” It seems that the two have known each other for a long time.

Chu Ci pursed his lips, trying to make his smile not too obvious, and then sat generously across from Quan Gan.

The food on the table was quite rich.

Chu Ci was not enticed by the food in front of him, pretending to be embarrassed, “You are calling me into the recreational vehicle like this, I’m afraid that people would be misunderstood.”

Quan Gan took out the chopsticks, and handed him a set, before looking straight at him and said, “Are you afraid?”

Chu Ci took the chopsticks and raised his eyebrows with a smile in the corner of his eyes, “I’m not afraid, it’s very honored to have a scandal with you.”

Quan Gan first put down his chopsticks, and then looked up at the man that made him couldn’t pay attention to him, “I often have a dream.”

Chu Ci blinked his eyes doubtfully, he thought this person would confess to him.

But he was not in a hurry, although he doesn’t know why he said this, he still supported, “Then?”

Quan Gan looked at him calmly and said, “In the dream, I sometimes become a person named Xuan Lin, sometimes I become a person named Lu Jiang, also Moqi Sui, Lian Cen, Yu Yuan, Fu Zhi. My identity in the dream is always changing among these six people. Each identity will fall in love with a person named Chu Ci, and will stay together to old.”

Every time Quan Gan said out a name, Chu Ci’s heart would be shocked once. This was the first time he heard all the man’s previous names from this man’s mouth. He didn’t expect that Quan Gan’s impression of Chu Ci was not just the name.

He was still try hard to maintain the expression on his face, in fact he already screamed directly in his mind!

“Oh my God! System! Quan Gan actually dreams about the previous six worlds!”

Because this world had entered another special state, the system had been observing the target’s situation since Chu Ci came to this world, so when Quan Gan said this sentence, he immediately received it. He was equally shocking. He delayed for a while before saying, “I didn’t expect the influence behind actually have been so great. No wonder this world is so smooth.”

Chu Ci tried hard to keep the calm on his face and asked for help, “So how do I answer? Tell him that everything is true?”

The system said, “You are free to do it, we can’t guess his mind.”

“All right.” Chu Ci looked at Quan Gan and smiled slightly, “I’m the person you are looking for.”

Quan Gan silently looked at the man in front of him. Even if such a sentence was similar to a joke, he believed 90% of his words in his heart, but he doesn’t believe in supernatural beings, and the remaining 10% was his doubt of supernatural beings.

But he doesn’t care whether it was true or not, he only knew that seeing the man before his eyes really make him very happy. Since Chu Ci was interested in him and he was also interested in Chu Ci, if he doesn’t keep the man at his side then he was not Quan Gan.

He watched Chu Ci bend the corner of his lips and said, “Do you want to practice the afternoon scene after eating?”

Chu Ci blinked his eyes, his only impression of the afternoon scene was that kiss scene.

Was he…invited him to kiss?


He just about to nod, and the door of the recreational vehicle was suddenly opened.

Chu Ci’s words were stuck directly in his throat, and when he turned his head to look at the door, he swallowed the words back into his stomach.

Quan Gan frowned and looked at the car door because he was interrupted, only to see that the person who opened the door was Qian Luo. The man lifted his foot was ready to get on the recreational vehicle.

When Qian Luo saw the two people in the car, completely without the director’s seriousness, he said in surprise, “Oh. This is…did I disturb you two?”

Quan Gan’s face obviously said, ‘Yes.

But Chu Ci thought about his identity, and still got up and said, “No, we have finished speaking.” Then he slipped away from the director’s side.

Qian Luo looked at the man who ran away and then looked back at Quan Gan. He shrugged his shoulders innocently, “He ran too fast. I originally wanted to go out first.”

Quan Gan saw that Chu Ci had run back and sat on his small stool, only then he took back his sight. He didn’t give Qian Luo a good look and said, “What are you doing come here?”

Qian Luo looked at the food in front of Quan Gan, “My assistant today is be occupied with something and I’m about to wait for the meal box to eat. I just heard the assistant director say that you bought two servings of food and thought you’re going to invite me to eat. I personally sent myself to visit.”

Then he walked to the position where Chu Ci had just sat and sat down, “Why, are you take a fancy to this guy? The old cow is finally going to eat grass?”

Quan Gan leaned back in his chair and said, “It’s nothing, just go help me to call him back.”

Qian Luo directly picked up the chopsticks and looked at the window on the other side, “He won’t come back, I see that he is already eating the meal box.”

He turned the topic to Chu Ci again with gossip, he said happily, “This time is a bit different from the last time? Is Boss Quan for this guy be moved?”

Quan Gan felt mixed because of his own actions, and didn’t want to satisfy his gossip heart, “Take your meal box and go back to your car.”

Qian Luo happily carried the meal and chopped some dishes to the rice and ran away. When he walked to the door, he couldn’t help turning his head and said, “Like then like, we have been friends for so many years, I won’t look down on you.” After speaking, he jumped out of the car without waiting for Quan Gan to speak.

Quan Gan looked at the man who had eaten the meal box with his assistant through the gap of the curtain, and then put his eyes on the script on the table.

After a two-hour break, the crew started work again.

The first scene was Chu Ci’s.

After Chu Ci let his assistant to check the clothes and makeup on his body, he entered the filming scene, which was a room, but a place to sleep.

Quan Gan also quickly came over, he glanced at Chu Ci and lay down on the bed in the room.

He didn’t have lines and just had to sleep.


After the film clapboard was hit, Chu Ci entered his role. He walked to the bedside and sat down as described in the script. He silently looked at the man on the bed, and then lowered his head and slowly touched on Quan Gan’s lips. Then he got up and left.

After Chu Ci walked out of the filming range, he walked in the direction of the director. He had to take a look at the result just now.

Quan Gan’s lips just touched once, not enough, he wanted to do it again.


After Qian Luo said this, Quan Gan then got up from the bed and walked in the direction of Qian Luo.

He stood behind Qian Luo and watched them replay the clip just now. He suddenly said, “The shoot is not good, let’s do it again.”

Chu Ci was also on the sidelines. After listening to Quan Gan’s words, although he was a little lost in being negated, but he could kiss him again and also just recognized it.

He continued to be in place.

“Ready, start!”

After hit the clapboard again, Chu Ci entered his role in an instant, he walked to the bedside and sat down, and immediately turned to leave after kissing.

He and Quan Gan once again gathered around the director to watch the replay of the scene just now. Judging from his view, this time it was already shoot very good.

However, Quan Gan said with indifference face, “Not very good, still have to shoot it again.”

Qian Luo looked at Quan Gan and said, “I think it’s perfect. If you feel it’s no good, can you give a reason?”

Quan Gan silent for a while and said, “Since it’s parting, you have to kiss a little longer.”

Chu Ci silently looked at Quan Gan and said to the system in his mind, “Does he seize the opportunity to take small advantage of me?”

“He’s take small advantage of you at public expense.”

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