Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

17) Chapter 34.2 ♬

Chapter 34 Part 2:

[Announcement] Congratulations to player [Chui Yan] for refining out the legendary mandarin duck colored glass waist pendant. Dream Back hereby would open a new map: Flower Ocean. At the same time, open a new player interaction: Marriage. The marriage partner is not limited to gender. As long as both parties hold the token and wear wedding clothes, they can go to Matchmaker to become a true marriage couple. The token is obtained by digging treasure. At the same time, because the mandarin duck colored glass waist pendant is a legendary token, if the two parties who want to become a marriage couple puts on the wedding clothes and one of them wears this thing, then find the Matchmaker. It could also be recognized by the Matchmaker to become a true marriage couple. In order to thank player [Chui Yan] for making a huge contribution to the opening of this event, he would be rewarded with the unique title [Matchmaker]. The reward is not bound to the two hundred sets of wedding clothes, the reward is also the wedding clothes formula of men and women each (This formula could also be obtained by digging treasure.) At the same time, player [Chui Yan] would temporarily replace the role of Matchmaker before the real Matchmaker arrives.

As soon as this announcement came out, the World immediately boiled again.

[World] Very Few: [Token] I suddenly dug something strange.

[World] Qiqi: [Token] I also dug it, seems to be a marriage token?

[World] Dream Trace: [Chui Yan] The big shot receives two collections of wedding clothes. How much is it?

[World] Seven Eight: It seems that the big shot Chui Yan will be changed to Matchmaker Chui Yan.

[World] Blizzard: Matchmaker Chui Yan is going to make a fortune?

[World] Three Three: The previous rumor turned out to be true!

[World] Stranger: I’ll take a wife first~ Just look at it~

[World] Slip Away: Hurriedly digging treasure. The token and formula are all good things. Whoever digs first will make money first!

Although the suddenly opening of new map was exciting, but not the current Chui Yan, make Chu Ci feel irritated.

Chui Yan originally has a honest and loyal face. After getting this matchmaker’s task, the clothes on his body changed to a set of crimson garments by the game system, even the head ornament was crimson.

Chu Ci pursed his mouth to resist the smile and said, “It’s very festive.”

Chui Yan was deserve to be called the big shot, even if he was made like this, his face was still calm.

Seeing that the people in the World kept calling Chui Yan, Chu Ci was also curious and said, “How much does Master plan to sell the wedding clothes? Many people in the World call you?”

Chu Ci’s words just fell when Chui Yan right away said in the World.

[World] Chui Yan: [Wedding Clothes] a set is 1,000, first come first served. I’ll wait for you at Bailu building.

[World] Blizzard: profiteer ah profiteer!

[World] Mysterious Person: In a few days, more of the wedding clothes formula would come out. This thing just fill everyone. I want to see who will buy it.

[World] Blizzard: You won’t understand the world of the rich.

Chu Ci was also taken aback by the price of this wedding clothes. He looked at Chui Yan with admiration. He was worthy of being the richest person, he made money without mercy. However, the wedding clothes was obviously not out of print’s thing and would definitely more and more in a few days. Chu Ci said doubtfully, “Master, it’s so expensive. Will someone buy it?”

At this time, a set of crimson clothes suddenly appeared in Chui Yan’s hands, he threw it on Chu Ci’s hands and said, “Put it on?”

Chu Ci blinked his eyes, do you think that I also have the contribution, so you give me one?

Although it was a wedding dress, for the sake of given the other party’s face, he would reluctantly wearing it. He believed that with his face value, he would look good whether it was in emerald green or crimson clothes.

Chu Ci just put on the wedding dress, when the photo of he was wearing a wedding dress appeared in the World.

[World] Chui Yan: [Photo]

[World] Chui Yan: This is the model of wedding dress, the free description can be worn as the appearance.

[World] Mercury: The big shot sends out his disciple like this, he could lose the little disciple ah!

[World] Blizzard: The world of the rich can’t be understand.

[World] Red Moon: [Chui Yan] I want your disciple!

[World] Chui Yan: Don’t sell the disciple.

Chu Ci was not angry when he saw his photo. He was still very good-looking in this red clothes. He didn’t mind being watched by others. He had to admire Chui Yan’s vision. This wedding dress was very beautiful. So long as it was beautiful things, not worried that no one would buy it.

Chu Ci looked at his clothes, he was very satisfied.

“The clothes could be taken off.” This was the first sentence that Chui Yan said to Chu Ci after he was no longer talked to people in the World.

Chu Ci who originally in a good mood, was stunned. He looked at Chui Yan with unbelievable face, “Not for me?”

Chui Yan calmly said, “Just make you acts as a model.”


I’m going to take back all the compliments that I’ve just said!

Chu Ci took off the clothes with a sad face and returned it to Chui Yan.

Sigh, if he was a real woman, the target maybe just conveniently give it away. He was considered whether to let the system give him a girl’s body in the next world.

After sending the advertisement, although Chu Ci was a little bit depressed, he still followed Chui Yam back to Bailu building.

Chui Yan also changed back the red matchmaker clothes on his body that the game system gave him.

Chu Ci didn’t expect that there was such an impatient person who doesn’t take money as money. They just came back to Bailu building, and some people came in one after another after a while. There was people who dressing neat and gorgeously, and also the people who dressing unpresentable. But they have one in common, it was to buy the things without blinked the eyes.

Two hundred sets of clothes were sold out in less than half an hour.

[World] Chui Yan: The clothes have been sold out. At the moment unlimitedly collecting satin, silk thread and red thread. I can pay to mail or you can go directly to Bailu building for face-to-face transactions.

[World] Wen Yu: Collecting similarly, and also buying the wedding clothes formula of male and female each. Secret chat me after dug it!

[World] Blizzard: Watch the big shot match.

Chu Ci persuaded those who still come to buy clothes one after another. When everyone left, only then he breathed a sigh of relief and turned around, ready to return to his guild territory.

Suddenly there was a sound of footsteps behind him.

Chu Ci helplessly turned back and just about to speak, when he found that the person was Bai Yimeng.

Bai Yimeng glanced coldly at Chu Ci who wearing an emerald green golden thread clothes and said, “Please withdraw. I have a private matter to tell your master.”

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows and went to the back hall.

When it was determined that Bai Yimeng couldn’t see him, he immediately hid quietly to the corner and began his own eavesdropping business.

It was his duty to care about the target’s emotional progress.

After confirming that Chu Ci left, Bai Yimeng said, “Lu Jiang, Why are you called me? When the game is maintained, I have nothing to do and hang out with my friends. I mute my cellphone so I didn’t see your call.”

Chui Yan directly said, “I want to discuss with you about stop pretending to be a couple with Intoxicated Heart.”

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