Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

17) Chapter 72.1 ♬

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Chapter 72: Marked by Beastman (4.9)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci pulled Lian Cen and pushed him behind him. He glanced at his eyes when he was about to turn around to deal with Hong Ming. Lian Cen’s black pupils that were calm and waveless before actually turned blood red, as it stared straight at Hong Ming’s side, a violent smell suddenly burst out.

When he pushed him behind, this person was instinctively attracted by Hong Ming this magnetism.

Chu Ci opened his hands to stop Lian Cen moving forward, he looked at Lian Cen in a panic and whispered, “Why do you want me to say my name? What’s the use of telling my name?”

However, Lian Cen had lost his rational and wouldn’t pay attention to his words. His eyes only has the female in front of him.

Chu Ci was unable to restrain his anger, he turned his head and looked angrily at the culprit. Hong Ming also began to enter instinct because of the influence of Lian Cen’s pheromone.

He looked at the woman and said angrily, “Go away! He has me, it’s enough, he doesn’t need you!”

Chu Ci was not only angry with this woman but also angry with Lian Cen. When you forget about me, I let it be, and now you also want to have an affair!

Hong Ming’s pupils turned into a flirtatious red. She proudly bent her mouth and said, “You can’t stop it. You can take a look at his current appearance. He only need me, and I also need him.”

Lian Cen became violent because he was blocked from being able to get close to what he desperately needed. He directly reached out and pushed away the person who obstructed in front of him.

A seemingly light push made Chu Ci directly hit the wall, and he felt a bloody taste on his mouth.

Hong Ming proudly glanced at Chu Ci, then looked at Lian Cen and walked in his direction.

Chu Ci leaned against the wall, seeing Lian Cen walked to Hong Ming’s direction, he said angrily, “What is the use of saying Chu Ci in the end!”

His roar made the man who was about to hug Hong Ming suddenly stopped.

Hong Ming found that Lian Cen’s eyes, which had originally entered instinct mode because of his estrus earlier than her, suddenly became clear. She looked at Lian Cen in disbelief and looked at the human race who leaning against the wall with his head lowered, she frowned and said, “What’s going on, what did you do to him?” She had never heard that people who entering the peak of estrus period could regain their consciousness.

Hong Ming’s voice was not small. Chu Ci who originally desperate immediately looked up when he heard her shout.

The moment he looked up, he saw Lian Cen thrown Hong Ming to the ground, one of his hands caught her neck, and the other hand took something from his pocket and pricked it into Hong Ming’s neck.

Although Hong Ming was stunned for a moment when she fell, she soon struggled up. But her strength was completely useless in front of Lian Cen.

Not long after that, Chu Ci saw Hong Ming slowly no longer struggling, and soon her whole person was spread on the ground.

This sudden change made Chu Ci a little caught off guard, and also stunned.

It won’t kill her, right?

Lian Cen stood up after Hong Ming no longer struggled, and threw the thing in his hand aside. It was an empty syringe. Then he raised his foot and kicked Hong Ming directly to the entrance of the corridor.

After Hong Ming was kicked away, the mixed scents in the air became a single scent again.

Chu Ci looked at the syringe and suddenly understood. The system said that Lian Cen had a tranquilizer, he should have shoot this thing on Hong Ming. He subconsciously looked at Lian Cen’s pocket, wondering if he had another tranquilizer. What surprised him most was that Lian Cen actually regained his rational at such a time.

Thinking of what he just shouted and the previous instruction of Lian Cen, Chu Ci had a faint guess in his heart.

Does this man really remember his name in his heart?

Chu Ci doubted but couldn’t ask the system.

After Lian Cen determined that Hong Ming was not within the range of his influence, he slowly turned around and looked in Chu Ci’s direction.

Chu Ci froze when he met Lian Cen’s eyes. He found that Lian Cen’s eyes were half clear and half muddy, as if he would soon enter the same state again. Of course, this time he no longer stared at Hong Ming, but stared at him like a snake fix it attention on him.

He could only sitting there blankly, waiting for his next fate.

Such Lian Cen made him a little afraid.

“Do you still have tranquilizer?” Chu Ci shouted as a final struggle.

Lian Cen completely ignored him and walked straight to the front of him. Then he squatted down and carrying Chu Ci up from the ground, before strode into the house.

Chu Ci’s nose smelled a rich, almost intoxicating fragrance.

It didn’t take long before he was thrown by Lian Cen to the place where Lian Cen slept yesterday.

Chu Ci lay in bed and looked straight at Lian Cen’s eyes, making sure he had completely sink into his instinct, and his clothes were torn into rags instantly by him.

He silently wailed in his heart, “System, I think I will die!”

System: “Sorry, this is the thing you choose yourself.”


A few minutes later, a helicopter landed at the gate of this desolate suburbs villa.

The loud sound of the helicopter didn’t affect the two people in the main house at all.

Lian Shan and another man directly wore their masks after getting off the helicopter. This mask was specially used to block the scent during estrus period, which could prevent them from being affected.

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