Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

18) Chapter 105.2 ♬

Chapter 105 Part 2:

After listening to him, the system directly said, “The key is not that you are joking at all? Any normal men would be unhappy for being mistaken as homosexuality. Moreover, he is also a face-saving person.”

Chu Ci was silent for a while, it was only then he reflected that it was his fault.

He silently said, “Then I will continue to apologize, wait for his forgiveness?”

The system agreed, “You have to, I see he seems to be good to you and often help you, you have to do well at your interpersonal relationship.”

“I will do as you said!” Chu Ci immediately became full of energy.

Fortunately, although someone was silently angry, they still ate dinner together, and the three of them returned to their dormitory together.

Just after they stepped into the dormitory door, before Chu Ci had time to sit down, Si Yuan immediately kindly reminded, “Ye Xin, don’t forget to see what your assignment is.”

Chu Ci had really forgotten. After being reminded by him, he looked at him gratefully and then took out that paper crane.

The unsealing was the most basic spell, he could do it too.

After unsealing it, the paper crane turned into a small square piece of paper with a line of words written on it.

Chu Ci took that piece of paper to see and frowned for a while. He found that there were many unfamiliar words on it. Each word was the crucial point, he couldn’t guess what his assignment was.

He looked at the people in the room and said to Si Yuan after thought for a while, “Si Yuan, can you help me see what it is?”

Si Yuan was looking for something, habitually said with a little impatience, “I’m very busy, you find Fu Zhi.”

Chu Ci was stunned for a while, the previous illusion was sober because of this sentence. Yu Yuan and Si Yuan couldn’t match up anymore, because that person never talk to him like that no matter when.

Chu Ci shook his head, dispelling all the illusions that had not dispersed yet out of his mind.

Si Yuan startled that he had subconsciously said what should not be said, but he found that Chu Ci was already standing in front of Fu Zhi when he turned around.

Chu Ci held the piece of paper in front of Fu Zhi and beaming, “Can you help me translate it?”

Although Fu Zhi was not satisfied with Chu Ci’s behavior of seeking Si Yuan first, but thinking that it was because he had always been angry, he responded.

He looked at the paper in front of him and translated the words concisely, “You go to the library to find the sixth volume of the history of plant development, and then flip it over to page 121. The first line is what you need to find.”

Chu Ci nodded in understand and got up to go out of the room.

Si Yuan saw that what he said couldn’t be retrieved, so he left this matter aside. Since Ye Xin had left as he expected, he took out his clothes and said to Fu Zhi, “I’ll take a bath first.”

He doesn’t want Fu Zhi and Ye Xin to get along, he hoped that the gap between the two would become bigger and bigger.

Chu Ci ran to the library and quickly found the book that Fu Zhi said, but when he flipped it to that page, he found that he doesn’t know the words on it at all, even one doesn’t know!

After struggling for a while, he thought of Fu Zhi who helped him read the paper before and decided to take the book back first.

When Chu Ci who held the book pushed open the dormitory door, he found that there was no one inside. There was a sudden sound of water in the bathroom, obviously someone was taking a bath inside.

Chu Ci’s mind moved. If it was Si Yuan, he could hold this opportunity to see that thing.

He stood at the door and probed, “Who is inside?”

“It’s me!”

Hearing Si Yuan’s voice, Chu Ci’s mood immediately changed well. He pretended to be a little anxious, “I want to go to the lavatory, can I come in to use it? I promise not to see!”

However, the people inside directly refused, “No, you hold in!”

Chu Ci wrinkled his face, he didn’t expect Si Yuan was so unreasonable, he really became more and more different from Yu Yuan!

But even if his little plan was destroyed, he didn’t want to give up at this point.

Chu Ci stood at the door and thought for a while, before carefully put down the book, and then quietly walked to the front of bathroom door.

Since he couldn’t look at it openly, he could only peek.

When he just put his hand on the handle, he suddenly heard Fu Zhi’s voice.

“What are you doing?”

Chu Ci seemed to be petrified. He kept the posture of wanting to open the door for about five second, before regardless of the consequences turned around and took Fu Zhi out of the room, pulling the person into the small corner.

After confirming that no one was around, Chu Ci hurriedly explained, “Absolutely…it’s absolutely not what you think! I…I just want to see when he is done, I want to go to the lavatory!”

The heaven, why am I so careless!

Chu Ci hurriedly explained this while regretted in his heart.

However, after explaining a bunch, he found that Fu Zhi’s face still indifferent.

This man was Si Yuan’s friend, he certainly wouldn’t help him this outsider easily.

Chu Ci held Fu Zhi and begged with a sad face, “Please keep it secret!”

The expression on Fu Zhi’s face finally loosened when Chu Ci hugged him. He suddenly asked, “Do you like Si Yuan?”

Chu Ci’s body paused for a moment, and then he immediately let go of Fu Zhi. Fu Zhi looked completely not like play a joke. He contemplated for a while and said, “I…I don’t like him.” An idea suddenly flashed his head, “He’s always secretive, so I’m curious if that part of him is very small, so I wanted to peek. I didn’t expect to be discover by you, I swear I’m absolutely not pervert!”

Fu Zhi heard the answer he wanted to hear, he yielded and said, “I won’t say it.”

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