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18) Chapter 125.1 ♬

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Chapter 125: He Became the Film Emperor (7.8)


Translator: Mimi

A month passed in a blink of an eye.

Chu Ci came out of Quan Gan’s recreational vehicle after the meal as usual.

Since that time, he was pulled by this man every day for lunch, and it just to have a meal.

He was very happy at first, but it had gradually decreasing in the past few days.

Chu Ci just entered his resting shed, and Xiao Liu reminded, “Chu-ge, after one more scene in the afternoon, you will finalize it.”

“I know.” Chu Ci’s tone was obviously a little dissatisfied, but Xiao Liu knew that the dissatisfaction was not directed at him.

The finalize also means leaving the crew soon. Chu Ci turned to look at the recreational vehicle behind him and softly sighed. Then he complained to the system in his mind, “I have eaten the meal so many times in his car. Now the whole crew of people know I have an affair with him. But he just doesn’t have a clear relationship with me! Don’t tell me he want me to take the initiative? I have chased him in so many worlds, can’t he take the initiative a bit?”

“I also think that I don’t understand his mind.” The system was also a bit puzzled, “It’s reasonable to say that he has related memories, and he is obviously taking care of you. According to his previous personality he can’t bear it.”

Chu Ci also couldn’t understand.

Suddenly, he frowned, “Is it because of that respect? Could it be that he fell inferior because he can’t do it, so he didn’t dare to clarify the relationship with me?”

The system quietly said, “Do you think he looks like an inferiority person?”

“Right. I think he is quite self-confident.” Since it was not this reason, Chu Ci said angrily, “Don’t tell me he only want to sleep with me?”

The system couldn’t help reminding, “He didn’t sleep with you, you didn’t even enter his room at night, it’s reasonable to say that you took the small advantage of him.”

“System, are you my person or his person?” Chu Ci said angrily, “You actually even help him speak? We are on the same front.”

The system silently said, “I’m tell the truth!”

“Oh!” Chu Ci glanced at Quan Gan’s recreational vehicle again and said, “Even if he doesn’t confess, I will go after my finalize.” Then he picked up the script on the small stool and sat down to study the script.

According to his observation, Quan Gan was a man who outwardly cold but deep and passionate inside! He doesn’t believe his charm was so small!

At this time, Quan Gan observed the man outside through the window gap as usual.

These days he obviously felt that Chu Ci was not very happy. In addition to his daily meals, the number of times he took the initiative to disturb him were also become less.

However, he didn’t know why.

Seeing this man unhappy, he subconsciously wanted to do something.

Quan Gan glanced at the script on the side, he reached out and turned it over.

“Do you want me to give your little lover some extra scenes to accompany you for a while?” He suddenly remembered what Qian Luo said when he had dinner with him yesterday.

Quan Gan asked the assistant who was tidying up the table, “Chu Ci is going to be finalize today?”

“Yes.” The assistant nodded and said, “I heard his assistant Xiao Liu say that they have a scene remains in the afternoon.”

Was it because he going to finalize?

Quan Gan thought for a while and said, “Help me to buy a bundle of flowers.”

The assistant nodded his head in understand, and then wondered, “What kind of flower do you want? Lily or rose?”

Quan Gan glanced at him and said without hesitation, “Rose.”

The assistant smiled, but still reminded, “Isn’t this too high-profile?”

Quan Gan glanced at the man who was already studying the script outside, and then bent the corner of the mouth and said, “It’s been a high profile for so long, everyone should get used to it.”

“Deserve to be called the boss, I’ll buy it now!”


The lunch break passed quickly.

Chu Ci’s scene was quite ahead. He ran to the filming scene without greeting Quan Gan.

Of course, it was because he was a little angry with Quan Gan. Although ambiguous was fun, but it was boring after a long time playing.

Fortunately, these trivial matters didn’t affect his mood for filming.

The last scene was over one-off.

“Chu Ci, finalize!” The director shouted with a small loudspeaker hearing by the entire crew.

Xiao Liu directly came up and gave a packet of melon seeds as present, “Congratulations, congratulations.”

Chu Ci didn’t mind taking it. At the same time, the worker on the side bowed a little and said, “Thank you, for the hard work!” After finishing, he squeezed out of the crowd with Xiao Liu.

He was a small actor, his finalize was small matter, and the crew couldn’t celebrate for him. He cracked the melon seeds from Xiao Liu while walking towards the tent where he had been stationed for a long time.

The filming behind him continued, and everyone was accustomed to the finalize of the small actor.

Chu Ci said to Xiao Liu, “Will we go back today?”

Xiao Liu thought for a while and said, “Chuan-ge said that you have no other work for the time being, it’s okay to stay in the crew and friendly with everyone.”

Chu Ci curled his lips, knowing in his heart that Fan Chuan wanted him to talk more with Quan Gan.

But he had decided that if Quan Gan refused to clarify his relationship with him today, he wouldn’t stay.

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