Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

18) Chapter 72.2 ♬

Chapter 72 Part 2:

He walked to the iron gate and skillfully pressed a string of numbers to open the gate, and the big iron gate soon opened.

The two men quickly rushed to the main house.

When Lian Shan saw Hong Ming lying at the entrance, he couldn’t help a bit surprise and puzzle. After he received the call, he was prepared for the worst.

At the same time, the sound in the main house was clearly heard by him.

Although he doesn’t believe that human alpha could defeat Hong Ming, it had already very good that things didn’t develop in an uncontrollable direction.

Lian Shan motioned to the man beside him to carry the woman on the ground.

Soon the two men left quietly again.


After Chu Ci and Lian Cen continued for two days without stopping, only then Lian Cen gradually recovered his rational.

In these past two days, Chu Ci had felt more than once that he may died on this bed if he had not been protected by the primordial spirit.

Lian Cen woke up first when Chu Ci was sleeping. The bed had been completely messed up by their indescribable behavior over the past two days, and there was a smell that doesn’t disperse out in the room.

He frowned and his mysophobia finally flared up after he recovered his reason.

Lian Cen got up and picked up the phone that Chu Ci used to call Lian Shan on the ground.

After the phone was connected, he said directly, “The estrus period has passed, come and pick me up.” Then he hung up the phone.

Lian Cen looked at Chu Ci on the bed. There were indescribable things on his body, and at some indescribable places were even more miserable to see.

His heart moved, he walked to the bedside and picked up the man, and walked steadily towards the outdoor pool.

After Lian Cen cleaned both of them, Lian Shan arrived, bringing food and clothes.


Although Chu Ci was tossing recklessly, the primordial spirit quickly healed him. When he woke up from his sleep, he found that he had returned to Lian family.

He turned his head and just looked at the ceiling above him to be sure that this was the room he had lived in before.

Chu Ci stared at the ceiling for a while, and his nose suddenly smelled cigarette.

He moved his head and glanced at the sofa. As expected, Dr. Jiang sat quietly there.

Chu Ci said hoarsely, “This doctor, can the patient’s room be non-smoking?”

Jiang Zhu glanced at him and extinguished the cigarette in her hand, then stood up and walked to the bedside to look at him and said, “Do you feel any discomfort now?”

Anyway, this person already knew that his self-healing ability was different from ordinary people, so Chu Ci doesn’t hide it, “I have been hungry for three days, can I have a good meal first?”

Jiang Zhu immediately lifted a bowl from the head of the bed and said, “It’s better to drink porridge first, people who have been hungry for a long time have to eat light.”

Chu Ci weakly propped up his body and solved a bowl of porridge like drinking water. Then he gave the bowl back to Jiang Zhu and lay back on the bed with a sigh of satisfaction. Even porridge was delicious for him at this time.

After comforting his stomach, Chu Ci asked, “Where is Lian Cen?” After what happened to him, he was too lazy to do anything hypocritical. He called the target Lian Cen, doesn’t even want to add ‘Sir’, this word.

Jiang Zhu put down the bowl and went to the sofa to sit down, “He’s dealing with things.”

“Oh~” Chu Ci looked at the ceiling, thinking of trivial matters in his mind.

He suddenly said, “You chose me to serve Lian Cen because you value my self-healing ability that is different from ordinary people?” In this way, he wouldn’t die on the bed.

Since the matter had passed, Jiang Zhu no longer concealed it, “Yes.”

Chu Ci could only mourn in his mind, “Hey! System, I actually calculated by them. I feel you have to check things properly for me in the future.”

The system said unhappily, “I think you will agree even if they tell you the reason.”

“Why can’t you comfort me?”

After speaking with the system, Chu Ci continued to ask, “My task is complete, will I be driven out next?”

Chu Ci felt that both Lian Shan and Jiang Zhu seemed to hate him.

Jiang Zhu raised her eyebrows and said, “No.”

At this time, the door was knocked. After a while, someone opened the door and came in.

Chu Ci raised his head to see. Another person who hated him came.

Lian Shan looked at him, he was still unable to hide his dislike, he turned his head and looked at Jiang Zhu, “How is his body?”

Jiang Zhu said, “With his recovery speed, he should be good. At the moment, I just need to replenish his physical strength.”

After listening to Jiang Zhu’s diagnosis, Lian Shan walked to the bedside and said to Chu Ci, “If you have the strength, move to the main house yourself. You will live with Sir Lian Cen.”

Chu Ci was originally still listless. After hearing Lian Shan’s words, he directly sat up in shock.

“What? I will live with Lian Cen? Why should I live with him?” Chu Ci asked subconsciously.

He might be very happy if it switched to three days ago, but now he was hesitant.

The system ridiculed, “Why? Do you regret it now? Although I can’t see what will happen in the future, I can be sure that the female lead is really useless this time. This man in front of you sent her to the man she has two-timing with. She is now marked.”

Chu Ci listened to the system and felt wronged, “I think I should not challenge the different race, it’s very difficult ah.”

Two days of inhuman torture because his primordial spirit hanging was really whole experience, just like received two days of punishment. This was something he hadn’t experienced in the previous worlds. He was a little afraid now.

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