Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

18) Chapter 88.3 ♬

Chapter 88 Part 3:

Chu Ci looked at the time, it was still morning. He remembered that this man always went out for a stroll in the afternoon.

Is it necessary to be so angry at such a thing?

Chu Ci silently sighed. Because he was afraid that it would be too obvious, so he never gave Yu Yuan a cellphone. Therefore, he couldn’t contact him when Yu Yuan went out of the house.

Forget it, just wait for him to come back.

Chu Ci didn’t in the mood to work, so he went back to the room and put the things that Yu Yuan sorted out back to the original position one by one.

It seems that his plan to go vacation was dashed. That Shi Cheng was just like the god of plague!

He sighed while put the things, and suddenly his hands stopped.

Yu Yuan should be angry because he misunderstood his relationship with Shi Cheng.

Chu Ci quickly asked the system, “System, did Yu Yuan already like me? Why else would he be angry about the thing he saw in the study?”

The system said, “First of all, I said that I couldn’t see through the target, so I can only analyze it for you. In my opinion, he is only half possibility to fall for you, so the other half maybe because he found himself has become a tool for your to make Shi Cheng angry. After all, he is the successor of Yu family, he is still somewhat proud. After he knows that he accused you wrongly, he has a good impression on you. Even normal people will be angry when used as a tool, let alone him.”

Although only half the possibility, Chu Ci still satisfied, “Then, I hope it’s the first one, so even if I didn’t succeed to go vacation, it’s nothing loss. Maybe this Shi Cheng also helped a lot!”

“Boss, the head of Long family and our people have conflict. She certainly want you personally go over to settle it.”

Chu Ci looked at his anxious subordinate and strangely said, “That girl stand so big?”

The subordinate said, “Boss, how about don’t go? I always feel there is conspiracy.”

Seeing his subordinate’s suspicion, Chu Ci quickly asked the system, “Is there any conspiracy?” It was the most convenient to ask something like conspiracy to the system who knew everything besides the target.

The system said, “Your subordinate guessed right. From my observation these days, Long Ling intends to kill you. You will encounter ambush if you go out today. But, you can let the driver go around the road, she only has people lie in ambush on the usual road you go.”

Chu Ci thought of the young woman he saw at the auction and sighed, “This little girl is very ambitious. Does she want to merge all forces?”

“She just want to prove her strength. She also a pitiful person.”

After listening to the system, Chu Ci said in surprise, “If I remember correctly, you are demon, will you also have pity on people?”

As soon as the system heard this, he immediately retorted, “The demons are more reasonable than the immortals.”

While listening to the system retort, Chu Ci said to the subordinate, “Prepare the car, I’ll see her.”

“Okay!” The subordinate looked at Chu Ci with worship in his eyes.

After Chu Ci got into the car, he said directly to the driver, “Don’t go the usual road, go around to the furthest road!”

“All right!”


Yu Yuan came back from a walk and went to the dining room on time. But, he sat in his position to wait until the meal served and didn’t wait for Chu Ci.

After finishing, he walked to the door and casually pulled someone, asking, “Where’s Ji He?”

The man said with a smile, “The boss is out.”

Yu Yuan’s mood that had come better instantly fell to the bottom again.

You said you like me, but you didn’t even explain it.

Could it be this man really have a remaining unfinished feelings with Shi Cheng? So after they met, he decided to reconcile?


When Chu Ci finished handling things and returned to the Ji family, it was almost dinner time.

After stepping into the house, he finally remembered the matter this morning and hurried to the dining room. This matter had to be explained clearly today.

However, when Chu Ci opened the door, he encountered the same situation as a month ago.

Yu Yuan had already finished eating and left.

Chu Ci muttered while solving his dinner, “His anger unexpectedly so big?”

He hurried back to the bedroom after eating. That man must be there.

As soon as Chu Ci entered the door, he saw a large swelling on the bed.

Tsk tsk, is he like this when angry?

He couldn’t help saying, “If you right away sleep after eating, you are going to become a pig.”

Seeing the man on the bed was silent, Chu Ci closed the door and sat down on the sofa.

He first confirmed to the system, “Did Yu Yuan fall asleep?”

System: “No.”

Chu Ci looked to the direction of the bed and said, “The matter in the morning is not what you think. I really have no good impression for that man named Shi Cheng. I only like you now.”

However, the quilt on the bed only moved slightly, and Yu Yuan didn’t give a slight response.

Chu Ci thought for a while and continued, “Angry is bad for your health.”

Only then the man in the quilt said with stuffy voice, “I’m not angry.”

When Chu Ci saw Yu Yuan willing to speak, he teased, “Since you are not angry, then, are…you jealous?”

Yu Yuan enjoying the way Ji He cared about his feelings, he was afraid that the other party wouldn’t speak so he replied. Ji He really continue to speak as he wished, but when he listened to his words, his original enjoyment’s feelings turned into stunned. After a moment of silence, he denied, “No.”

Chu Ci laughed mischievously in his heart. This young man perhaps had been hooked up by him!

He couldn’t help joking, “It’s good that you’re not angry, I know you are very generous. Next time Shi Cheng come, I won’t have to be careful.”

After Chu Ci finished speaking, the room fell into silent, and the man on the bed seemed to have no reaction.

Is it the wrong estimate?

Chu Ci puzzlingly recalled their conversation. It was obviously jealous.

Suddenly, Yu Yuan’s muffled voice came from the quilt.

“I…seems to like you a little, so…don’t be so close with other men.”

Chu Ci looked at the bulge on the bed in surprise. He froze for a while before recovering from this nice surprise of news.

I’m saying how can I estimate wrongly after experiencing so many worlds with him.

He suddenly said, “Really just a little like?”

Suddenly, Yu Yuan seemed to think of something and poked out his head from the quilt, saying, “No matter whether you said like me before is true or not, I will believe it from now on.”

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