Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

19) Chapter 106.1 ♬

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Chapter 106: Marriage Falling from the Sky (6.10)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci was originally still thinking about the wording in his head, but he didn’t expect Fu Zhi actually just agreed like this.

The expression on his face froze for a moment before he reacted. He immediately gratefully gave Fu Zhi a hug, saying, “Thank you, as expected you are the best!”

If this matter was known by Si Yuan, with his character, he may avoid him like a viper and it would be even harder to verify him.

After such a small twist, their stiff relationship not long ago seemed to have eased. Anyway, Chu Ci doesn’t feel the previous low pressure.

Seeing that the matter was resolved, he rubbed his hands and said with a silly smile, “How about we return to our room? We stand here so sneaky that others who see will think we do something?”


After Fu Zhi responded, he walked out of the small corner and walked calmly towards their room.

Chu Ci also followed, but Fu Zhi’s identity was probably too eye-catching, as soon as he appeared, he attracted the attention of many people. Chu Ci always felt that these people looked strangely at them, seemingly misunderstood something.

He now had a lot of big affairs, he was too lazy to think about the reason, so he quickly catched up with Fu Zhi to go to the room.

Chu Ci was now full of thoughts about verifying Si Yuan’s identity.

He originally thought that taking a look was easier than using the hair, now it seems that he was wrong. He might as well try it in the middle of the night when the two were sleeping.

I will do it tonight!

After Chu Ci secretly made this decision, he finally settled his worry.

After the two returned to the dormitory, Fu Zhi sat down as if nothing had happened and read his own book. It seemed that he not only agreed to say nothing but also deleted his memory.

However, Chu Ci didn’t discover that Fu Zhi had never turned the page of the book.

Although Fu Zhi looked very calm, in fact the previous gloomy had long been swept away by Ye Xin’s words. At the same time, he recalled with a little nostalgic of the hug just given by this person. He glanced at the book and slightly opened his hand, the clear mark on it was beating smoothly.

Fu Zhi’s heart was a little at a loss. He doesn’t know whether he had a favorable impression for Ye Xin because of that person or because he had fell out of love. However, if the two were the same person, everything would be much easy to explain.

He closed his fingers and finally turned a page over.

It seems that I have to find a way to prove that Ye Xin is not that person, or prove that he is that person.

Although Fu Zhi put aside the matter just now, Chu Ci himself was trapped in that embarrassed. However, Fu Zhi doesn’t like to chat, so the two stayed quietly in the room, causing Chu Ci to think more and get more entangled. The more tangled made he felt the room was too quiet, and even somewhat strange.

He could only use his brain to try made himself free from embarrassment.

Chu Ci’s eyes were sweeping around the room, and suddenly he saw the book that he brought from the library on the table, his eyes instantly bright up.

He immediately ran to pick up the book as if a life-saving straw and then walked to Fu Zhi’s side, pretending to say in a relaxed way, “Fu Zhi, I found the book you told me, but I don’t know the words on it. Please help me translate it, otherwise I have no way to go prepare my assignment item.”

Chu Ci secretly planned in his heart, after knowing the assignment item he needed, he would right away go to find it, so that he didn’t have to stay here embarrassed.


Fu Zhi put away his thoughts, took the book from Ye Xin’s hand and directly looked at it, “It’s the Three Lines Grass.”

“Three Lines Grass?” Chu Ci repeated doubtfully, he began to gather the relevant information in his mind.

He stayed in the forest for so many years, he was certainly not too unfamiliar with things related to grass.

“I remembered it.” Chu Ci said happily, “It seems to be a kind of plant growing on the edge of the hot spring, I’m going out to find it!” Then he planned to go out.

“Wait a moment.” When Fu Zhi heard the words hot spring, he had some thought in his mind, and stopped him when he saw Chu Ci wanted to leave, “My assignment is similar to you, let’s wait and go together.”

Chu Ci’s original excitement a few seconds ago immediately gone.

He moved close to the front of Fu Zhi and said, “Wait until when?” He couldn’t walk away, so he could only have awkward conversation with him.


At this time, the bathroom door opened.

After hearing the sound, Chu Ci subconsciously looked in the direction of the bathroom. He saw Si Yuan came out wearing a nightgown, still doesn’t give him a chance to see that thing.

He secretly curled his lips.

Forget it, don’t strive anymore.

Si Yuan was stunned when he saw the two people in the room. He was already taking a bath at the fastest speed, he didn’t expect Ye Xin to return so quick. Moreover, looking at their appearance, their relationship obviously became good. He showed up felt like a light bulb.

He looked at Ye Xin and pretended to be concerned, “What is your assignment? Is it good to be so fast?”

Because of the matter that he just peeked and Fu Zhi’s presence, Chu Ci restrained a lot, and waiting until Si Yuan took the initiative to talk before willing to speak.

But didn’t waiting for Chu Ci to open his mouth, Fu Zhi suddenly said, “Let’s go to the Saikang hot spring tonight.”

“What?” Si Yuan thought that he had misheard, he moved close to the front of Fu Zhi and said, “You didn’t have illusion, right? Although I really want to go, but we are in the academy now, it’s impossible for them to let us go out casually.”

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