Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

19) Chapter 125.2 ♬

Chapter 125 Part 2:

He and Xiao Liu had just walked to their tent, when his eyes caught the sight of Quan Gan slowly coming down from his car. He also held a bouquet of roses in his hands.

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows and said to the system, “That flower is for me, right?”

“You guess.”

“No need to guess.”

After so many days, Xiao Liu had long seen through the relationship between the two people. Seeing Quan Gan came over, he said quick-witted, “I’ll go to pack things for you.” Then he ran away.

Chu Ci narrowed his eyes and stood still, watching Quan Gan walked to the front of him with a bouquet.

“Congratulations on the finalize.” Quan Gan handed the flower in his hand to Chu Ci.

Chu Ci looked at the bouquet in front of him and didn’t receive it immediately.

The flower had been sent, do you still not plan to say it?

He looked at the flower and then looked at the attractive man in front of him. He couldn’t help saying, “You want to endure it until when?” He didn’t see Quan Gan was a man who like to play ambiguous? Even to that ‘Chu Ci’ he heard from the system that he had always been blunt.

Quan Gan looked at Chu Ci doubtfully, “What?”

Chu Ci stared at Quan Gan’s face, and suddenly he came up with a sudden anger. The doubtful expression of this man was too real, he really didn’t intend to clarify the relationship.

He directly blurted out, “Do you want to stay ambiguous with me?”

Quan Gan froze for a moment, and suddenly understood why Chu Ci was unhappy these days.

He looked at the man in front of him with a smile, “I thought my behavior was already very obvious.”

This time Chu Ci looked at him strangely.

Suddenly he seems as if remembered something, and silently said to the system, “Is it because I have a generation gap with him?”

The system was silent for a while and said, “It’s really possible to say this. He’s already 39, and the difference from you is more than ten years.”


Chu Ci gritted his teeth and couldn’t help chiding, “This is called ambiguous, okay? You’re so old, why don’t you know this principle of you have to say it if you like me?”

Quan Gan innocently listened to the words of the man before him, and even felt a little happy.

He immediately said, “I like you.”


Chu Ci originally wanted to continue his education, but he didn’t expect this person to admit the wrong attitude was so active. His three words directly blocked his next words.

He curled his lips, and a bit embarrassed at the suddenly confession.

“Cough, cough!” He pretended to clear his throat and said, “En, I got it!”

“Got it?” Quan Gan raised his eyebrows and looked at Chu Ci, learning what he had just said, “You have to say it if you like? En?”

Chu Ci immediately avoided the smiling eyes of the man in front of him, glancing to left and right, making sure that there was no one else, and then said, “I…I like you too.”

“Yeah.” Quan Gan bent the corner of his mouth in satisfaction, before suddenly came forward and took the initiative to pull his hand, “When will you go back?”

This was the first time Chu Ci held hands with this man, but he had long been accustomed to the act of holding hands. He let Quan Gan squeezed his palm and said, “Want me to stay with you?”

“No need.” Quan Gan said, “My finalize is in half a month. Here conditions are not good, you should go back first. At that time, I will go to find you.”

The word of ‘no need’ made Chu Ci in a bad mood instantly, but Quan Gan immediately smoothed it out with his later words.

They had been changed several places. This place was relatively remote and the accommodation condition was not as good as before.

Chu Ci raised his eyebrows and nodded, “Since you think so for me, then I will go back.”

“What time? I’ll let my driver take you out.”

“Tonight.” Chu Ci was in a good mood, he immediately pulled Quan Gan’s hand, shaking it in the imitate manner, “Thank you the big shot!”

Quan Gan’s mind suddenly flashed some fragments in his dream and blurted out, “I prefer you to call me husband.”

Chu Ci squinted at the man beside him, surely he thought of something bad.

Suddenly Quan Gan’s assistant appeared, even if he knew that it would disturb the two people, he still dutifully reminded, “Boss, it’s your turn to act.”

Quan Gan looked at the crowd in the distance and said, “Okay.”

In order to avoid the embarrassment of calling Quan Gan husband, Chu Ci waved his hand at him directly without reluctant, “You can go, I’m busy myself, see you in half a month.”

“En.” Quan Gan could only give him a deep look.

Speaking of going home, it was actually very quick.

Chu Ci habitually opened the cellphone just after getting off the plane. A stranger message popped up on his phone screen.


Chu Ci responded doubtfully, “Quan Gan?”

He just sent the message successfully and his cellphone rang, it was the unfamiliar number just now.

“It’s me.” The voice on the other side of the phone made his ears shook.

He wondered, “You secretly checked my number?”

Quan Gan said unconcernedly, “Otherwise how to contact you.”

“En, the reason is very sufficient.” Chu Ci said proudly, “Why? Miss me?”

“En.” Quan Gan doesn’t hide his emotions.

Chu Ci was once again sweetened by his words.

“Quan Gan don’t make a phone call, come over and play cards! Didn’t it okay to make a call after go back to the room at night? A handful of age, should look like this age ah.”

When the two of them were silent, the director’s voice came from Quan Gan’s phone.

“I’ll call you again in the evening.”

Chu Ci didn’t rush and said, “Okay.”

However, he asked the system after he hung up the phone, “What cards are they playing?”

The system said, “The entertainment for the elderly, you understand.”

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