Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

19) Chapter 55.1 ♬

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Chapter 55: I Became Eunuch (3.9)


Translator: Mimi

The palace maid’s words passed into Chu Ci’s ears. After such a reminder, he finally understood why he felt something was wrong. Even in order to conceal the relationship between the two of them and pretended to not know, Moqi Sui’s tone was too cold, as if he was just an insignificant stranger.

“Then my matter is gone?” Luo Mei was very happy when she heard it, and quickly followed the person in front of her to get acquainted with her.

Moqi Sui amnesia’s matter was as if a basin of cold water poured on Chu Ci’s head, washing clean all his previous efforts.

The grand crown prince actually dared to wipe clean after eating, he lost his memory after doing it. His ass had more memory than this scoundrel’s pumpkin head!

Chu Ci followed the group while looking at the familiar figure in the front, and scolding him thoroughly in his heart.

Thinking of the person who he doing his utmost to dedicate his body and mind was gone in a blink of an eye. Chu Ci blamed the system and wanted him to hold responsibility.

The system should had known these, but he didn’t even mention a word. It must be intentional!

Fortunately, the system was busy recently, otherwise the anger at Moqi Sui here would probably have to be spread on it.

The sky had gone dark when everyone done reorganizing.

Chu Ci’s status didn’t improve the least bit, only a little more money, but this thing was not very useful to him.

Because he had been serving Moqi Sui for a long time, he was arranged by Liu Quan to guard outside Moqi Sui’s door the first day he came to the crown prince’s palace, saying that he was afraid that other people wouldn’t be thoughtful.

Moqi Sui didn’t come out after he entered the sleeping quarters. Chu Ci heard that it was to be familiar with the recent events.

However, Chu Ci doesn’t care about these. He stood at the door, waiting for his heart to calm down. But the more he thought, the more angry he was. He couldn’t help but scolding this person again.

The sky had dark and naturally it was time for dinner.

Moqi Sui was no longer the fool crown prince who was about to be abolished. He doesn’t need Chu Ci went out to get him the meal box. His dinner was moved into his sleeping quarters by the palace maids and eunuchs.

At the door, Chu Ci looked at all the dishes that he had never seen before, and scolding that scoundrel again in his heart.

It didn’t take long for the table in the sleeping quarters to be filled with delicious food.

Liu Quan was chosen by the emperor for Moqi Sui, and he was specially asked to take care of Moqi Sui’s basic needs. When he saw that the dinner was ready, he reminded, “His Highness, it’s time for dinner. You just recover from serious illness, your health is important.”

Moqi Sui put down the fold in his hand, he got up and walked to the dining table.

He wanted to read more for a while, but his body couldn’t bear it.

Moqi Sui was recovered in the afternoon, and he didn’t have the memory of what happened at morning and midday, but he felt like he was hungry all day. When he saw a table of food in front of him, he still kept his calmness although he was very urgent in his heart.

He slowly sat down, watching Liu Quan set up the bowl and chopsticks.

Moqi Sui picked up the chopsticks and suddenly said, “Liu Quan, sit down and eat with me.”

Liu Quan was sent to serve the crown prince and was also a person who had seen the big world. He calmly answered, “Reply to His Highness, master and servant are different, this is not proper.”

Moqi Sui raised his eyebrows and didn’t force him. He picked up some dishes with chopsticks to appease his hungry stomach. When the food went down, his whole person was comfortable. He really felt that he had never been so hungry.

However, when he decided to use his chopsticks again, although his stomach was still hungry but he felt uncomfortable when no one accompanied him.

“Liu Quan, who is waiting at the door today?”

Liu Quan respectfully said, “Reply to His Highness, it’s the little eunuch who take care of you in the Bie Courtyard.”

Moqi Sui pointed his finger and said, “You go to rest first, and let him in. Imperial Father said that A-Ci took care of me during my illness and also quite attentive…”

“Yes.” Liu Quan slowly withdrew and went out.

When Chu Ci heard Liu Quan saying that Moqi Sui let him in, he was still a little disdainful in his heart, but he was under his roof, and had no choice but to bow his head.

Moqi Sui saw someone came in, he pointed to the stool beside him and said, “A-Ci, sit down and eat with me. I’m a little unaccustomed to eat alone.”

Because Chu Ci was still angry, he couldn’t help but say when he heard Moqi Sui called his real name, “His Highness, this servant is actually called An Ning.”

“An Ning?” Moqi Sui repeated, then said, “I feel that A-Ci is sound more pleasant. It’s better to call A-Ci.”

Chu Ci grinded his teeth and could only continue said, “Master and servant are different, this servant doesn’t dare to eat at the same table with Crown Prince.”

Seeing the little eunuch in front of him doesn’t cooperating, Moqi Sui put down his chopsticks and said faintly, “No one accompany me to eat, I can’t eat any more. I don’t know if it will have any effect on my body if I eat less.”

Chu Ci drew the corner of his mouth. This man was clearly threatening, right? He suddenly remembered, Moqi Sui didn’t seem to touch anything for the whole day today. This person’s physique is so different, if he really hungry out, what disease come?

Haha, don’t worry about it.

Moqi Sui raised his eyebrows when he saw that his soft method had no effect and said, “I now orders you to sit down and eat with me. You choose it yourself, either you’re going to eat or ten hits of plank.”

Chu Ci stared at the stool with bitterness, he gritted his teeth and sat down. Suddenly he felt it was very good to be pestering by the still foolish target, at least he bullied the other party.

Moqi Sui looked at the person in front of him with beaming and shouted, “Add another bowl and chopsticks.”

As soon as his words fell, Luo Mei came in with the bowl and chopsticks. When she saw Chu Ci was sitting on the stool, she was stunned imperceptibly. But she quickly put it down and went out.

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