Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

19) Chapter 73.1 ♬

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Chapter 73: Marked by Beastman (4.10)


Translator: Mimi

In the room, not only Lian Shan felt surprised, but even Jiang Zhu turned to look at the Chu Ci. The subconscious reaction of this person was not at all pretended, but this was not likely.

According to their initial observation, this Chu Ci has always had an obvious one-sided fascination towards Sir Lian Cen, so it make them feel annoying.

Before Lian Shan entered the door, he had imagined that Chu Ci was moved to tears when he heard this news, but he didn’t expect that this man was now full of reluctance.

When Chu Ci saw the surprising look of the two people in the room, he suddenly realized that he was overreacting. He slowly lay back on the bed and pull back the quilt, he pretended to say weakly, “You now let me go to his place, what are you up to? You should know what I have been go through these two days. I’m still so weak now, I can’t take care of others. Now that Lian Cen’s estrus period has passed, can you take responsibility for his daily life yourself?”

Lian Shan withdrew his expression, he looked at the frail man in bed and still doesn’t like up, he frowned, “This is Sir Lian Cen’s order. If you have any questions, just ask him.”

Lian Cen’s name made Chu Ci hesitate for a moment, but thinking of the memories these two days, he still said firmly, “I don’t want to move now, and I’m still very weak. I will go to talk to him when I’m in good health!”

After thinking, Chu Ci felt that it was certainly not a good thing to live with this person at this time.

Jiang Zhu who has been indifferent and Lian Shan, once again surprised with the attitude of this human alpha in bed.

How did this person be like a different person after a couple of days? There was a feeling of not cherishing after getting it. But on this matter clearly Sir Lian Cen was the leader.

Lian Shan thought of this person’s relationship with Sir Lian Cen, he suddenly said coldly, “How long did you can rely on favor and be arrogant? I hope you don’t forget that there are plenty of obedient, beautiful, and clean human race to take your place. I hope you cherish your current status that was not easily obtained.”

Chu Ci withdrew his head into the quilt and secretly rolled his eyes.

To be a leak-desire tool and servant, what is the value of this status?

Whoever loves can go!

Lian shan was only in charge of talking, it was not up to him to decide whether the man on the bed moved or not. He couldn’t decide. Seeing Chu Ci refused to move, Lian Shan coldly hummed and left the room.

When Chu Ci heard the sound of closing door, he stick his head out of the quilt to take a look. He was relieved to see Lian Shan gone.

In fact, if Lian Shan forced him to get up, he couldn’t resist.

Jiang Zhu has been sitting on the sofa. When Sir Lian Cen took the man back, he explained that she should always pay attention to this alpha state. Therefore, she must stay here until Sir Lian Cen came back.

Seeing Lian Shan left angrily by this man, she ridiculed, “I heard that you are a playboy in the D region. Could it be you have change of affection after you climb into Sir Lian Cen’s bed?”

Chu Ci embarrassingly looked at Dr. Jiang and said, “I think we need to get to know each other again.” He and Lian Cen were already entangled in the fourth world. It was too much to throw ‘have change of affection’ these four words on him. Although he really has a bit thought to do so, it was because his small body couldn’t stand it.

“Not the best.” Jiang Zhu took another cigarette and lit it up. Her mouth sucked once before slowly spit out the smoke ring, then she said, “You should know that we beastmans can’t be so casual as your human race, an alpha can have many omega. I hope you can stop your previous thoughts and single-minded to Sir Lian Cen, otherwise I don’t mind to sort you out for him.”

Although Jiang Zhu’s warning was somewhat inexplicable, Chu Ci quickly thought of those chaotic pasts he saw in Qin An’s memory. Qin An was indeed a scumbag. Since he used his body, he could only suffer in silence and said, “Got it! I’m absolutely single-minded to Lian Cen!”

He had just finished his guarantee, when the door suddenly opened without warning.

Chu Ci subconsciously glanced to the door again, and his eyes met Lian Cen’s gaze.

This man had returned to normal, his pupils were no longer blood red, and it was pitch-black as if their previous indescribable affairs haven’t happened. But, at the current Lian Cen, he couldn’t see the feeling of quietness a few days ago. Standing there Lian Cen gave people a kind of radiance and burning feeling.

Lian Cen moved his line of sight and looked at Jiang Zhu, “You go out first.”

Jiang Zhu got up and left the room in relief.

Chu Ci looked at Jiang Zhu’s leaving back and shouted in his heart: Don’t leave me alone to face him!

However, he didn’t have a close relationship with Jiang Zhu, such high-level shouting was clearly not conveyed.

At this time, he actually received a perfunctory comfort from the system, “I’m still here, and what are you afraid of, he won’t eat you.”

Chu Ci said pitifully, “I’d rather he eat me. Eaten is once matter, but torture is a lifetime.”

Lian Cen walked to the bedside and stood still, he looked at the man nest on the bed, “Lian Shan said you don’t want to go to me?”

Chu Ci blinked his eyes and pretended to be pitiful, “Yeah, because I think I can’t go there to serve you like this, it will only made you annoying. So, you better find someone who is efficient and skilled, just let the person who server you before I come to go.”

Lian Cen didn’t know why Chu Ci was worried about this inexplicable, “No one serve me before, and you don’t need to do anything.”

When he heard that he no need to do anything, Chu Ci was even more worried. If he no need to work, was he tell him that he doesn’t need to get down in bed later, passed his days there!

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