Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

19) Chapter 89.1 ♬

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Chapter 89: Forcibly Buying, Marriage First Before Love (5.8)


Translator: Mimi

Chu Ci originally wanted to wait for Yu Yuan to voluntarily admit that he fell in love with himself, but didn’t expect to hear such a sentence. It sounded very good roughly, but when he thought about it carefully, he found that this man had never believed himself.

He said doubtfully, “You don’t believe my confession, then how do you like me?”

Yu Yuan suddenly doesn’t know how to answer. He could only stubbornly say, “Like just like, where there are so many reasons.”

Seeing his plan was success, Chu Ci bent the corners of his mouth.

Suddenly he remembered a problem and said, “So you take my every confession before as a joke?”

Yu Yuan nodded honestly.

Chu Ci looked at Yu Yuan and didn’t speak. He couldn’t help but feel a little helpless, because it was difficult to tell him that he was not the original Ji He, so Yu Yuan doesn’t believe was also to be expected.

However, he still seriously looked at Yu Yuan, saying, “I swear that every confession that I said before is true.”

Seeing Chu Ci cared about his thoughts, Yu Yuan nodded and said, “I believe you.”

Chu Ci originally still wanted to say something, but he just let it be. Since Yu Yuan had already liked him, let’s not mention the previous things.

He proudly showed off to the system, “How is it, my intuition is right. My life adds up to hundreds of years in several worlds was not in vain.”

The system agreed, “Not bad, there is progress.”

When he wanted to talk more with the system, Yu Yuan suddenly sat up and looked at Chu Ci seriously, “You still didn’t promise me!”

Chu Ci withdrew his thoughts and froze for a moment, and then looked at Yu Yuan who was wearing nothing on his upper body, and said thoughtfully, “Promise you what?”

Yu Yuan looked at the puzzled man and said with aggrieved tone, “Promise me that you can’t be too close to other men, especially your ex-boyfriend. Far away from him, it’s best to never see him again!”

Only then, Chu Ci realized that he was still angry about the matter this morning. He chuckled and couldn’t help but want to bully the man again.

He raised his eyebrows and said, “You only like me a little now, and then ask me to do so much?”

Yu Yuan opened his mouth, his face blushed as he raised his voice, “I like you very much now!”

Chu Ci still didn’t seem to play enough, and continued, “I don’t know who told me this morning with righteous words that he absolutely won’t like me!”

Yu Yuan actually said with bold and self-confident this time, “Because you are my first love, and I have never liked men, how I know how it feel to like someone.”

Chu Ci felt that he had been bullied enough. He stood up and walked over to the bedside. He stretched his hand and rubbed Yu Yuan’s head, saying, “Why did you sleep without clothes today?”

Yu Yuan shook his head and successfully avoided the hand on his head, he said seriously, “I originally don’t like wearing clothes to sleep, I’m now is the real me. Also, don’t touch my head like a child, I’m your boyfriend now!”

Chu Ci beamingly looked at the serious man, and suddenly bowed his head and kissed Yu Yuan’s face, saying, “Then, is this okay?”

He wanted to directly kiss his lips at first, but when approaching, he suddenly turned his head a little and kissed his face in the end.

Chu Ci remembered that he had rarely taken the initiative to kiss the target, no wonder he would lacking in confidence.

Seeing Yu Yuan froze, he immediately turned around and walked to the bathroom, then pretended to say relaxingly, “I’ll take a bath first.”

Yu Yuan froze for a while, before he immediately looked at the closed bathroom door with shining eyes, and a certain gray area in his heart suddenly became clear.

After Chu Ci entered the bathroom, the system in his mind immediately ridiculed, “You are obviously already an old fox, I didn’t expect how you are still innocent in this respect?”

* ‘old fox’ -- means slick and sly person.

Chu Ci said proudly, “I have been a radish for a thousand years, and I have always been innocent. Didn’t I tell you that you should not look at my private life.”

The system immediately said as it should be by rights, “I’m concerned about the progress of your mission. Since I have determined that your relationship have developed to this stage, I will definitely not watch in the future.”

When Chu Ci came out after the bath, Yu Yuan was already lying down. He closed the bathroom door gently and walked quietly to the other side of the bed to lie down.

He had just prepared to lie down, when Yu Yuan who he thought had fallen asleep, suddenly turned and looked at him with eyes bright and full of expression.

At first glance, he knew what idea he was thinking.

Chu Ci inexplicably somewhat flustered, he swallowed subconsciously before calmly said, “What’s the matter?”

Yu Yuan didn’t answer, but asked, “Are you going to sleep?”

Chu Ci nodded his head.

Yu Yuan immediately propped up his body and kissed Chu Ci’s lips accurately.

This time the old fox Chu Ci actually dumbfounded by this sudden behavior.

After finished kissing, Yu Yuan immediately retracted to the quilt. In front of Chu Ci’s face, he licked his lips and said with a smile, “Good night kiss. Lovers should kiss like this, the way you kissed just a moment ago is completely wrong.”

Chu Ci froze there, and after he reacted over, his heartbeat accelerated by Yu Yuan’s teasing.

This was the first time he has this kind of feeling after coming to this world.

Sure enough, it was the same person.

After Chu Ci recovered, he quickly lay down and went into the quilt. But, in order to retrieve his imposing as the top, he said, “I know.”

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