Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

2) Chapter 118.2 ♬

Chapter 118 Part 2:

Chu Ci stared at himself in the mirror and confidently said, “My heart is beautiful enough so I can only pursue the external beauty.”

“Hehe, I believe your evil.” The system doesn’t continue to chat and urged, “Close your eyes, I will pass on the information to you.”

Chu Ci hadn’t seen enough of his new body, so he closed his eyes a bit reluctantly.

He felt the familiar pain soon came and then very quickly disappeared.

The information was as simple as last world, because there was no female lead. But Chu Ci didn’t care where the female lead had gone, it was better that she doesn’t exist.

He carefully looked at the information.

[According to the information, the target in this lifetime is called Quan Gan.]

Chu Ci couldn’t help boasting when he saw this name, “Look at the name and you know that he is a very outstanding person.”

The system muttered, “He is not strong in that world.”


Chu Ci continued to look down.

[Age 39 years old.]

Chu Ci said speechlessly, “He’s actually 39? It’s quite old!” He looked at his own age from this body’s memories.

22 years old…it’s great.

[Quan Gan’s external identity is the famous first line actor who has won the film emperor’s title three times. In fact, he is the board member of the largest entertainment company. His parents are well-known political figures and his background has always been kept confidential.]

Chu Ci said, “If it was not for you checking, I shouldn’t be able to know his background, right?”

“That’s for sure.” The system was proud for a moment and then couldn’t help urging, “Look down again.”

The system’s anxious made Chu Ci grew puzzled and could only continue to look at the information.

[Unmarried, he is a homosexual, and his romantic love with the currently popular little actor ‘Chu Ci’ has lasted for four years. The two are currently in a stable relationship.]


“Romantic love? Stable relationship?” Chu Ci gritted his teeth and asked the system, “What about his agreement to remember me? Why is it inferior to the last world?”

The system sighed and said, “You say the name of his partner again.”

“‘Chu Ci’?” Chu Ci silently said again and astonished, “A pronunciation with my name?”

The previous world target was indeed have a reaction to his name, but this ‘Chu Ci’ is not his Chu Ci, is it also effective?

Although Chu Ci had a trace of doubt, he still said, “My name is so good, he likes the person a pronunciation with my name is nothing abnormal.”

“The key is not your name.” The system said, “The key is that on his original life path, he likes an eighteenth line actress named Si Yiyue and support her to become a first line actress, and then this actress is two-timing, made him sad and depressed. Now he not only didn’t fancy this woman named Si Yiyue but also likes this man named ‘Chu Ci’. We all know that the previous worlds will have an impact on the next world, and the impact of the next few worlds will get deeper and deeper. You tell him your real name in every world and he is likely remember it. Therefore, only then he will fancy this man named ‘Chu Ci’.”

Chu Ci thought about the previous affairs and suddenly wondered, “Do you know that the target start to respond to my name from the fourth world?”

“What!” The system was obviously not known from his reaction. He delayed for a while before saying, “Since this is the case, he took the initiative to find this person named ‘Chu Ci’ has a basis.”

“That’s explain what happens.” Chu Ci still couldn’t rest assured, “I always think something is not right. He hasn’t recognized a wrong person before.”

The system thought he was worried about that matter and immediately comforted, “Don’t worry! Nothing happened between him with this man named ‘Chu Ci’.”

Chu Ci was originally still thinking about the name matter, he paused and soon understood the system’s meaning. He said doubtfully, “Nothing happened? You lied to me! Four years together and nothing happened, then doesn’t it mean that he remembers me is fake.”

“There is a reason for this!” The system said, “He can’t do that aspect.”

“That aspect?” Chu Ci’s mood was originally in a mess because of the news and his tone was a little irritable. However, after thinking for a while, he astonished, “Are you said he is impotence like me at that time?”

“Yes, it’s spread such. Moreover, we have observed his daily life here. He has never slept with that man named Chu Ci, and we has never seen him solve his physiology problem.

Chu Ci quickly endured the dizziness of his head and ran out of the restroom.

His room was not big, there were lots of stuff and there were many clothes hanging outside. He casually looked at the memories of his body and found that he was also an actor, but he was an eighteenth line actor.

Chu Ci touched his face while opening the computer, “Yes, with such a face, it’s foolish if you don’t mix in the entertainment circle.”

When the computer was fully started, Chu Ci impatiently entered Quan Gan’s name on the browser.

He pressed the return key, and a large piece of news about him appeared on the screen.

Winning the film emperor’s title for the third time, and when he went abroad with ‘Chu Ci’, they were suspected to be marry. Either the matters about him in the entertainment circle or the matters of he with that one called ‘Chu Ci’.

After reading the news, Chu Ci knew that if it was not for the system, he really couldn’t know any background of this person.

Chu Ci looked at Quan Gan’s photos and said speechlessly, “Huh, this man is 39 years old, he looks very young.”

As for the appearance of the target, he had no doubts after several worlds, but when he saw this person named ‘Chu Ci’ who often appeared in the same frame with Quan Gan, he frowned and said, “If he really become the person next to Quan Gan because of the name similar to mine, then I should take this position back.”

Chu Ci also saw a lot of news about Quan Gan be suspected to be impotence in a lot of media gossip. His negative mood just now disappeared in an instant, and he couldn’t help but laughing, “Hahaha! Sure enough, fortunes rise and fall. God is helping me this time!”

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