Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

2) Chapter 133.2 ♬

Chapter 133 Part 2:

Chu Ci ran for a while and finally got into his cave. It was clean and tidy inside, with a bed made of hay and some wild fruits on the side. At a glance, one knew that this body was originally a hard-working and clean little fox.

He sat on the hay and said, “System, when can I become a human? You have to give me a time limit. Otherwise, I can’t hook up with the target even if he in front of my eyes and he will kill me.”

The system said, “Wait a minute, I will check your body.”

He checked Chu Ci’s fox body and reassured him, “Actually, you can become a human now. I mean you can be transformed at night and only being fox during the day.”

“Ah?” Chu Ci wondered, “There is still a time limit for the transform?”

The system explained, “Because your inner core is damaged, you don’t have enough spiritual power to transform. At night, the spiritual energy is more ample than the day, and help you to make up for your lack of spiritual power, so you can become a human.”

“Isn’t it inconvenient for me to find my beloved if I only transform at night?” Chu Ci said dissatisfiedly, “Is there no other way? For example, what kind of spirit fruit should I eat? There must be such a thing in the demon territory, right?”

The system thought for a while and said, “Spirit fruit and so on is too difficult for you, but I have a small remedy.”

When Chu Ci heard that there was a small remedy, he immediately urged, “Hurry up and say, don’t keep me in suspense!”

The system mysteriously said, “Your man is now one of the best demon catcher, his body is also gathering the spiritual. As long as you quickly hook up with him, then your transformation problem will be solved.”

“Ah? It’s that simple?” Chu Ci instantly forgot that he was very inconvenient to approach the target.

“Yeah! Let me tell you, this form is still advantage for you. Because your inner core is broken, and there is no killing sin on your body, so you are no different from ordinary fox during the day. Even if you run in front of the demon catcher, they won’t capture you.”

Chu Ci’s eyes brightened instantly.

“This’s a good idea!”

He transformed into a graceful young man immediately. At the same time, he took out a mirror and carefully looked at his current appearance, then said with satisfied, “No matter what, this face is really good.”


Chu Ci was really happy, his stomach suddenly called up untimely.

He sullenly said, “Don’t tell me that one hungry easily when the inner core is damaged!”

The system could only honestly say, “This is indeed the case.”

Chu Ci turned to look at the green fruits on the edge of the haystack, but he didn’t want to eat it. He looked at the entrance of the cave and said, “System, can I buy food in the nearby village? I’m a carnivore, I want to eat meat and not fruit!”

The system checked for him and said, “Yes, it happens that your man will come to town tonight, you can just meet him, and test whether he recognize you!”

“Okay!” Chu Ci changed back into the fox and jumped out of the cave.

The small town under the mountain was not near or far away.

Chu Ci quickly reached the gate of the small town, and found a place where no one was there to change back into human form again.

When he just wanted to step into the small town, he suddenly thought of a very serious problem.

“System, I have no money, can you give me some money?” He looked around and said, “You won’t let me go back with an empty stomach, right?”

The system actually didn’t hesitate and directly said, “You walk fifty steps on the left and dig, there is money. It’s hidden by the thief, you can take a silver ingot and help him to eliminate the sin debt.”

“It’s great!’ Chu Ci walked to that corner according to the system’s words, and really dug a few silver ingots. He didn’t take much, he just took a piece, and then walked into the town.

It was not too late now, the small town was still very lively, and the restaurant was also open.

“Go forward and turn left to the Zuixian Building. The food there is the best.” The system specially told him to save time.

The Zuixian Building’s business was good. Chu Ci relied on his appearance and asked the waiter to find a good position where he could see the outside.

Just behind him were two women talking passionately.

After Chu Ci finished ordering, he heard the woman behind him said, “Isn’t that the demon catcher?” Her tone was amazed.

“Ah! He’s getting closer! I know this demon catcher, he is the most powerful person in the Xumi Temple.”

“Yes, yes! Not only he’s powerful but also handsome!”

When Chu Ci heard the demon catcher, he quickly turned his head to see. From afar, he met a pair of dark eyes.

Just this glance, he said confidently, “System, is he my beloved?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

The two aunts behind quickly shifted the topic to this demon catcher.

“The last time I saw him was a year ago. It’s been a year since he hasn’t come out.”

“It’s said to be because the entangled fate.”

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