Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

2) Chapter 145.2 ♬

Chapter 145 Part 2:

“Also has the identity tablet?” Chu Ci took it with a smile. He turned over the tablet to see and wondered, “What does Yan Qu mean?”

“This is your name in the dimension world. Since you have come to the dimension world, let’s forget all the things that happened in mundane world along with your name.”

Chu Ci looked at the name above it silently for a while, and after thinking about it, there was nothing wrong with it. He nodded and said, “This name is also very good, change just change then.” Since he already came to the dimension world, this trivial matter of changing name doesn’t affect his mood at all.

Guan Xi nodded with satisfaction, “That’s good. Please follow me, I will take you to your residence.”


Chu Ci followed Guan Xi through the door. The surrounding mountains and the round platform behind them were gone. The two stood on the circular arc of the street, and behind them were taller buildings than before them.

Chu Ci looked around and found that all the houses here were built around that huge circular building in the middle, and the closer to the building, the higher the house.

Guan Xi unconcerned for these long ago, he directly pointed to the door of the house in front of him and said, “This is your residence in the dimension world.”

Chu Ci just about to enter the door and found someone flying in the sky and passed through the region layer where he lived to go further inside. Every time that person passed through a region layer, it created ripples in air.

If he remembered correctly, this should be the barrier.

Chu Ci said strangely, “Can’t we go inside like that person?”

Guan Xi shook his head and said, “Your spiritual power is not high enough to penetrate the high layer of barrier. If you want to go inside, you must practice diligently. This is a way for the dimension world to encourage everyone to upgrade themselves.”

“I didn’t expect the dimension world to be divided into high and low.” Chu Ci pouted and then said, “However, this can reflect the special nature of demon cultivation.”

Guan Xi nodded and said, “Yeah, we demon have seven emotions and six desires. This kind of situation won’t exist in the Heavenly Palace, but obviously few people want to go there.”

“Come on, let’s go in. Don’t care about these.” Guan Xi sighed and said, “The people in the dimension world like to stay in their favorite parallel world, and only come back once a year in first month to make a report. So you will be here first, several days later will be the day of they come back to report, you wait until then to report together, and then you can go to the parallel world.”

Chu Ci now still keen interest on himself didn’t dead, so he doesn’t very care about this kind of trivial matter, he just asked casually.

He followed Guan Xi into the house and got excited again.

The house was fully equipped, presumably because it was in the dimension world, even if the residence of the person with his cultivation level, it was no worse than the mansion he saw in the secular world.

After Guan Xi led him into the house, he said, “I live next door to you. If there is matter, you can find me. I will be your guide for a year.”


Chu Ci beamingly watched Guan Xi leave his house, and then immediately turned back into radish and jumped up on the soft bed.

He wanted to do this for a long time! It was a pity that he had never been able to have his own room before.

However, he jumped a few times and found it boring.

Chu Ci changed back into human form and lay in bed, always feeling strange in his heart.

He inexplicably felt that he had slept on such a bed for a long time, it didn’t have fresh feeling at all.

However, there was no relevant memory in his head.

“Ah, it’s so hollow!” Chu Ci looked at the roof, boringly shouting.

Chu Ci turned over on the bed and always felt that he needed to do something. He always felt that the feeling of coming to the dimension world was completely different from the carefree he imagined. But he doesn’t know what was missing.

He got up and walked out of the room.

Guan Xi also happened to be at the doorway. When he saw Chu Ci came out not long after, he asked curiously, “What’s up?”

Chu Ci sighed and said, “I originally thought come to the dimension world is perfect achievement. But when I really came, I felt a little hollow.”

“Ai.” Chu Ci sighed and looked at the sky, “Is there something I can do?”

He had just finished asking and suddenly changed his depressed look, “Ah? A lot of people.”

Guan Xi looked up at the sky and said, “A few days later is the reporting day, many people will come back in advance. There are many people here these days.”

Chu Ci looked at the people flying in all directions in the sky and his eyes suddenly lit up, “I finally know why I feel hollow!”

“Partner!” Chu Ci pointed to the sky and said, “I’m lack of a partner!”

Guan Xi looked at the sky and saw that many people came back with their partner. He frowned and probed, “So what do you like? I have stayed here for a long time, I know many people, I can find for you. Tomorrow, in order to let everyone gather, the barrier at all layers will be removed. At that time, I can take you to many regions to find.”

“En…” Chu Ci frowned and rested his chin in his hand, carefully thinking for a while, and then he said certainly, “As long as very good-looking!”

Guan Xi probed again, “Both men and women are fine, as long as they very good-looking?”

Chu Ci shook his head and said, “No, as long as women, I don’t like gays.”

Guan Xi was relieved and said, “Okay, I will take advantage of the fact that there are many people now to find several for you.”

“Thank you Guan Xi!” Chu Ci reached out and put his hand on Guan Xi’s shoulder, saying, “I didn’t expect the dimension world so good, there is someone who can help me to find a partner. I didn’t suffer this heavenly thunder in vain.”

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