Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

2) Chapter 97.2 ♬

Chapter 97 Part 2:

The system was a little embarrassed, “That’s not, it’s because you become small.”

Chu Ci immediately lowered his head to look at his four limbs, and then fell into a strange silence.

This body’s hands and legs…turned out to be a child! Moreover, he looked small!

The system said embarrassedly, “After looking around, we found this body is most suit for you.”

Chu Ci’s face gradually changed from calm to frustration. He checked his legs and pulled his short and fat feet, saying angrily, “What do you use to judge? How old is this body?”

The system said, “Although we don’t know the identity of the target, but we know when he was born. Therefore, I specially found you a body of the same age as him, so it’s easier to communicate. And your body is four years old this year, very cute.”

Chu Ci let go of his short legs and lay on the bed like a corpse.

Just because of their incompetence, they added more than a decade for nothing.

“Are you deliberately do it!”

“That’s absolutely impossible! We hoping you can do a mission a day. It’s really we have no alternative but to do it.”

“Forget it.”

Chu Ci was laying in bed as he began to search the memories of this body. He didn’t forget to understand this world first.

However, because of his young age, there was nothing useful at all. In Ye Xin’s mind, besides his parents, it was just eating and playing.

“Ah!” Suddenly a voice that didn’t belong to him sounded inside the room.

Chu Ci tilted his head and looked in the direction of the voice. A travel-worn old man was standing at the doorway, looking at him in surprise.

Meng Chen was stunned by the child who was swaying his feet on the bed for a while, and when he reacted over, he quickly entered the room.

Because of seeing the stranger, he didn’t know how to react. Chu Ci could only be dumbfounded by this old man that suddenly sprang out to touch all over. After he reacted over, only then he asked in his mind, “Who is this person? The information you gave is not complete.”

“Meng Chen, a friend of your body’s parents.” The system said, “If you don’t know of something, you can ask me directly like this, I can be the encyclopedia.”

“Oh.” Chu Ci responded and focused his attention on this old man in front of him.

Since he was a friend, he would put up with him.

After Meng Chen inspected Chu Ci, he said surprisingly, “He suffers so heavy injury, he actually healed so quickly? It deserved to be in exchange for their lives.”

In order to prevent being found strange, Chu Ci could only look at the person in front of him innocently, pretending to be Ye Xin himself.

Meng Chen looked at the child who didn’t know his parents already died and touched his head, saying, “Poor child, since your parents entrust you to me, I will definitely raise you up in return for their life-saving grace during that time.”

Chu Ci still blinked his eyes to act cute, while boasting in his mind to the system, “He~ It’s a financial support for the rest of one’s life.”

Their eyes met each other, Meng Chen suddenly coughed lightly and said to himself, “Sure enough, I should get married, how cute it’s to have a child.”

Chu Ci looked at this unscrupulous old man with black line on his face, but could only pretend he didn’t understand.

Meng Chen sighed, then he picked him up and walked out, “Since you’re going to stay down, I will take you out to buy some clothes.” It seems that he quite liked Chu Ci.

After Chu Ci was taken out of the house, he found that there were huge trees all around. The house was on the tree. He could only continue to ask the system, “Where is this?”

The system said, “It’s the Misplace Forest, only space mages can freely enter and leave here.”

The system this side just finished speaking, when Chu Ci saw a gray light circle appear at Meng Chen’s feet, and then the scenery before his eyes immediately changed. After returning to the senses, they stood on a lively street. Both rows of houses have a sense of age but didn’t leave behind great changes of time. It looked like a bustling commercial street.

Chu Ci wanted to keep calm and doesn’t speak, he could only exclaim to the system, “This ability is really amazing! It feels more awesome than we cultivator people.”

The system said, “In fact, it’s almost the same. People who cultivated to God level here can also go to our world. But this kind of ability to transfer space from thousand miles distant is not ordinary people can do. Meng Chen is already Magic Instructor.”

Chu Ci wondered, “Then, if I cultivate to God here, I can go to the Dimension World?”

The system said, “As if! You are at most a living dead person. If you disturbed our contract to complete the mission, even if you go to the Dimension World, you’re also dead.”

As Chu Ci listening to the system’s words, he unconsciously had been brought into the clothes store by Meng Chen, and it looked quite high-level.

Meng Chen put him down and told the shopkeeper, “Make some clothes for him, um…the more cute the better.”

As a child, Chu Ci couldn’t refute, he could only pretend not to hear while walking around on the sides. He kept comforting himself in his mind: The clothes are only used to keep warm.

At this moment, a little girl sat in the corner of the shop while playing with her ring. She took out various small toys from that ring.

Chu Ci curiously moved close to see.

The little girl sensed his arrival, looked up at him, and suddenly smiled sweetly. She handed the ring in front of him, saying, “Let’s exchange, that thing on your neck is so strange.”

Chu Ci doubtfully looked at his neck and found that his neck was actually hanging up with a ring.

When he was about reaching out to take it off.

He suddenly picked up from behind. Meng Chen smiled and said, “Ahh! The ring can’t be exchanged casually!”

At this time, the owner of the shop held the little girl and said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just taught her these today. She may see your family child looks cute.”

Translator Note:

The new world~ Chu Ci is a four years old child ^-^

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