Unlucky Radish Occupied the Seat Again [Quick Transmigration]

20) Chapter 106.2 ♬

Chapter 106 Part 2:

Chu Ci also looked at Fu Zhi strangely. He came out of the forest not long ago, so he hadn’t heard of this hot spring, but seeing Si Yuan’s reaction, it was not like ordinary place. His assignment item was quite ordinary, he could find it as long as he was going to the hot spring, now seems a little grand, right? This attitude, do you want to go to soak in a hot spring?

“Hurriedly take a look at what your assignment item is. The thing I need is the Broken Distress Grass that growing in the hot spring water and only available at the Saikang hot spring. I just went out to ask if I can leave school for the assignment. Ye Xin’s assignment item is the Three Lines Grass that growing at the edge of the hot spring. Therefore, you take a look at what your assignment item is, maybe we can solve it together.” Fu Zhi closed the book and looked at Si Yuan, “In passing, soaking in the hot spring.”

As expected so.

Fu Zhi’s last words after stopping, Chu Ci knew instantly.

Being reminded by Fu Zhi, Si Yuan quickly took out his paper crane and unsealed it.

He looked at it and said, “It’s really true. My assignment also related to the hot spring. The Four Seasons Grass, which is a little more rare and expensive than the Three Lines Grass. It’s really gone at the ordinary hot spring. The Saikang hot spring is quite remote and not accessible to the ordinary people, it’s really much easier to find it.”

“Then let’s go.” Fu Zhi stood up after putting the book in the storage ring.

Si Yuan immediately ran back to the bathroom and said, “Wait for a moment, I change clothes first!”

Chu Ci looked at Fu Zhi and then looked at the bathroom door, his face blank. Follow the wealthy person, I really can cling to his influential?

Si Yuan in the bathroom complained while changing clothes, “You don’t say it earlier, otherwise I won’t have to take a bath.”

There were storage rings, the three of them doesn’t need to prepare anything at all. After waiting for Si Yuan to change clothes, they went out of the dormitory door together.

At this time, the corridor was very lively. There were three people standing together at the door of each dormitory. They seemed to be prepared to carry out their first assignment just like them.

Chu Ci appeared alongside the two big shots attracted a lot of attention, of course, they were definitely not looking at him.

The three of them came to the front of the school’s big iron gate.

As soon as they showed up, a face immediately appeared in the iron gate as if it had a sense.

Fu Zhi took the lead to hand over his slip of paper to the iron gate, “We need to go out to find the assignment items.”

The paper left Fu Zhi’s hand, floating to the iron gate and passed through it before coming out again, and then returned to his hand.

The iron gate obviously looked at Fu Zhi’s assignment just now, but instead of opening the door, it said to Chu Ci, “What about your?”

Chu Ci immediately took out his slip of paper. Sure enough, it was quite strict to go out.

When the paper came back to his hand, only then the face said, “Allowing through, please be sure to come back before tomorrow’s course.”

As soon as its voice fell, the iron door slowly opened.

Si Yuan walked out of the academy and excitedly said, “I hope this kind of assignment can be a little more in the future.”

The gate behind them closed with a ‘bang’.

Chu Ci looked at the dark sky outside and said with hesitation, “How are we going to go? I explain in advance, I’m never going there, so I can’t use the space teleportation!”

“Don’t worry.” Fu Zhi’s voice sounded as if to appease Chu Ci. He took out a scroll from his storage ring and said, “I have a teleportation scroll and I have been set the position before. However, there is only a chance, so I have to trouble you when we come back.”

“Come back, that’s no problem!” Chu Ci saw that he was finally able to come in handy and said confidently, “Leave it to me!”

Chu Ci saw Fu Zhi opened the scroll, and a gray light circle appeared on the ground. Obviously this was made by the mage of the space division.

The three of them stood in the light circle together and then disappeared.

Chu Ci only felt the familiar flash in front of him, and then he stood at the gate of an ancient style building.

This area was really very remote. There was only this place with the sign of human habitation, with dark woods on the sides.

Just after landing, Si Yuan immediately rushed into the building and said, “I miss the hot spring here! I can finally come back to soak again.” He turned his head and looked at Chu Ci, “You’re really lucky, this is not the place where the ordinary people can come.” He was now in the excitement of being able to soak in the hot spring, he was completely forgetting to pay attention to his words.

Fu Zhi on the side looked quite satisfied.

Chu Ci drew the corner of his mouth, the previous illusion had dissipated, he didn’t want Yu Yuan to be him even a little.

He secretly said in his heart, ‘You had better are Yu Yuan, otherwise I will only see you until tonight!

“This place is actually quite ordinary.”

Fu Zhi’s voice sounded behind him, as if comforting him.

Chu Ci immediately echoed, “I also feel!” Then he lifted his feet into the house together.

Although it was a place where civilians couldn’t afford, but no one came up after they entered the door. The supreme service that Chu Ci imagined didn’t appear at all.

There was no one at the counter, only an owl.

When the three of them stepped in, the owl changed shape and said, “Welcome, Young Master Fu, Young Master Si and their friend, please come with me.” After speaking, it grabbed a lamp and went inside the house.

They were taken to the door of a room by the owl and it said, “This is your room, I hope you have a good time.” After finished speaking, it left.

The hospitality was quite casual.

However, Chu Ci found that Fu Zhi and Si Yuan doesn’t feel that they were being neglected. Si Yuan impatiently pushed the door open.

The moment the door opened, the lights in the room immediately lit up.

Si Yuan familiarly entered the room, and then disappeared through the little road at the side.

Fu Zhi said considerately, “Come with me.”

Chu Ci followed him through the small door of the room on the side, on the other side was a room with three changing rooms. One of the doors was closed, it should be Si Yuan inside.

The whole room was divided into three parts. One was sleeping room, one was changing room, and the other was open style room connected to the hot spring.

Fu Zhi said, “Changes your clothes, don’t worry about the assignment first.”

As they talked, Si Yuan had changed his clothes and came out. He rushed to the hot spring in a bathrobe and said at the same time, “I won’t wait for you!”

After hearing the sound of water outside, Fu Zhi suddenly moved close to Chu Ci and whispered in his ear, “You can see it now.”

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